The Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Swim Early

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California Pools is a strong leader in the swimming pool industry, and has been stepping out in front and setting the bar for innovative designs and high-quality construction since 1952.  We have built over 75,000 swimming pools and transformed these backyards from something simple into a stunning backyard oasis.  Not only do we love how a swimming pool can transform your yard, but also, we all the many benefits that a California Pools backyard can provide. 

A California Pools backyard not only provides a wonderful playground for your kids, but often also includes outdoor kitchens for entertaining, out-door living spaces for special gatherings, and special touches such as: fire-pits, putting greens, fireplaces, lounge seating, dining areas and much more! The health benefits of swimming are truly amazing.  If you were not aware, swimming provides a low-impact form of fitness and a super convenient place to do it.  Enjoying the outdoors in your own backyard while exercising and catching some Vitamin D, is super healthy for your soul and improves muscle definition and body strength.  Swimming helps you stay flexible, reduces inflammation, burns calories and lowers stress.  Just when you think there can’t be any more reasons to own a California Pools, we are here to remind you of one more crucial benefit to owning a pool.  Teaching your kids to swim at an early age has numerous benefits that can’t be ignored. 

Nashville, TN Swimming Pool Builder
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Nothing is more precious to us than our kiddos, and their health and well-being is always a forerunner in our minds.  When you have a swimming pool in your backyard you have access to not only a wonderful play-land for your kids but also a resource for their safety and well-being.  Teaching your kids to swim at an early age is essential to their safety.  Whether you own a swimming pool or visit local pools and swimming holes or ponds, it is critical that your little ones know how to swim and exit the water if they should fall in.  They should be comfortable in and around water. 

Swim lessons can begin during the infancy stages for your children or even as an early toddler.  The sooner they learn, the safer they are.  As your child grows, the benefits continue as well.  Not only will they safely know how to swim but they can participate in a low-impact sport and learn the values of teamwork along with individual goals and accomplishments as well.  Joining the swim team also teaches children how to juggle their commitments with school and outside activities.  Time management is a wonderful skill to teach your kids and will benefit them their whole life.  Swimming is a lifelong sport, hobby, or form of entertainment.  If you haven’t already, you should call your local California Pools office so your family can reap the many benefits of owning a swimming pool and teaching your children to swim early.  Nothing is more rewarding than an investment in your family!

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How Much Work is Involved in Owning and Caring for a Swimming Pool?

Charlotte, NC Swimming Pool Builder

Have you put off signing that swimming pool contract because you aren’t quite sure what you are getting yourself into? Are you worried about how much work is involved with owning a backyard swimming pool? Wondering how to care for it? What to do? It is very common for many first-time pool owners to have these questions and concerns. There is no need to worry! California Pools has been a leader in the swimming pool industry since 1952.  For over 65 years we have been designing and constructing gorgeous swimming pools.  We transform a basic backyard into a stunning backyard oasis! We know exactly what is involved in caring for your pool and we are here to answer any and all of your questions.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to care for your pool yourself or hire a pool service company to handle the maintenance.  Your pool contractor should definitely be able to get you started either way, by teaching you the basic tasks for maintenance or refer you to a reputable pool service company. 

Either way, here is a quick guide for maintaining a healthy pool. These tasks should be handled on a weekly basis.

·      Brush walls, steps and benches

·      Net any debris from your swimming pool and spa

·      Clean any debris from skimmer

·      Check water pump for debris and clean if necessary

·      Check filter PSI and clean if necessary

·      Check chlorine levels and adjust if necessary

·      Add salt to a salt water system if necessary

Nashville, TN Swimming Pool Builder
Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Builder

If you follow the above steps on a regular basis you should be able to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your swimming pool. 

Once you lay sight of your newly constructed tropical paradise in your own backyard, any worries or concerns about maintenance are sure to vanish! The aesthetics and peace a swimming pool brings to your home is like nothing else.  Having a safe place for your family to have fun, stay fit and spend time together as a family and with friends makes the little bit of effort in maintenance well worth it!

If you have any questions at all about the maintenance of a swimming pool, please don’t hesitate to call California Pools. We have been supporting homeowners with honesty, integrity and knowledge for over six decades!

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Birthday Season is Year-Round with your Dream Swimming Pool!

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Birthday cakes, festive balloons, fun confetti, singing telegrams, presents and delicious cake are what we think of when we think of birthdays!  And as you know, birthdays are not a season, they are happening year-round all over the world. Moms, Dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends and loved ones all experience their most significant day of the year on many different dates.

Why is this an important thing to remember for us here at California Pools you may ask? Well, it’s simple, birthday parties! Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Whether your son is turning double digits and wants to have friends over to celebrate the big 10th birthday, or your daughter wants a pool party for her sweet 16th birthday, or it’s time to celebrate Grandma’s 70th special day, we’ve got you covered. When you have your backyard transformed into a gorgeous backyard oasis by California Pools, you are able to host the most amazing birthday parties ever.

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Dallas Swimming Pool Builder

You can decide to have a pool party and play marco polo, sharks and minnows, and have dolphin races. Or go for a low-key get together with a small spa party to relax and catch up with good friends.  With a California Pools outdoor kitchen you can celebrate your birthday party with a delicious meal. Most celebrations are centered on food and friends so why not indulge in some good ‘ol barbeque chicken on the outdoor BBQ and hang out with loved ones amongst a delicious feast? Celebrating birthdays is one of life’s most special events, so celebrate in style.

Call California Pools and let’s get your design perfected so the construction can begin. Now is the perfect time to start preparing for those springtime parties, they will be here before you know it!  Celebrate with brightly colored balloons on your backyard lawn chairs, chocolate covered cupcakes on your patio table and don’t forget to play some fun and festive birthday music on your outdoor speakers.  Enjoy your birthdays with a fun party enjoying your pool, spa and outdoor entertaining area. When you blow out your candles, you will no longer have any thing to wish for, because you will already be living your wildest dreams with an incredible California Pools backyard!

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The Swimming Pool Construction Process


Have you ever looked out in your empty backyard and dreamt about a gorgeous backyard oasis? Imagine a stunning swimming pool that glistens in the sun, a warm spa that soothes tired muscles, and a picture perfect tropical scenery that mimics a vacation get away! If you have ever wondered about the process of building a swimming pool and transforming your backyard then enjoy watching this short time lapse video clip.  Watch as California Pools builds this backyard from a blank slate and turns it into a beautiful backyard in no time.  

The process begins with excavation in which the pool and spa are dug out with a tractor and the shape begins to take form.  Then the steel crew ties the steel in to build the structure of the swimming pool and spa.  After that, the plumbers plumb the pool and spa in order for the water to flow efficiently and effectively.  Masonry crews prep for decking and masonry work and the tile crew installs the tile.  The final step is the pebbletec or plaster which will give the swimming pool and spa its final finish.  Watching this time lapse is a super fun, informative, and interactive way to understand what the process is for the construction of a swimming pool in your backyard.  

There is no doubt that building a swimming pool is a fascinating process to watch, but actually having your own backyard transformed by California Pools to enjoy is even better than you can imagine! Just picture your family spending hours together swimming, laughing and making lifelong memories.  The ability to invite friends and family over to BBQ in your outdoor kitchen and visit in your outdoor living areas is truly one of life’s most treasured gifts. A built-in swimming pool and spa provides the perfect setting for living the outdoor lifestyle.  Outdoor living has become such a top priority for families today because they can focus their precious time on their family and create a healthy, safe, fun, and enjoyable environment to truly enjoy life.  If you want to increase your quality of living, call California Pools and let us help you build a gorgeous backyard paradise complete with a swimming pool, spa, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living, fire-pit, or anything else your heart dreams of. Life is short, make it count with a California Pool backyard!

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