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Swimming pool business opportunities

You may have seen California Pools featured on the hit reality TV show Pool Kings on HGTV. With the success of the show, the demand for swimming pools all over the country is greater than ever. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own pool construction operation, you’re in luck because California Pools is looking for “business owners” all over the country to join our family. The benefits are substantial: get backing from a national company for your own California Pools office.  Who qualifies?

•   Swimming pool builders with an existing business wanting to grow.

•   Swimming pool service companies or personnel wanting to expand to start building pools.

•   Industry salespeople or personnel that are ready to go out on their own and need the support to launch their own operation.

•   Business or construction savvy people who are ready to enjoy the varieties and opportunities provided by the swimming pool industry.

California Pools has been rated one of the Top 50 Pool Builders by Pool and Spa News. Join the California Pools family as an independent business owner in your area today and start your company at the top of the market, featured on DIY Network! For more information contact our Marketing Director, Oscar Torres as 1-800-282-7665.

Finding the Right Pool to Cool Off in Dallas, TX

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With Memorial Day behind us, and the unofficial start of summer, people in Dallas, TX are starting to contemplate the legendary heat headed their way. It’s natural to start to wonder how and where you will find a spot by the pool. Lucky for you, California Pools has assembled a few suggestions of amazing pools you can check out, and where you can find new creative ideas for your own backyard.

If you’re in town, and a fan of infinity pools, make sure to catch a glimpse of main street from the stunning pool at the Joule Hotel. This luxury hotel is known as Dallas’ most glamorous rooftop pool and a must see. The Dallas skyline can also be seen comfortably from the glass enclosure of the W Wet Deck, an infinity pool on the 16th Floor with panoramic views, where wine and Jazz are served up to people who’d like to check out the pool from 6-10pm on Wednesdays.

If your looking for a place to take the kiddos and where it’s a sure fire place you can get in for a small ticket price ($7), check out the FOE (Fraternal Order of Eagles), it’s got something for everyone. It’s got an Olympic sized swimming pool, a kiddie pool, a playground with a pirate ship and reasonably priced drinks. Another place that’s sure to please the family is taking a trip along the lazy river inside the Farmer’s Branch Community Recreation Center. This is a beautiful park that includes extensive walking trails and a fitness center.

Of course, if crowds aren’t your thing, you don’t want to spend money on a swanky hotel and you want to make sure you’re kids are able to get into the pool, maybe its time to explore an upgrade to your backyard and contact California Pools of Austin or San Antonio to come out and give you an estimate. California Pools is proudly serving the Dallas, TX area, so give us a call today. Who knows? Maybe next year, YOUR pool will make the list.

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Should I have a chlorine or salt water swimming pool / spa?

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In today’s health conscious world, we are looking to be mindful of what is the best thing for our environment and when it comes to building a pool, its only natural to stop and consider what will be right for your family: building a salt water pool or using traditional chlorine.

The good news is that chlorine IS salt, so either way you can’t go wrong. The purpose of using either salt or chlorine is to remove organic material from your pool and keep it clean and sanitary. Salt water pools require the installation of a salt water chlorine generator which uses the process of electrolysis to free the chlorine molecule from the salt. The alternative is adding chlorine directly to your pool. Either way, its chlorine that’s doing the work so its all about the method you prefer.

Salt water pools are gentler on the skin, and do not require shocking in order to keep stable sanitary conditions and so many people prefer this option. Additionally, while salt water pools create stubborn rings on dark tiled surfaces, they don’t need to be drained and scrubbed like a traditional chlorine pool.

If cost is an issue, its important to note that adding a salt water chlorine generator to your pool or upgrading an existing pool to use one, may add as much as $3,000 to your budget. The maintenance costs of salt versus chlorine may be smaller, but there are still considerations. Every pool requires maintenance and the saltwater generator will need to be inspected on a weekly basis to make sure that proper PH and alkalinity is being achieved. Saltwater pool owners can add muriatic acid, if necessary, to maintain the proper balance between 7.4 and 7.6. Homeowners will also need to be sure and clean the generator cell on a regular basis by soaking it in vinegar for a few hours. There may also be additional electrical costs as generators need to be run four to six hours a day in winter and 10-11 hours a day during summer in order to do the job.

For pools that need to be winterized and shut down when temperatures dip, salt water pools will require a floating chlorinator as salt water generators only function at 60 degrees and above. There is no escaping the need to chlorinate!

Salt is corrosive and may limit the way that your backyard and deck can be designed and soft stone, such as limestone, would need to be avoided.

While a trendy alternative, staying the course with a chlorine pool is always a good and easy bet. California Pools can walk you through the pros and cons and take a look at maximizing your budget so that upfront costs such as installing a salt water chlorine generator don’t compromise your creative vision. A great way to get started on your pool building journey is to take a look at our commonly asked questions page locate

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Pool Kings, Featuring California Pools, Mondays on DIY Network

Pool Kings - California Pools - Swimming Pool Contractor

Pool Kings is back on the DIY Network for a second Season and this time California Pools will be featured in the premiere episode. Jim Bellamy, South San Diego GM and Mike Baldasare, Irvine GM will travel to La Quinta, CA to build their latest project. While there, they work with the Lacerra family to do a full backyard renovation including an epic swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. In the process, they create the ultimate staycation where guests can swim from the pool area into the bar area. The Lacerra family gets a getaway backyard as good as any of the spas you can find all over La Quinta, CA. Pools aren’t just for kids anymore...

Click below for a sneak peek.

Pool Kings showcases how regular backyards can be upgraded with high-end pools and spas fit for resort living. Each episode follows a team of pool craftsmen as they create amazing pools and decks tailored to their clients' wildest imaginations. The series showcases the spectacular and unique features of these one-of-a-kind pools, including miniature sandy beaches with real palm trees, huge infinity-edged hot tubs, gorgeous fountains, fire pits and fabulous entertaining areas.

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