Fun Swimming Pool Features

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You don’t need to wait until “Fun Friday” to enjoy these beauties! Look how much fun these California Pools backyards are! Usually we take the opportunity when writing our blogs to teach something about swimming pool maintenance, safety features, design favorites, outdoor kitchens, backyard entertaining, outdoor living or trending styles.  But this time, it’s all about fun! Let’s not forget how exciting a backyard swimming pool is! The crystal blue waters shimmer in the sunlight and the sounds of water fountains are always a treat to listen to.  Being around water is always calming and peaceful and yet at the same time triggers all of the excitement of summer fun!  

Knoxville, TN swimming pool contractor

Let’s talk about some of our most favorite fun features on a swimming pool! If you aren’t going for the minimalist approach, here are some exciting ways to design some backyard fun.  Waterslides, need we say more? Who doesn’t love a turn down a slippery waterslide to cool off and splash into the swimming pool with a little bit of adrenaline to go with it.  Waterslides are fun for the whole family, and what parent doesn’t relish a long afternoon watching their kids go down the waterslide repeatedly before crashing in bed at night after a well spent activity filled day in the pool?  


Rope swings are trending as well for a simple and fun way to enter the pool with a splash! They are guaranteed to bring some fun contests of “Who has the biggest splash?” or “Who does the best trick?” Either way, they bring back memories of simple days playing in the nearby creek, only now you can play in your backyard pool!  

Knoxville, TN swimming pool contractor

Have you ever seen a water curtain? Look at the second picture below for a super fun water feature on your swimming pool.  Imagine the kids playing under that water and feeling the splash overhead, such fun! Water curtains can be of any size to customize the space in your yard, so if you are interested in one, let us know!  California Pools can guarantee you a super fun time in your backyard swimming pool!  

Knoxville, TN swimming pool contractor

Did you watch us on the reality hit TV show, The Pool Kings? One of our featured pools has an island in the pool with a hammock and all! Imagine swimming across your pool and relaxing above the white sand beach of your own private island all while still in your own backyard! Read a book, take a nap, or just relish in the fact that you have an absolutely awesome backyard! 

Knoxville, TN swimming pool contractor

More fun ideas for your backyard swimming pool include grottos and fire features! You see, there are endless ways to make your backyard super fun! Add a grotto to your pool and you have a guaranteed hang out spot for your family and friends.  Install some fire features to create a fun nighttime atmosphere! The ideas are endless! The memories made will be unforgettable and last a lifetime!

Let us help you be creative and create a tropical oasis sure to please every member of your family.  From the little ones playing in bubblers, to the big kids playing on slides, we have got your fun covered.  Call us now and let’s get started on your backyard fun! You deserve it!

Small Yards and Swimming Pools

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Do you dream of a beautiful sanctuary in your backyard? Do you wish you could walk out your patio doors and see a tropical blue swimming pool with a warm jetted spa? How about your kids playing for endless hours in the refreshing swimming pool? With hardscaping and landscaping designed and built to create a warmth, a beauty, and a relaxing garden like setting all in the comforts of your backyard, this is pretty much the American dream!  What many people don’t realize is how easy it is to make these dreams come true! Whether your yard is quite large or on the smaller size, we at California Pools can capitalize on your space to make the biggest dreams come true even in the smallest of spaces.  

Many homes these days do not have large lots and backyards, so we are extremely used to building in small spaces.  We have built gorgeous swimming pools with spas, waterslides, fire-pots, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, BBQ’s and many other fun features of a pool and spa and outdoor living space in even the smallest of spaces. We have had many customers call us out for the initial appointment only to tell us, “We know a pool can’t fit in our yard, but we still wanted you to come out and make sure.”  To their delight, "Yes! California Pools can build a custom swimming pool to accommodate the size of your yard and the design of your dreams”. 

There are plenty of options for building your outdoor entertaining space in a small sized backyard.  To begin with, we would keep the size of the pool on the smaller side to accommodate the size and layout of your yard.  You could add in a small spa to the pool or even build a spool instead.  What’s a spool, you might ask! It’s a larger size spa, built big enough to swim around in like a very small swimming pool.  A small patio yard is perfect for spools as they enable a homeowner to enjoy it like a spa and warm up on a cold day or keep the heater off and play a little to cool off like a swimming pool.  There are many options and when you meet with a California Pools representative, we will discuss the options available to you.  

When your backyard is small, you can still build big plans! We have built small pools with many of the added and fun features that attract a homeowner to the idea of building a backyard oasis.  Yes, you can build a pool, a spa, and even an outdoor kitchen or fire-pit! We have included several pictures below which show some fine examples of small California Pools swimming pools which all were designed, built and catered to specific dimensions and creative design ideas. Go ahead and give California Pools a call! Let’s start building your backyard paradise so you’ll be swimming by summer! 

Spring is Here, Time to Enjoy the Swimming Pool

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

According to Wikipedia, "Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth”.  Flowers are blooming, days are longer, the weather is warmer and so we at California Pools celebrate this joyous time of year!  As we enter this new and typically warmer season, we say goodbye to Winter and hello to pool days! It’s Springtime, and from some peoples perspectives, we are that much closer to Summer. 

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

As the weather warms up, it is human nature for us to want to get outside! We have been cooped up for a long cold winter and our bones are cold and we officially have lost any summer tan we had from last year.  We crave a little sun on our face, some warmth on our backs, and the opportunity to wear shorts and flip flops again.  We also crave spring and summer time meals.  Corn on the cob, barbecue chicken shish kabobs, ice cold sweet tea, just to name a few! So, now that we are finally able to celebrate the season, let’s talk about how to make the most of your precious time with your loved ones.  

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

Just imagine this…you call California Pools for a design appointment and soon after sign a contract and begin construction.  As you watch your yard develop into a tropical oasis you are utterly amazed at the transformation your ordinary backyard started with and what it actually turned into.  It’s like a dream come true!  California Pools has been building gorgeous yards for 66 years and we have the knowledge and talent to turn your dreams into a reality.  We make your backyard feel like a vacation.  Who doesn’t love the idea of a staycation? Enjoy the splashing of pool fun, go down the water slide over and over again, relax with good friends in the spa after a long day of soccer games for your kids or grill up some juicy steaks and relish the lifetime memories you create in your outdoor entertaining area.  

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

You see, springtime isn’t just about flowers blooming.  It’s about families growing, friendships blossoming, and forever memories being made in your California Pools backyard.  So, if you haven’t yet decided on whether you are putting in a swimming pool this year or not, don’t hesitate at all.  The moments you create at home are priceless.  Whether its playtime, dinner time, or time to relax with a good book poolside or unwind by the fire-pit or in the spa at night, nothing at all can ever take away such cherished times.  2018 is the perfect year to build your backyard with California Pools! Call now! 

Swimming Pool Water Features

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It’s hard to believe that the first day of Spring is just two weeks away. Many people are starting to think about the upcoming long hot days and warm nights, grilling in their outdoor kitchen for family and friends, planning their summer fun and designing and constructing their swimming pools with California Pools.  Barbecues and birthday parties are definitely more fun when you can jump into a gorgeous and refreshing swimming pool! But let’s face it, not all swimming pools are the same.  What makes some more fun than others? Well, that’s simple. Water Features!

There are many different kinds of water features that we like to add to swimming pools, here at California Pools.  Who doesn’t like to see water splashing and listen to the sounds of fountains in your backyard? The sound of water can make you feel very tranquil, peaceful, and yet also it can be uplifting and fun! We have yet to see a child not mesmerized by water bubblers in the beach entrance of a swimming pool or even an adult who doesn’t like to stand under the grotto or feel a water pot pouring water down the back of their neck. 

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous water feature ideas from our nationwide team building classy, exciting, and top-notch swimming pools. 

In Austin Texas, our team used laminar jets and bubblers to accessorize this swimming pool!

Our Corona office used these awesome water pots to create some drama poolside!

Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Company

This spa in Las Vegas is definitely a show stopper!

Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Contractor

Our Thousand Oaks team built this cascading stone spa with a sheer descent wall as well!

Knoxville, TN Swimming Pool Repair

And our team in Dallas built these industrial water features for a modern and clean look!

Knoxville, TN Custom Swimming Pool Company

As you can see, California Pools builds swimming pools and spas to accommodate the vast diversity of interests for our customers.  We work with you to build your dream backyard and accessorizing your pool with water features is a fun design element in your construction process.  Water features are a wonderful way to personalize your home, your style and your personal oasis. 

If you have yet to begin getting your pool construction bids, look no further! California Pools has a long history of over 66 years building amazing pools for homeowners just like you! So give us a call and lets begin building your personal backyard wonderland!


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