Backyard Renovations to Take Your Summer to the Next Level

One of the best ways to enjoy your summer to the fullest is to bring all the fun and cheer to your own backyard. That means no more scouring the internet for perfect destinations and no more hectic travel planning and preparations. Instead, you can use that time to enjoy your summer with family and friends in the comfort of your home. 

A pool is the ultimate backyard upgrade that allows your family to have fun, relax, and keep fit. It’s a great spot to spend your summer vacation with family and entertain guests. In fact, with some craft backyard renovations and upgrades, you can make your summer a lot more like a dream vacation in Santorini. Whether you’re planning to build a pool in your backyard or already have one, there are unlimited ways to spice up this favorite spot. 

A Pool Is More than Just a Plain Old Rectangular Architectural Feature

Swimming pools today are more than traditional rectangle pools with an isolated metal grab bar on one end.

Now, there are many fantastic ways to make your backyard a swimming pool oasis. You can have a unique pool design and a surrounding that augments your swimming experience with comfort, aesthetics, and richness. You can choose from limitless artistic expressions and preferred themes, including desert sceneries, tropical hideaways, or even an atmosphere of a five-star resort.

Public pools are notoriously busy during summer, and trips to hot springs around your region will always eat into your day. But when you have a pool in the oasis style, you get the relaxation you need in the comfort of your backyard. Also, you will skip long drives and the infamous ‘warm spots’ in public pools. With a pool in your backyard, that peaceful and luxurious soaking experience is just a minute away. 

Best Backyard Renovations

You can incorporate several features and designer touches in your backyard to transform your pool into a custom haven of relaxation and fun designed just for you and your loved ones. 

Here are some backyard renovation ideas to take your summer to the next level.

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Add Function with a Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a shallow shelf in the pool that acts as an entry point to the pool. This feature — also referred to as a sun shelf, Baja shelf, or tanning shelf — is just deep enough to allow you to soak without having to swim or float. 

A tanning ledge is a perfect spot for everyone. Juniors love splashing around in them, while adults use the shelves for socializing, relaxing, and reading. Your pet will also appreciate a spot to jump into the play, and for those extremely hot summer afternoons, you can have a full meal or nap without leaving the water. All you’ll need is lounge chairs, small tables, or even umbrellas, and you’ll have yourself a nice place to cool off during summer when you are not up for exercise. 

Add a Fire Pit Next to Your Pool

Camping ranks high on the list of outdoor activities that many Americans love, and a campfire is usually the highlight of the night. Fortunately, you can bring that experience to your own backyard by adding a fire pit near your inground pool.

Nothing can beat the cozy atmosphere created by gathering around an open flame. The fire encourages everyone to pull their chair to get the best feel and view of the dancing orange plumes. By adding a fire pit near your swimming pool, you’re creating both an appealing comfort for everyone and jaw-dropping aesthetics

Make It Lively with Bubblers and Jets

If you want to add a simple water feature to your backyard pool, you can never go wrong with bubblers. They shoot jets of water from the pool’s bottom and straight up, creating bubbles and ripples on the surface. If you have kids, you have all the reasons to add bubblers since the little ones like playing among the jet streams. 

You can also go beyond bubblers and spice things a bit with deck jets. These are available in a wide range of finishes and colors and sit on the pool deck or pool coping and spout a narrow and curving stream of water into the pool. They create spectacular visuals, and their soothing sound makes your pool lively. Kids also enjoy these water features since they form a fun place to swim, splash, and play under. You won’t need to take your little ones to a splash pad when you have playful deck jets and bubblers. 

Change the Mood with LED Lights

Another backyard feature that will surely take your summer experience to the next level is swimming pool lighting. This addition is incredibly breathtaking at night. Lighting transforms your outdoor space and enhances your swimming experience by changing the mood of the yard. It also highlights architectural features and enhances nighttime visibility, thus improving safety and extending the time you can use your pool. 

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are among the most popular fitting for pools. These types of lights are energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about spiking electric bills. LED lights also have a greater lifespan and require less maintenance. 

The stunning aspect of LED lights is the visual effects they bring into your pool. The lights are available in different colors and give a deep glow. If you like a tech-savvy experience, you can choose the automated LED types which you can control remotely from your smartphone. 

Create an Outdoor Dining Experience

Setting up an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your backyard. You will have created an outdoor living experience that revolves around cooking and entertainment. The kitchen can have all the features of an indoor kitchen, from ovens to refrigerators to smokers. 

An outdoor kitchen alongside your pool is a great way to have a backyard oasis with crucial amenities, especially when you hold backyard parties. The chef can attend to the grill while also interacting with family and friends who are busy on their plates and glasses on the pool deck. Outdoor kitchens are no doubt a great way to combine dining, swimming, and fun. 

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Bring a New Look by Landscaping and Hardscaping

Another therapeutic backyard renovation to ensure you enjoy your summer to the fullest is landscaping. Planting flowers, grasses, and some trees or bushes is a smart move when you want to create great views and, at the same time, add some privacy to the pool area. Hedges like River Cane or even bamboo are great for providing privacy due to their height and filling characteristics. The best plants to add color and texture are leafy and flowering plants. You can opt for perennials since they regrow every year, unlike annuals which may need to add every spring. 

Other than landscaping, you can relook at your hardscape. Think of having a patio made of stamped concrete or pavers. Pavers are quite versatile, thus allowing replacement without interrupting the rest of the patio, while stamped concrete is great for its slip resistance. The two are available in different styles, and you can choose according to your taste. 

Link Features with a Spillover Spa

If there is a hot tub in your backyard, you can consider creating a spillover spa. This great addition connects the hot tub directly to your swimming pool via a small curtain or water fountain, thus providing a sense of elegance and relaxation. The water spills over a ledge or multiple ledges as it comes from the Jacuzzi. 

You can have a spillover spa in different creative designs. For instance, you can have an infinity spa where water drops off in a series to give an illusion of a hot tub that goes on infinitely. You can also get creative with your design by having a stone pattern for the ledges that water passes over and making the focal point for your hot tub and pool.

Wondering how this feature will enhance your backyard pool? The design element is extremely relaxing. Swimming in the pool while watching the water from the hot tub flow into the pool is quite therapeutic and makes you feel like you are in a five-star resort while in your own home. 

The feature also serves as the aesthetic link between the hot tub and the pool. A design that does not connect the two elements appears unbalanced and out of place. It is a relatively simple yet classic design element that adds elegance to the pool design. 

Upgrade Your Backyard Today

Having a pool in your backyard isn’t just investing in a project that comes with many social benefits but also one that increases your home’s value. If you already have a pool, there are many creative ways to turn your backyard into a swimming pool oasis. California Pools is a leader in professional pool installation and remodeling. If you want to build a poolside oasis in your backyard or add some creative ideas to your pool area, we’ll help you create that little piece of heaven. Contact us today to transform your outdoor space.

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