Do You Need A Swimming Pool Remodel?

Having the convenience of a beautiful custom-built swimming pool in your backyard has many perks and benefits. The ability to go for a healthy swim at any given time is definitely the greatest convenience of a custom in-ground swimming pool. To have your backyard complete with a gorgeous resort-like pool provides you the beauty of a tropical vacation in the comfort of your own home. The sounds of your waterfall splashing provides a calming and soothing ambiance while enjoying your backyard and garden. A warm soak in the spa provides a relaxing and therapeutic environment for your body. Your backyard oasis provides the absolute perfect environment for your children to play in for endless hours as they swim with friends and burn tons of energy playing water games and having a great time. The benefits of owning a swimming pool are endless. Your backyard can become your favorite staycation with a beautiful and tropical backyard oasis. Not only is it super fun to have a pool to swim in, but it also provides the perfect arena to host backyard events. Your backyard oasis is the perfect example of the ultimate outdoor living environment. We know that with all these perks and benefits, there are also responsibilities required in owning a swimming pool and spa. Swimming pools require weekly maintenance and care, but occasionally they might need a little more than that as well!

large geometric swimming pool

When you have a newer swimming pool and spa, the thought of remodeling your backyard probably has not crossed your mind, nor is it necessary. However, if your pool was built many years ago and is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, it may be time to start thinking about a backyard remodel. If you still love the shape of your pool, a simple cosmetic update may be all that is required. With a cosmetic remodel, you can re-pebble or re-plaster the interior of your pool and spa to give a fresh new color and finish to your backyard pool. You can replace the waterline tile or change the coping and stone as well. These cosmetic changes can give a dramatic new look to your swimming pool and spa. You can also add a waterfall, a fire-pot, a water feature or even a waterslide. Maybe you’d like to expand your outdoor living environment and add a custom fireplace, or an outdoor kitchen and pergola. Adding on to your pool and spa makes your backyard that much better!

pool with water pots

If your pool and spa is very old or out of date, you may want to consider a complete remodel of your swimming pool and spa. The shape of the pool, maybe its location, and all of the materials used would be removed and replaced. Your backyard will look gorgeous once again!

Again, a pool remodel is a great way to spruce up your backyard pool and make it new again! Some quick changes is all you need to make your backyard feel beautiful and trendy once again!

  1. Re-plaster or re-pebble your pool for a new finish
  2. Change out your outdated or damaged tile for a fresh new look
  3. Add a soothing water feature to your pool
  4. Add a firepit or fire-feature to your backyard
  5. Improve your outdoor kitchen area with a pergola or new BBQ

geometric pool and spa

When you are ready to remodel your backyard swimming pool, be sure to call California Pools. Having been in business building custom swimming pools since 1952, they have the knowledge, experience and expertise to transform your outdated backyard into a current, fresh, and trend setting beautiful environment!

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