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Pool accessories

Must-have additions for your pool that guarantee good times

In-ground swimming pool accessories are a great way to add functionality, convenience, and fun to your pool. From covers to pumps to filters and more, our team at California Pools can help you choose the perfect accessories for your swimming pool, whether you're in the process of building a new pool or looking to upgrade your existing one.

The many benefits of pool accessories

Investing in pool accessories not only enhances your swimming experience but also helps maintain the integrity and longevity of your pool. Here are some benefits of adding accessories to your pool:

  • Personal Style: Pool lights, water features, and other accessories can add a personal touch to your pool and make it stand out as an extension of your home.
  • Enhanced Safety: Pool covers not only keep debris out but also provide a layer of safety for children or pets who may accidentally fall into the pool.
  • Elevated Fun: Water slides, diving boards, and other fun accessories can take your pool parties to the next level and provide endless entertainment for kids and adults alike.
  • Convenience: Automatic cleaners, pool pumps, and filters make maintaining your pool a breeze, allowing you to spend more time enjoying it rather than taking care of it.

Above all, comfort is key when it comes to pool accessories, and our team at California Pools is dedicated to providing you with the best options that fit your needs and lifestyle. We'll make sure you can enjoy your pool to its fullest potential.

We have pool accessories to enhance any backyard

Choosing the right pool accessories can make all the difference in your swimming experience. Our team will work with you to understand your pool's needs and recommend the best accessories that fit your budget and preferences!

Some of our top options include:

  • Pool Covers: Keep debris out and maintain water temperature with a pool cover, available in various materials such as mesh or solid.
  • Pumps and Filters: Maintain clean and clear pool water with efficient pumps and filters from trusted brands.
  • Automatic Cleaners: Save time and effort by investing in an automatic cleaner that will keep your pool spotless with minimal maintenance.
  • Water Features: Add a unique touch to your pool with features such as waterfalls, fountains, or bubblers for added relaxation and ambiance.
  • Fire Features: Fire pits, bowls, and torches can add warmth and ambiance to your pool area for chilly nights or gatherings with friends.

Don't worry about installation – we've got you covered there too. We offer expert workmanship and high-quality materials that ensure your accessories are installed correctly and function optimally for years to come!

A process designed for you

From consultation to final touches, our pool installation process is designed for a seamless and flawless finish.

  1. Book a Consultation
    Get started with California Pools by giving us a call or using our online contact form to schedule a design consultation.
  2. Meet Our Design Experts
    Sit down with our team during your consultation to discuss your vision. They’ll listen carefully to your needs, preferences, and more.
  3. Review Your Custom Plan
    After our team works our magic, you’ll have a chance to review a detailed design, an estimated cost, and an overview of the build process.
  4. Watch Our Team
    At the time of your custom pool installation, you’ll get to witness the transformation of your backyard into a stunning oasis.
  5. Bring Your Friends
    Once we’re done, invite your friends and loved ones over to your new pool for a celebration and create unforgettable memories in your new space.
Accessory design and installation made simple

With years of experience and expertise in the pool industry, our team at California Pools is here to make sure your pool has everything it needs to be functional, safe, and beautiful. 

When you work with us, expect:

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Good times guaranteed.
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