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Getting The Backyard of Your Dreams Is Easier Than You May Think

Ready to transform your outdoor space into the backyard of your dreams? California Pools is here to help with everything you need to know about financing your swimming pool and backyard project. Give us your zip code and we’ll connect you with your local California Pools design center to get started.

  • Will my loan be tax deductible?

    The type of loan you secure will determine whether it can be tax deductible or not. For instance, a personal home improvement loan is not tax-deductible, but if you refinance or choose a home equity loan, you may be able to deduct it from your taxes. Again, talk with your pool financing representative and/or your CPA to find out if you can take advantage of any tax breaks.

  • What will my interest rate be?

    Your interest rate will depend on the financial institution, market rates, the loan amount and type, the length of the loan, and your credit and other personal information. The financial institution will charge a higher rate for higher-risk customers and a lower rate for lower-risk customers. Some rates, such as with a home line of credit, will vary throughout the loan term. Your pool dealer or financial institution will be able to explain how they determine their rates.

  • Does my credit score really matter?

    Absolutely. Your credit score tells the financial institution how risky you are - will you pay the loan back within the allotted time? Do you have the funds to do so? The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate and higher your loan maximum. The credit score needed for your loan depends on the loan type.

  • What kind of information will the financial institution need from me?

    While every financial institution may differ in their requirements, you can expect them to ask for your social security number and driver’s license. They will also want information about your employment and salary. The financial institution will check your credit score, calculate your debt ratio, and assess other qualifiers to determine your interest rate and maximum loan amount.

  • Can I finance part of the project and pay for the rest?
    If you have cash you’d like to use towards your pool, but want to finance the remaining balance, you can do so. Paying cash for a portion of the project will bring down your loan amount, giving you a lower monthly payment and reducing your overall interest payments. It may also be easier to secure financing. Some homeowners secure financing for the pool and pay cash for other items, such as decking, landscaping and/or outdoor kitchens. Talk with your pool dealer to learn how best to structure this type of arrangement.
  • Can I finance 100% of the project?
    If you qualify, you can finance the entire California Pools project. The financial institution will determine the maximum loan amount based on your credit score and other variables.
  • What kind of financing options are there for pools?

    You have several loan options when financing your pool, and which one you choose depends on many variables, such as the equity you have in your home, your credit score, how quickly you need funds, and how long it will take you to pay off the loan. It is best to talk with your pool dealer or a loan officer at a financial institution to determine which type of loan is best for you for your particular project.

    Types of loans to talk with your pool dealer or financial institution are:

    • Cash-out refinance
    • FHA 203(k) rehab loan
    • Home equity loan
    • Home equity line of credit (HELOC)
    • Personal/Home improvement loan
  • How are California Pools financing options and terms?

    At California Pools, we have locations across the U.S. Each local office has access to its own financing options and financial partners, ensuring you get the personalization and attention you deserve from the most reputable companies in the country. By going through California Pools for your financing, you can save time researching lenders and have peace of mind that we are connecting you with lenders we trust will treat you right.

    For specific questions about your project and financing needs, submit your zip code above, and we’ll connect you with the local California Pools design center in your area.

Good times guaranteed.
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