What Should We Do For Summer Vacation?

Has Summertime got you worried? Are you wondering how to entertain your kids? Where you should go on vacation? If you can go anywhere at all? With COVID-19 still here, many people are left wondering what to do this summer and how to stay busy with the kids. What kind of memories do you want your family to make? Let’s be honest, we all look forward to time off of school; with no homework, no sporting events, no bedtime hassles, and no early morning routines. But on the other hand, we can get flustered thinking about ways to spend our time. Weekend get-a-way’s or week-long vacations to tropical resorts are very expensive, the price of a kid’s meal by the pool resort is enough to give you sticker shock! Summer vacations are an unsure thing right now as many families are uneasy about planning vacations because of the coronavirus. And let’s really think about it, by the time you invest much of your time and hard-earned money on a Summer vacation, it’s time to come home where your reality is quite different. There is no more pool to swim in, no spa to relax in, no outdoor living area to gather around with friends, and no place to get outside and enjoy mother nature with your family. We have the perfect solution for you. Invest in a swimming pool and backyard oasis with one of the nation’s top swimming pool builders. We are confident that if you build with California Pools, and you invest in your home with a swimming pool and backyard oasis, your new favorite vacations will become staycations! As a top industry leader since 1952, you can’t go wrong with California Pools. We have expert craftsman building your pool and caring for your family’s backyard dreams. Your Summers will be priceless!

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When your backyard is a private wonderland in itself, there is no need to worry about expensive resorts, or unhealthy viruses. Skip the hotel reservations and plan your fun at home. When you have a California Pools backyard, there are so many ways to have fun and entertain your family. If you are still asking yourself, “What should we do for Summer?” then take a look at some fun and simple ideas that will make everybody in your family happy and loving their time at home.

  • Plan a swim party. Invite friends over for a fun afternoon of swimming and playing pool games. A biggest cannonball contest is a must!
  • Host a BBQ with your neighbors. With an outdoor kitchen, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs is an easy way to hang out with people you care about.
  • Relax in your spa under the stars at night with your kids. Not only does it sooth sore muscles but it shows your kids the importance of downtime and relaxation.
  • Schedule a quiet day by the pool where you and your kids enjoy reading a favorite novel in a lounge chair while listening to the birds chirping in the garden. Spending some time outdoors and enjoying the sunshine is good for your health and for your soul.
  • Wake up early for a sunrise swim and enjoy the early hours of the day to get your fitness in. Swimming laps is a wonderful low-impact and refreshing form of exercise.

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The benefits of owning a California Pools backyard swimming pool are endless. When you have the convenience of a tropical resort in your very own backyard, the fun is always available. You can cherish making fabulous memories every day. Stop asking yourself, “What should I do for Summer?” Call California Pools for a virtual consultation and start transforming your ordinary backyard into something extravagant. Every family deserves a special part of their home dedicated to making precious family memories while embracing the outdoor living lifestyle.

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