Celebrate Mother’s Day With A Backyard Swimming Pool!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we couldn’t help but get a little excited for another beautiful day to celebrate somebody so special in our lives. We are thrilled to honor the Mother all over the world and set aside a whole day to celebrate these women who have influenced us, loved us, cared for us, and encouraged us throughout our lives.

With this sweet day approaching, let’s discuss some ways to celebrate Mom! While you might think the swimming pool industry is strictly about backyard swimming pools, there is so much more to it! The swimming pool industry embraces family life and the outdoor living lifestyle. While we currently stay home to fight the coronavirus, we can still celebrate Mom in a relaxing backyard oasis. With a beautiful swimming pool and spa in your backyard, you have so many opportunities to embrace family events and make wonderful memories. With a gorgeous backyard oasis to enjoy, a day celebrating Mom in the backyard will mimic a relaxing day in the mountains while you listen to the waterfall gently flowing into your swimming pool. Or your day celebrating Mom, could feel like you’ve escaped the chaos of life and are relaxing at a tropical resort. The convenience of owning a custom swimming pool allows you and your family to stay home, enjoy time together, celebrate special times, relax and unwind, and also have plenty of fun playing together!

Pools with some tropical landscaping

The outdoor living lifestyle is all about the staycation! During 2020, families have been embracing the staycation lifestyle more than ever! While we are fighting COVID-19, and staying home to help flatten the curve, many people are opting out of future destination vacations in order to invest in their homes. The value of family entertainment and backyard fun has become priceless. Virtual consultations are booming as people are re-prioritizing their home environment during this pandemic. When you invest in a backyard staycation, you have the perfect destination for every holiday, every birthday, every swim party, every family barbecue, and every warm day lying in the sun or on a pool float. There is no need to panic this Mother’s Day wondering what you’ll do to entertain Mom when you have a California Pools backyard resort.

Tables and chairs with pool view

Pool with tropical lanscape and some fountains

When you have invested in your own personal staycation at home, it’s super easy to come up with a Mother’s Day gift for Mom to enjoy. Place an order online and fill a basket with a cute new swimsuit, a bright new towel, her favorite sunscreen or pair of sunglasses, and a fun oversized flamingo pool floaties! Then, as you continue to spoil Mom, prepare her favorite dinner in the outdoor kitchen so she can enjoy her day and have a fun and relaxing day by the pool.

Pool with inflatable flamingo and balls

This is the swimming pool industry. This is the outdoor living family lifestyle we love to build. If you haven’t yet built your dream backyard, now is the time to make the call. Nothing is better than your home being your favorite place to be!

Beautiful pool with a mountain view

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