New Home with an Old Pool? Take Full Advantage of Your Pool Renovation

Does your backyard need an upgrade? An outdated pool and backyard space can feel sad and dreary, but that means you have the opportunity to create something truly extraordinary. How often do you get to design an area perfectly tailored to your needs and wants? Best of all, a custom pool builder can help you create a pool renovation that offers your family a place to make lifelong memories for years to come. 

A recent survey shows swimming pools are among the most popular home design trends. As people spend more time at home, it’s becoming more critical to fully customize their living space to meet their needs. With the right builder, you can have a pool and backyard oasis that’s better than any resort and right outside your back door. 

Create a Pool Renovation Layout That Works for You

As you allow yourself to dream about the way your backyard could look, you can begin to create a layout that meets your family’s unique needs and wants. Consider how your backyard pool area serves you. Do you want your yard to be the neighborhood hangout or where your teens can bring friends to chill? Or, imagine a backyard oasis that offers all the peaceful elements that make your pool area a safe place to escape from the world for a while. No matter what, your custom pool builder can design a layout for your pool renovation that will transform your backyard into a place you’re excited to own.

By working with a professional team, every detail will be accounted for. Together, you can customize your backyard so it’s separated into zones, with gathering places for relaxing, eating al fresco, swimming, playing, and relaxing by the pool. A thorough layout will ensure that each zone is separate but flows seamlessly to the next, so your backyard space is cohesive and fun.

Cozy Firepits, Fireplaces and Fire Bowls into Your Pool Renovation

A fire feature adds a visual element to your backyard space and is reasonably practical. During transitional seasons, it’s nice to have a way to stay warm, so you can spend as much time as possible in your backyard. Choose between propane and natural gas fuel sources, and ensure your fire element is certified by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) to ensure you’re safe. 

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Fire elements are a great way to add heat to your outdoor oasis, but they also contribute to the ambiance, making your backyard feel inviting and peaceful. Use a fire bowl as a centerpiece for your lounge area or situate a fireplace near the big screen TV, so friends and family can gather, stay warm, and enjoy the friendly glow as the flames flicker.

Install an Outdoor Shower

Every outdoor pool needs an outdoor shower nearby, and a pool renovation makes the perfect time to add one to your backyard space. This makes it easy to quickly rinse off before entering the pool, so dirt, grass clippings, and other contaminants don’t end up in the pool. Showering after exiting the pool is also wise to remove chlorine from your skin. 

Outdoor showers are also great for families. Instead of tramping mud into the home, kids can quickly rinse off their muddy feet, and pets can get a quick bath when they’re dirty. Many homeowners also use their outdoor showers to clean up after gardening, mowing the grass, and returning from a day at the beach. 

You can opt for a portable outdoor shower, a stand-alone shower, or a stationary design. Your professional pool builder can help you determine the best for your yard and budget.

Incorporate Landscape Lighting

The right lighting can make your yard a magical retreat when the sun goes down. You can create a cozy and romantic space or brightly lit for a party by carefully choosing lighting elements. Mix and match different landscape lighting options like lanterns, LED strips, and hanging lights to give your backyard a unique glow. 

Solar lights are perfect for environmentally conscious homeowners but come at a higher price point (and are weather dependent). You can also opt for smart lighting, which can be controlled by your phone. Best of all, you can set them to timers and dim them to fit the mood of your event.

Include a Luxurious Fountain or Water Feature

Few sounds are as calming as the sound of moving water. If you’re looking to create a backyard oasis, you’ll want to add a water element like a waterfall, a water fountain, or even an infinity edge to your pool. By thoughtfully placing a water element near a lounge area, your building team can create a customized space that provides a peaceful escape from the world on the other side of your fence. A water feature’s soothing sounds and visual element will instantly upgrade your backyard.

Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a popular trend, especially for homeowners who like to entertain. They create the perfect place to cook for a crowd while enjoying their company at the same time. Gone are the days of isolating yourself in a hot kitchen for hours while everyone mingles outside. Choose a backyard kitchen with a sink and plenty of counter space near the grill to prep and cook right in the middle of the action.

There are endless options for customizing your outdoor kitchen to suit your needs. Consider incorporating a built-in pizza oven, drink fridge, and nugget ice machine so you don’t have to go inside for a refill. While designing your pool renovation, you’ll want to ensure your outdoor kitchen is also near the patio set so everyone has a place to sit when the meal is ready.

Install Custom Decking

Custom decking is a no-brainer when you’re planning a pool renovation. With many different design options, your professional pool builder can create a unique space that matches your home’s architectural style. Before making any decisions, the team will walk around your property to suggest ways that custom pool decking can help you to use every square inch of your backyard space. Best of all, it will add value to your home.

Invest in a Great Sound System

Every good party starts with great music, and you can’t skimp on backyard speakers. According to a market research report, outdoor audio is a trend set to grow ever-more popular in the coming years. A great sound system can be tucked into the landscape while providing the perfect music for any occasion. Whether planning a romantic dinner date, a backyard pool party, or a night of dancing under the stars, it’s wise to invest in a sound system to help set the mood. 

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Look for a sound system equipped with Bluetooth capabilities so that you can control the volume and song selection from your phone. Most sound systems can also be paired with Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

Design an Outdoor Seating Area

When creating a layout for your pool renovation, designate an outdoor seating area. There are endless ways to customize this space so guests feel comfortable chatting outdoors. Whether you imagine an outdoor sectional with plenty of seating options or a cozy retreat with a fire pit, your leading custom pool builder can create a space that your friends and neighbors will flock to on summer afternoons and starry nights.

Add a Swim-Up Bar

A swim-up bar is a resort feature that will make your pool renovation next-level fabulous. With built-in barstools in your backyard pool, you won’t ever have to leave home to enjoy a poolside cocktail. A swim-up bar typically consists of underwater barstools, a countertop, and a serving area outside the pool. If your pool renovation allows, you can place the swim-up bar next to the outdoor kitchen for a poolside bar experience. 

Other options include a shade structure like a pergola or pavilion, while other pool renovations just incorporate a large patio umbrella. 

Consider Adding an Outdoor TV

An outdoor TV makes summer movie nights and Sunday night football games possible right in your backyard. Invite your friends and neighbors to hang out by the pool while you cheer on your favorite team, or let the kids watch the latest Marvel movie outside with popcorn and their favorite soda. 

When choosing an outdoor TV, you’ll want to consider where to mount it so it’s out of direct sunlight and away from splash zones. You may also opt for a TV cabinet that locks, so it’s protected from the elements. When creating a custom layout for your pool renovation, you can strategically place the TV near the outdoor kitchen or lounge area so that everyone can eat, drink, and watch their favorite shows comfortably.

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