8 Amazing and Cool Decking Ideas for Pools

A pool in your backyard is like a turkey on a Thanksgiving table. While flowerbeds, swings, and a perfectly trimmed lawn can make an impression, a swimming pool immediately takes center stage. Browsing cool decking ideas for pools helps you add cranberry sauce to the main dish.

As more and more Americans realize the importance of a unique poolside environment, the decking market has reached $1 billion in 2022. With this level of popularity, a wide variety of decking options have arrived on the market. They can easily turn your backyard space into anything from a kid’s dream playground to a relaxation oasis for adults, and you can design it to fit your needs.

With so many cool decking ideas for pools and backyards of all sizes, deciding which approach to take is the hardest part.

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Cool Decking Ideas for Pools: Where to Start

While some homeowners ignore the need for pool decking, the lack of this essential element can affect the quality of your backyard oasis. The main benefits of opting for a deck are:

  • Space for lounge chairs, umbrellas, and backyard furniture.
  • A border between the pool and yard to keep dirt and debris away from the pool.
  • Keeping your lawn in top shape (without decking, the property near the pool is bound to get muddy).

Before you choose a beautiful design for your pool decking, you need to figure out which material to use. Your deck material doesn’t just affect its appearance. It can also go a long way toward serving your entertainment and relaxation needs.

Factors to consider when choosing pool deck material include:

Slip Resistance

Falling on a pool deck surface when walking around with bare feet is easy, and the consequences can be miserable. That’s why slip resistance is a crucial consideration. Some decking materials even require an anti-slip coating.

Heat Reflection

Some materials (if they are dark colored) can become hot to the touch on warm summer days. You either need a material that can reflect sunlight or find a coating that can keep the decking cool.


Some deck materials are significantly more expensive than others. For example, flagstone has a stunning aesthetic appeal but is more costly than cement. There are beautiful options in every price range, so decide on your budget and start designing within your financial means.


If you are looking for unique design options, choose a material that allows it. For example, flagstone, tile, and concrete offer a variety of colors and patterns. You may be more limited with wood and brick options.

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Maintenance and Durability

The perfect decking material can last many years without complex maintenance. The decking should have excellent resistance to sun and pool chemicals.

Materials you can consider for pool decking include:

  • Concrete is a popular option thanks to its durability, design opportunities, and simple maintenance. However, the concrete surface isn’t a big fan of the heat, and cracks may appear over time.
  • Wood creates a warm look and feel in your backyard oasis. It’s great for reflecting sunlight. However, wood requires significant maintenance that includes regular oiling and waterproofing.
  • Tiles create a wonderful atmosphere around your pool. They come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. While ceramic tiles can be pricey, they’re stunning and unique and can be used for accents or smaller spaces rather than the entire deck, depending on your budget.
  • Pavers can be made from concrete, stone, or bricks. They are beautiful, weather resistant, and durable. While cost-efficient and low-maintenance, pavers require diligent installation.
  • Flagstone is natural stone pavement with attractive color options and non-slip textures; this luxurious material is weather-resistant, water-proof, and long-lasting.

Other things to think about when browsing cool pool decking for pools are:


When it comes to decking, size matters. A good rule of thumb is to create a surface area equal to the area of your pool. For example, if your pool is 20 feet wide and 20 feet long, the decking area should cover 400 sq. ft.

When choosing the size for your pool and decking, it’s essential to review California Residential Code. A reliable company can ensure compliance if you get a professional pool installation.


You can install decking around the entire pool or next to one part of it, depending on the design of your pool itself and its location in your backyard.

If some parts of the pool perimeter are inaccessible by foot, they don’t require decking. Leaving decking out can be cost-effective. However, you need to ensure this doesn’t hinder the aesthetic appeal.

If the pool isn’t right next to the house, you need to consider the route to the patio area. To pave the way, use the same material as you do for decking.


Finally, think about the fun part. What features do you want to add to the decking? Will you have garden furniture, an outdoor fire pit, a table, a barbecue grill, water features, or other relaxation elements?

Tell the pool designer about your plans for using the decking area, as they’ll be able to suggest ways of building some of your elements into the design. Don’t forget: you’ll need some shade! Adding shade structures to your decking can help you relax without getting too much sun on a bright summer day.

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8 Amazing Decking Ideas for Pools

Once you identify all your decking needs, you can dive into design options.

1. Color Contrasts

You can use a different color for the entire decking area. Using contrasting colors (i.e., black and white), you can give your backyard oasis a luxurious and unique look by playing with patterns.

The majority of decking materials allow you to mix and match colors. Take advantage of this opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

2. Shaping Fun

While perfectly square and rectangular decking looks polished and relaxed, it could be more fun and unique. Get creative with geometry if you want something special for your outdoor oasis. Consider using irregular shapes to surround the pool and give your backyard a custom look. Even if your pool has a regular shape, it can still look fantastic with irregularly shaped decking.

3. Zoning

Do you want pool decking to become a place for outdoor kid fun, family barbecues, and romantic cocktail evenings? You don’t have to choose. You can have it all!

When designing pool decking, think about creating different zones. Each one should serve a genuine purpose. You can put borders between the zones or use different colors or materials for each section.

4. Think About Space(s)

You can get creative using the available space if you have a small backyard. If you think about all the entertainment features and zoning in advance, it’s possible to make the most out of the pool area. Pool decking can cover a major part of your backyard and add significant functionality to the available space.

5. Incorporate Your Lawn

If you are a big fan of greenery, you can opt for something other than large pool decks. If you want to avoid too much stone, wood, or tile in your backyard, that’s entirely up to you. The goal of the decking is to keep dirt and debris out of the pool and to avoid developing soggy or muddy areas around the perimeter.

6. Special Prints

Many pool decking materials, such as concrete and tile, allow you to create unique decking prints. This works great for creative backyard themes. Want Indian motifs or patios inspired by ancient Greece on your property? Look for tiles that fit your vibe, then design the rest of your decor to suit.

Ask the pool deck designer to help you bring these ideas to life. The right approach to deck prints can turn a traditional backyard into a fantasy oasis.

7. Built-in Seating

When considering features for your decking, you can think about built-in seating. This approach is more than just an impressive space saver. It allows you to maintain a unique atmosphere without buying extra furniture.

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8. Level Up

You can create a pool patio with different levels if you have enough space. Besides serving a functional purpose, these levels can make your pool area look unique. Several decking levels can help create a cozy feel inside a large backyard. They are also beneficial for separating one entertainment area from another.

Have Fun with Functional Pool Decking Ideas

Pool decking can add exceptional value to your home and functionality to the backyard area. It doesn’t matter how big your pool or yard is; these cool pool decking ideas can create a unique atmosphere for your relaxation oasis. At California Pools, we offer comprehensive custom pool decking design services. We’ll help you choose materials, determine the right size, suggest useful features, impressive colors, and more to make your backyard uniquely yours. For more information, please contact our team at the nearest location at any convenient time.

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