Which Water and Fire Feature for Swimming Pools Are Trending?

If you long to bring fun and entertainment closer to home, look no further than your yard. It’s brimming with potential, even if you can’t imagine it right now. By working with an expert designer, you can transform any yard into a spectacular outdoor space. What better way to tap into great possibilities than to combine water and fire features for swimming pools in your own backyard? 

It’s a smart approach to bring the very best of your favorite water parks and five-star resorts to your property. Say goodbye to crowds and hello to quality fun in the comfort of your own home by adding cool pool features to your yard. It may be easier and more affordable than you think.

An Overview of Water and Fire Features for Swimming Pools

But what are we talking about here? What kinds of features are available? What practical solutions exist to turn your outdoor space into an elegant entertainment center? 

In recent years, exciting new trends have emerged to make water and fire features for swimming pools a dream come true for many pool owners. 

These trends include: 

  • Fountains: They can be installed inside your pool, outside the pool along an edge, or anywhere in your yard for a moving water feature that adds a whole new level of interest and beauty. And who doesn’t love the sound of a fountain as you relax by the pool?
  • Waterfalls: Like fountains, waterfalls can be in your pool or elsewhere in your yard, such as in a nearby decorative pond. Design ideas are unlimited; opt for a series of falls flowing from containers into your pool, or for a waterfall cascading down rocks and rolling into your swimming pool, just to name a couple of many possibilities.
  • Sprays: Kids and adults alike enjoy spray features, whether at poolside or in the swimming pool. Side sprays can shoot water in an arc across the pool or bubble up from the ground like on a splash pad. It adds fun, beauty, and the calming sound of water.
  • Water Slides: A backyard water slide brings a whole new dimension of fun to swimming pool entertainment! The trend now is to have the slide built into a structure, such as a constructed rock “hill” versus having the slide free-standing. An integrated slide will be a hit with the kids (and adults) and turn a regular pool into a site to behold.
  • Lazy Rivers: Recreate this waterpark favorite in your own yard, complete with an island in the middle and greenery along the banks for a lovely oasis effect. Guests can relax as they gently float around the pool, guided by a gentle current.
  • Patio Fireplaces: If you like to swim at night or when outside temperatures are cooler, you can warm up afterwards by a patio fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces come in a huge range of styles and can easily be added to a sitting area next to your pool for comfortable outdoor access year-round.
  • Integrated Fire Pits: Build beautiful fire pits right into your swimming pool spaces for a dramatic, mesmerizing effect. Integrated fire pits are powered by gas, so you never have to worry about wood or cleaning out ashes.
  • Fire Bowls: One of the latest trends in backyard design is to install decorative fire bowls into stone walls and pillars along swimming pools for a tantalizing mix of fire and water that awakens your senses.
  • Custom Features: Water and fire features can be customized to suit your style preferences and turn your backyard into a luxurious getaway destination … without having to leave home to enjoy.

One of the great things about water and fire features for swimming pools is the ability to mix and match different features, styles, and designs for just the perfect desired effect. You can let your imagination run wild as you dream up an idea that fits within the parameters of your yard space and your budget. 

Come up with any theme and, working with the right, reputable pool company, you can turn your backyard into a showcase with innovative backyard design features. Not sure what you want or what will work in your yard? Many pool building companies offer expert design services to show you the possibilities or bring your ideas to life.

Who Can Benefit from These Features?

Anyone who wants to add beauty, value, and fun to their property can benefit from the addition of water and fire features for swimming pools. With a little imagination and the expertise of a trusted, experienced swimming pool specialist, you can create the pool of your dreams by building in fire and moving water features to your backyard design.

For Homeowners Installing a New Pool

If you’re thinking about building a pool in your backyard, consider the possibilities that can maximize your property’s value and bring greater enjoyment to everyone in your household, plus your guests. You can maximize the aesthetics of your yard while installing a pool that’s practical, accessible, and easy to maintain. 

Consider your backyard as a blank slate. A few, well-placed water and fire features for swimming pools can completely transform your outdoor space, turning it from just an okay spot to a luxurious retreat you won’t want to leave. 

Possibilities For Existing Pools 

If you already have a swimming pool and you’re interested in updating it to make it more interesting, in most cases there are additional features you can add. Depending on several factors, some existing pools can be retrofitted to bring in fountains, sprays, and waterfalls for a more elegant look. Your pool builder will do a thorough assessment of what you have to determine potential add-on features and enhancements.

No matter what your pool builder determines is possible, consider adding a patio fireplace along with backyard living spaces to create a richer outdoor living experience for your family. An outdoor kitchen, entertainment areas, and covered patios all add value to your home and give you extra living space.

Does Adding Modern Pool Features Fit Your Budget?

Trendy pool accessories and designs that include water and fire features are within financial reach for many homeowners. Depending on the scale of the project and what specific features you want to add, the overall cost will vary.

When you work with a reputable pool company, conversations around costs will be open and transparent. Your pool technical seo specialists will discuss what is possible with a given budget and will help you reach design decisions to stay within your budget while creating the best backyard retreat possible.

Think about what you want most. From simple sprays and fountains to water slides and waterfalls, and from patio fireplaces to integrated fire pits, options abound. Backyard improvements can almost always be done to accommodate just about any budget.

Turn to a Leader with Decades of Pool Building Experience

If you’re ready to transform your yard into the relaxing oasis you’ve always wanted, complete with luxurious features that stimulate the senses and stir the imagination, contact California Pools. With 75 years of pool building experience, we are a leader in custom swimming pool designs and backyard transformations.

Let us know if you’re thinking about adding water and fire features to your yard. Whether you want a swimming pool installed with elegant features reminiscent of the world’s best retreats, you’d like to see how your current pool can be retrofitted to add water or fire features, or you’d like help with remodeling and renovating your yard into a dream-come-true outdoor living space, we’re available to share our expertise with you.

To start a conversation about backyard possibilities, get in touch with California Pools. Find a location near you today! 

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