2017 World Series | Dodgers vs Astros | Game 7

World Series 2017 | Dodgers vs Astros

For all of you baseball fans out there tonight is definitely going to be one un-forgettable night in baseball.  The World Series has taken two amazing and super talented teams head to head in the final game of 7 to determine the champions. This World Series has been super exciting for fans all over and brought the most home runs in the history of World Series!  LA Dodger fans will be cheering in blue as their hometown team plays on their home field in a nail biter of a game! This could possibly be their first championship since 1988.  While the Houston Astros will be bringing their game face as well.  According to Inverse innovation, “There have been pitchers’ duels, absurd comebacks, extra innings, self-destructing bullpens, and just dinger after dinger after dinger.” Who ever you are rooting for, we are pretty positive families all over the world will be glued to their television sets tonight. 

Los Angeles Dodgers

One of the best things in life happens in special moments like this! Die hard fans anxiously waiting to watch their favorite team battle it out for the championship is one of life’s most awesome moments.  When you can invite your buddies over to your home and go out back to your outdoor living area and put the game on your TV, it’s a pretty remarkable day! Outdoor living provides an environment to hang out, watch a moment in history play out on your outdoor television set, grill up some food, serve some drinks and be a part of a very special night with some of your favorite family and friends!

Houston Astros

If you haven’t got an environment like this yet, you need to California Pools! We specialize in building a backyard oasis for you, which could include an amazing swimming pool, spa, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living area, fire-pit, seating area, and much more! You can host any major ball game, to special birthday parties or every day summer BBQ’s and swim parties. The sky is the limit with a California Pools backyard so go ahead and give us a call.  You deserve to be watching The World Series in the most epic way possible! Unless of course you can make it to LA and have seats behind the dugout!  Otherwise, celebrate at home and make life’s moments unforgettable!

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Give your family the perfect Christmas gift!

Christmas Gift Swimming Pool

The holiday season is the most magical time of the year. We, at California Pools, cherish this time of year as we celebrate the season and special events that occur.  We decorate our homes with Christmas lights, set up mangers on the lawn, and hang our stockings from the mantle. Decorating always brings us such joy! The festivities of the season bring together loved ones and special memories are made.  We take our families to the tree farms and select the most perfect Christmas tree for our homes. We decorate delicious cookies with friends and plan a trip to see the Nutcracker with our children.  We host office parties to celebrate our staff and we cherish warm holiday meals.  With all these wonderful things about the holiday season, we also remember to give back.  We help at a food pantry feeding the homeless. Or we volunteer at a woman’s shelter or sing carols at the local senior citizens home.  Giving back to our community and to our loved ones is what makes this time of year feel special. 

Christmas Gift Pool

So now that we have you thinking about peppermint candy canes and warm knitted scarves, it is time we think about the perfect gift to give your family for Christmas! Do you know that a swimming pool is the greatest gift you can give? It is a gift for the whole family to enjoy.  Imagine wrapping up your pool plans and watching your family open up the present on Christmas morning and discover that a tractor will soon be arriving to begin the construction of a brand new swimming pool.  Did you know that our founder, Wayne Steimle, surprised his family on Christmas morning with the gift that he was going to build his very first swimming pool right in their own backyard? His family was so delighted and now, over 65 years later and almost 80,000 beautiful backyard swimming pools later, California Pools is still helping homeowners surprise their families by gifting the perfect Christmas gift on Christmas morning. 

Take advantage of the winter months and begin your backyard construction.  By the time the weather warms up or your kids are out for summer, you have the most awesome backyard in the neighborhood.  This is most definitely a Christmas gift they will never forget.  Not only are swimming pools fun, but also they are a great activity for the whole family to stay healthy and fit.  Lap swimming provides a fantastic low impact form of exercise while soaking in the spa after a hard day in the office lowers your blood pressure and allows for true relaxation. Having an outdoor living area in your backyard makes get-togethers so much fun! Invite your family and friends over for a weekend football game on the outdoor TV, or grill up some burgers and have a pool party for your kid’s birthday parties! Giving your family a California Pools backyard oasis is the gift that keeps on giving! A swimming pool offers year round entertainment for your whole family to enjoy! So, go ahead and call your local California Pools office and get that contract signed and wrapped up with a big bow under the tree! Trust us, it is one investment for your family that will provide many years of wonderful memories and exciting moments!

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Decorating The Backyard For A Halloween Party

Halloween Swimming Pool Party

Halloween is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! At California Pools, we love to celebrate this fun and frightful night in our own backyards of course. When you have a spectacular backyard oasis, you will want to use it as much as possible.  So, call your friends and family and your kids friends too and invite them over for an awesome Halloween party! There are so many fun things you can do in your backyard for Halloween. 

First of all, who doesn’t love a great reason to decorate? Put out some pumpkins and Halloween decorations and get your yard spooky. Add some witches, ghosts and goblins to create that eerie feeling that screams Halloween.  Put some headstones in your lawn, drape some orange and purple lights, and add a few fog machines too.  Top it off with some haunted music and you have just dressed up your yard to host the most talked about Halloween party in your neighborhood.  When you have an awesome California Pools swimming pool in your backyard, you can dress up your yard like no other! Add a scary skeleton to a floating raft and let him float during your party. Put some dry ice in your pool so it appears to be foggy and scary. Change the pool lights to a color that will creep out your friends. You can add some orange pumpkin pales with a glow stick inside to float in your pool too! If you have a waterslide, add some spooky spiders and cobwebs! In your fire-pit, add some scary Halloween skulls and really give your friends a fright! The ideas and options are endless. Look online, check on Pinterest, ask around and you will be surprised how many fun ideas and options there are for giving your California Pools backyard a creepy and unforgettable look for Halloween. 

Next, look in your cookbooks and on Pinterest for some creepy appetizers for your guests.  We suggest the graveyard taco dip, jalapeño mummies and the death by chocolate brownies! Tell your guests when they are thirsty to enjoy some witches brew punch brewing in the backyard.  It will definitely quench their thirst. Your friends will be blown away as they enjoy some delicious treats while sitting poolside watching their little heroes and princesses enjoying the best Halloween party ever! 

On your outdoor television screen, in your outdoor living area, put on a popular Halloween flick.  Nightmare before Christmas is always a big hit, as is Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice. Or let your friends watch The Adams family, Corpse Bride, or let the little ones watch, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Whatever movie you choose, your guests will love it!

Halloween party games are super fun in a California Pools backyard as well.  Have you ever tried a ring toss into your pool? What about bobbing for apples in your outdoor kitchen? Don’t forget to hold the ultimate costume contest for the craziest or cutest costume in the bunch! 

Halloween is one night of the year that both kids and adults can act silly, dress up, and get their spook on! With a California Pools backyard all dressed up for a party, you will surely be unforgettable.  The only warning we have to provide you with is that you will probably be asked, “When is next years party?” So be ready to host a traditional Halloween party in your California Pools backyard. Transforming your tropical backyard oasis into a frightful and spooky Halloween party will be an unforgettable experience and you will forever cherish those fun memories! 

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Meet the Hosts of Pool Kings, Season Two!

Pool Kings California Pools

California Pools is celebrating some pretty exciting news and we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. We had an amazing experience in season one with the Pool Kings hit reality television show showcasing what it is like to build a swimming pool and beautiful backyard with our company. Now, we get to do it again! Nothing makes us happier than building gorgeous backyard dreams for you and we hope you tune in to watch us for another season. We hope you are just as excited as we are to watch feature swimming pool projects in the state of Texas!  Now that the cat is out of the bag, and you know that the DIY Network has chosen us to be a part of season two of the Pool Kings, we also want to share with you our hosts for the new season.

            In season one, we had the dynamic duo of Jim Bellamy and Mike Baldasare hosting the Pool Kings for California Pools. They became our favorite duo on reality television building pools and spas and happy customers nationwide. 

            As season two was approaching, the producers of Pool Kings decided to narrow down their production and construction area to the state of Texas. So with that being said, we would like to introduce you to our season two Pool Kings hosts! Steve Terry, President of California Pools and Justin McGuire, the Austin Texas general manager will both be leading the charge in hosting our second season. We simply cannot wait for Steve and Justin to transform a typical backyard into a homeowner’s staycation paradise!