Season 2 of Pool Kings, Featuring California Pools, Premieres on DIY Network Premieres May 29, 2017

Pool Kings - California Pools - Swimming Pool Contractor

Pool Kings is back on the DIY Network for a second Season and this time California Pools will be featured in the premiere episode. Jim Bellamy, South San Diego GM and Mike Baldasare, Irvine GM will travel to La Quinta, CA to build their latest project. While there, they work with the Lacerra family to do a full backyard renovation including an epic swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. In the process, they create the ultimate staycation where guests can swim from the pool area into the bar area. The Lacerra family gets a getaway backyard as good as any of the spas you can find all over La Quinta, CA. Pools aren’t just for kids anymore...

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Pool Kings showcases how regular backyards can be upgraded with high-end pools and spas fit for resort living. Each episode follows a team of pool craftsmen as they create amazing pools and decks tailored to their clients' wildest imaginations. The series showcases the spectacular and unique features of these one-of-a-kind pools, including miniature sandy beaches with real palm trees, huge infinity-edged hot tubs, gorgeous fountains, fire pits and fabulous entertaining areas.

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Building a New Swimming Pool, California Pools Homeowner Checklist

Once you have finally made the decision to build an in-ground pool, it’s time to start making a serious plan for the challenge. California Pools specializes in helping homeowners make sure that all requirements are met, and questions are answered, but starting with this blog post is a great way to get a jump start on working with you contractor. Let’s start by reviewing a basic checklist for getting ready for your pool construction:

Determine codes, permits and fees that are necessary to complete your pool

o   Any good pool contractor should be able to help you navigate the requirements of your local jurisdiction, however the final responsibility lies with the homeowner so make sure you have done the research and determined what legal requirements are in effect for the area.

Check your Homeowner’s Association Requirements, if you have one

o   Homeowners Associations frequently have additional requirements for your pool installation including size and design restrictions or additional safety requirements.

How will the pool affect your property taxes?

o   Nobody likes a surprise at tax time, so it’s worth taking a moment to calculate the impact to your property taxes. If the pool qualifies as a new construction on the property, your jurisdiction may subject you to higher property taxes, but you may not see an equivalent raise in your property value right away.

How will you finance the construction of the pool?

o   Before you put the deposit down, it’s important to make sure you have a sound financial plan for completing the pool and protecting your investment. Many immediately turn to home equity loans but there are other options that may be worth exploring such as a second mortgage or an unsecured loan. California Pools has staff ready to assist you with obtaining financing and maximizing your tax benefits, including low fixed rates, click here for more information.

What are the special requirements of the climate you are building the pool in?

o   It’s a good idea to get a jump on what maintenance costs will be or your pool – if you are living in a warm climate then these considerations may be minimal but if you live in a cold weather climate you may need to factor in costs for heating the pool as well as closing it for winter and opening it up in late spring. California Pools can help you draft a maintenance plan so you keep your new pool in top condition.

Size matters

o   A qualified pool contractor can help you determine the best use of your space so that the end result allows for east of movement or a garden or play area if that is important to your family.

Define Patio and landscaping that creates and incredible ambiance

o   Lighting, fire pits, cooking areas can all enhance your pool area but controlling costs may be important so it’s a good idea from the beginning to get a sense of what you will maintain and what you will add to your backyard. If you live in California or other drought prone states, it’s also a great opportunity to create a drought resistant landscape that can save you money and prepare you for any future drought occurrences.

Resale Value

o   Research your area and determine what kind of market the property is located in so you can get a sense of how quickly your investment may be recouped in the future.

Fun factor

o   Let’s not forget this very important item on the checklist. Saving money on vacations and bringing your family together = priceless.

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The benefits of Artificial Turf Around your Swimming Pool

Artificial Turf Around your Swimming Pool

For people getting serious about making water conservation a way of life, and looking for some savings when planning a new drought resistant landscape, artificial turf is a great option. While common perceptions persist about the overall natural look and feel of artificial turf in the natural landscape, California Pools specializes in finding unique ways to integrate synthetic textiles in a unique and exciting way.

Perhaps you want to save the time and money it takes to maintain that perfectly groomed lawn or even avoid the disappointment of creating a green space that falls short of the aesthetic you had in mind, in these cases artificial turf is an excellent option. With a synthetic lawn, you eliminate residential landscaping issues such as mowing (sleep in on Saturday) and watering (happy wife, happy life) and increase the value of your home in the process.

Astro turf technologies have come a long way in the last twenty years and are used on sports fields as well as hotels and meeting spaces. Artificial turf was first used in Major League Baseball in the Houston Astrodome in 1966, replacing the grass field that didn’t’ get enough sunlight to grow properly. The Chicago White Sox became the first team to install artificial turf in an outdoor stadium in 1969 when they updated parts of Comiskey Park. The Houston Oilers (now known as the Tennessee Titans) followed suit in 1968 and the trend was in full swing for sports teams. In the early 1990’s landscapers in arid climates in the United States and Australia began using synthetic grass in their residential and commercial landscaping projects.

Health concerns do persist with materials that may be used for artificial turf. Friction injuries and abrasions may occur when playing on an artificial lawn, heat retention from the sun can be much hotter with prolonged exposure to the sun and of course, cancer concerns are serious considerations as the EPA continues its studies from 2013. As trends continue, many companies are offering new non-toxic alternatives great for pets and children. All of these reasons are important factors for consulting a professional who can help you review important information and considerations. California Pools is here to help you find the latest research and advice available from independent professionals and manufacturers so you can make a decision that is right for your family.

The creative possibilities are endless. There is your backyard space of to consider, but why stop there? Bring your backyard to your most creative projects with lawn manicures for everything from your fingertips to your toilet seats. It brings a whole new meaning to the idea of Going Green!

Should I Get An Inground Pool Or An Above-ground Pool?

Inground pool vs above ground pool

The weather is warming up and it’s got you thinking about how rad your patio would look with a pool. But which kind of pool is right for you? The first consideration is of course budget but there may be other considerations as well, including the climate you’re living in, as well as the amount of time you have to get your pool up and running.

An above-ground pool can be a fast and easy option if you are on a tight budget and need to have your pool up in a hurry. Above-ground pools can take no more than a few days to install depending on the kit that you order and skills of the team of installers. Some high end
above-ground pools may even include some limited decking or railing options. But let’s face it, if time and money were the only consideration, there are all kinds of ideas.

An above-ground pool is really considered a temporary addition to the backyard and even though a great amount of time and detail may go into incorporating the landscape, deck and living space, when you go to sell you may find that it detracts from the overall value of your home. While an above-ground pool has all the same water evaporation and maintenance issues of an inground pool, it typically can only be a uniform 48 to 52 inches in depth preventing safe diving.

Therefore, the benefits of an inground pool are substantial to homeowners. Inground pools are permanently installed and add to the value of your home, providing options for enhancing landscaping and even creating a drought resistant habitat in dryer climates. The design options for inground pools are substantial, as well as the materials available for building them including concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. California Pools specializes in creating one of a kind pools as well as deck and patio designs. Inground pools save money on family vacations and entertaining and allow you to create a safe environment for your family.

Maybe you still need time to think through the right option for your needs, which is why we have created the Pool Buyer’s Guide. It’s a comprehensive video library for the buyer who wants to learn more, but maybe isn’t quite ready to set up a consultation appointment. Get your free access pass here.