Fun Summer Ideas for Kinds

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Summer is quickly approaching so we have been gathering some fun ideas of how to occupy the long days of summer for your sweet kiddos! Sure, they are counting down the last few weeks, even days of school, but then what? How many days until you hear, “I’m bored!” Well, California Pools has some pretty fun ideas for water games and pool activities, so your kids have an unforgettable summer.  The best thing about owning a swimming pool is that not only are they fun and a great place for summer activities, but they can also be restful and relaxing! A California Pools backyard is the perfect accessory for summer.  

When your kids are feeling full of energy and are a bit stir crazy, host a pool party with their friends! Put out a bucket full of squirt guns and let the water play begin! A water gun fight is a classic summer time past time so provide the water-guns, and let your pool provide the fun! Not only is your swimming pool a safe place to keep these kids from running all over, but it also serves as a water re-filling station at all times! They don’t even have to get out of the pool to re-fill their water guns! 

For more high-level activities, break out the pool games list! 

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  • Cannonball Contests; Who has the biggest splash?
  • Marco-Polo; For some pool time fun!
  • Dolphin Races; Who can swim underwater the farthest?
  • Pool Treasure Hunts; find hidden coins in the pool!
  • Dive-Ring Toss; retrieve the dive rings underwater!

Another great activity for kids at the pool this summer, is to fill a bucket with a bunch of beach balls! The kids will have a blast throwing the balls to their friends, playing volleyball in the pool, or even bobbing in the water as they curl up on top of them to float.  Beach balls are fun for all ages so be sure to add some to your pool toys for sure! 

Pool noodles are also a must have at the pool! Some kids use them to swim with while others start a fun battle of the noodles with their friends! Either way, they are almost a necessity for any swimming pool! 

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Now if your kids are feeling a little low on energy and would like to soak up some rays but also use some of their long days to relax, simply put out some pool rafts and inner-tube rings and let the floating begin.  The buoyancy of floating is super relaxing and the sounds of water lapping across the pool is sure to help them feel at peace on a warm summer day.  They can relax outside, read a book in a lounge chair, or play water games until the sun goes down.  Either way, having a few fun ideas in mind is always a great idea for when your kids get bored.  

At California Pools, we thrive on a healthy outdoor lifestyle and encourage you to do the same.  Enjoy your backyard swimming pool; have fun and stay fit being active and playful.  Not only is it good for your body, it is good for your soul!

California Pools Wins APSP International Awards of Excellence

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California Pools is proud to announce that our team in Las Vegas has won the Gold medal for the “Geometric Swimming Pools” category at the APSP International Awards of Excellence! This Annual, International Industry Awards contest reviews photos submitted by pool builders from all over the world.  To be awarded the Gold Medal in any given category is such an honor… We are so excited about our Las Vegas team’s achievement!  Not only does the win confirm their hard work and dedication, it also is evidence that they build beautiful swimming pools, spas, and backyards with superior craftsmanship. This craftsmanship is definitely a high standard shared by our entire company and each of our offices which are located Nationwide.  Way to go Las Vegas! 

As an industry leader since 1952, California Pools has always made it a top priority to build swimming pools not only with superior style but also with a great amount of pride in the work we do.  Your home, feels like our home.  And we want to build you your dream swimming pool, so you live everyday feeling thankful that you have a gorgeous backyard oasis and can make the absolute best out of all of life’s most memorial moments and special events in your life.  

Whether you are hosting an end of the school year backyard pool party, a baseball party, Grandma’s birthday, a big college football game event, or just enjoying all the neighborhood kids splashing in your pool during a hot summer day…host it in style, with a California Pools backyard! Our swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, conversational seating areas, fire-pits and fire-places, putting greens, basketball courts and vegetable towers are top notch and exceed industry standards because we build with pride and we love what we do; and it shows! 

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Speaking of “shows," not only has APSP recognized our commitment to building excellence, but the DIY Network also has taken notice as they continue to film upcoming new episodes for our second season on the hit reality television show, Pool Kings! Watch California Pools build outstanding dream backyards for homeowners just like you! Season two will begin airing over Memorial Day weekend, so plan on turning on the television and tuning in to Pool Kings while enjoying some burgers and family time.   Living life and making memories with loved ones in the comfort of your home with a California Pools backyard is truly the best gift you can give your family.  

Our awesome Las Vegas team is building gold medal swimming pools in Nevada, but we would also love to build in your neighborhood! So, call us now! Let’s make your backyard an APSP award winning backyard as well!

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National Water Safety Month

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Did you know that May is National Water Safety Month? 

We, at California Pools, strongly encourage you to be water safe.  Whether you own a swimming pool and spa, or not, the likelihood of you and your loved ones being around different bodies of water at some point is very high. Sometimes you might enjoy your friend's swimming pool, a local city pool, maybe even a nearby lake and swimming hole or a warm spa at night.  Either way, you should be prepared to understand water safety, so you are able to practice healthy and safe playtimes for you and others as well.  

We visited the The APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals who promote and develop the nation’s standards for swimming pools and hot tubs) Facebook page and website and found that it is a great resource for water safety tips surrounding the swimming pool lifestyle. “National Water Safety Month is an annual awareness campaign coordinated by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals with support from the National Recreation & Parks Association, the American Red Cross and the World Waterpark Association. These organizations represent businesses and other individuals and agencies involved in bringing safe, enjoyable aquatic activities to the American public, from home pools and spas, to waterparks and resorts, to public swimming and water recreation facilities.” 

Click on this YouTube link and watch a short video from Lynn Sherr, broadcast journalism and author of ‘Swim; Why We Love the Water’.  Lynn is the swim ambassador for APSP and she highlights three tips for water safety month.

  1.  Take swimming lessons!
  2.  Swim with a buddy!
  3. Always supervise children!

Water safety tips that we recommend are: becoming CPR certified, ensuring pool fencing meets your local codes, using a safety pool cover when your pool is not being used, and keeping life-saving rings as well as a life-hook and rescue pole near your pool.  Alarms on the gates of your backyard are extremely helpful to ensure unattended children cannot access the yard while you're away. Make sure to keep gates locked as well, and require inexperienced swimmers wear a US Coast Guard-Approved life jacket.  You should also post a “No Diving” sign as well as a “No Running” sign and enforce those rules in order to keep everyone safe around the swimming pool.   A motion activated Wi-fi camera (Ring, Nest…) focused on your swimming pool area is also another great tool for monitoring your pool.  

Additionally, we encourage hiring a lifeguard or adult pool monitor to keep a watchful eye on the swimming pool at all times during a swimming event or party.  Accidents can happen in a split second, so let a professional life - guard your gathering as you might be distracted by or busy hosting guests.  Remember that drownings can happen even when adults are present.  

It is crucial to talk with your children, family members and guests in your home about pool safety rules in order to be water safe.  Once you talk with your kids, you can download the Safe Swimmer Pledge to help them understand the importance of being water safe.

 California Pools has been a leader in the swimming pool industry, designing and building beautiful backyards since 1952.  In all of those years, providing a safe sanctuary for your family has been our priority.  We will continue to build with safety as a top priority and we encourage you and your families to be water safe as well.  We all love the fun a swimming pool brings, so let’s work together to keep everybody safe while enjoying one of life’s most awesome places to play and get fit!

Compliment Your Swimming Pool with a Vegetable Garden

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Just imagine diving into your lagoon-like swimming pool and feeling the warm sun on your back as you swim your daily laps!  Incorporating your fitness routine at home is so easy when you have a California Pools swimming pool in your backyard. Today, we are so fortunate to be aware of the many health benefits of staying fit.  As we all know, it takes more than exercising to truly take care of our bodies, and that’s why the foods we eat are crucial to our overall health. At California Pools, we take pride in educating ourselves in living a healthy lifestyle. So not only do we cherish the convenience of stepping out our patio doors and squeezing in a quick work out in the pool, but we also cherish learning new ways to nourish our bodies from within.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your own version of a fresh farmers market in your backyard?  Well, we do too! So, we suggest adding some tower gardens to your backyard swimming pool design, so you have fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from and enjoy! 

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We recently spoke with Elizabeth Bellamy, our artistic director of the South San Diego office, who regularly designs tower gardens into their swimming pool designs. She said the majority of their clients “were asking for vegetable gardens, but often didn’t have the space in a small backyard.”  Elizabeth recommends growing your vegetables vertically! "Save on space in your yard with the ease and convenience of having tower gardens!"  She said, “With three of them you can stagger the harvest and have vegetables always accessible seasonally, for less than a quarter of the space and a quarter of the water that in ground or raised bed planters use.”  

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According to the Tower Garden website,, “Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. And with Tower Garden, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year-round, without soil.”  The website is very informative and helpful when researching the benefits of these tower gardens and we highly recommend browsing yourself. “Tower Garden, a vertical, aeroponic growing system, allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet- indoors or out.  So, it’s the perfect companion in your journey toward healthy living.”

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As we continue our journey of blending fitness, nutrition, and a happy and healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to do the same! The benefits of enjoying a crisp salad, or some delicious veggie sticks as you sit in your patio chairs poolside with your family and friends is truly priceless.  Making fun and healthy memories is what living life is all about!  So, if you haven’t already, schedule your consultation with California Pools and be sure to add tower gardens to your backyard design! You will love your garden inspired backyard oasis!

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