Custom Swimming Pool Builders: The Benefits of Going Custom

Are you interested in building a pool in your backyard? If so, then you might be debating between getting a custom pool or going with a pre-fabricated option. 

When you really consider it, going the custom route will allow you a lot more benefits over the years. It gives you a pool that no one else has, allowing you to bring all of your ideas and dream scenarios to life.

Features such as a swim-up bar, fountain, waterfall, or grottos have never been more achievable. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should hire custom swimming pool builders for your future oasis.

1. You Can Monitor the Entire Process

Building a custom pool means creating a custom work process to fit every need and specification. 

It means that things such as hiring subcontractors, electricians, construction, and installation are all modified to fit your dream pool. Because of that, you might want a bigger say in the entire process.

Custom swimming pool construction is the only way you can achieve that. The pool builders will keep you in constant communication with every decision that’s made and any setbacks that they experience.

There’s no better time to build a pool than right now.

2. Custom Made to Your Lifestyle

Depending on your lifestyle, you may want more features and options to accommodate the whole family. 

For example, if you’re envisioning having the entire family over to swim in your pool each weekend, then you’ll want a pool that’s shallow enough for kids. If you’re building a pool just for you and your spouse, you may place more emphasis on the spa and a swim-up bar.

For diverse families, a custom pool can cater to every need you’ll have in the future. For example, your kids can learn to swim in the pool, you can have pool parties, or you’ll be able to have adult-only parties as well.

For those of you that plan to use your pool mostly for exercise, you can create a custom pool that will be easy to maintain and is long enough for laps.

No matter what your backyard pool dreams are, your custom pool builder will know exactly how to design the pool to your preferences.

3. Custom Shaping

Imagine the horror and frustration of choosing a default pool shape, then realizing (after it’s built) that the shape offers little walking space. 

For example, installing a rectangular in-ground pool might not be ideal for the shape of your yard. It will leave too much space on some sides, with very little space on the other sides.

For that reason, your backyard would thrive more with a custom pool shape. Your experienced custom pool builder can take a walk around your backyard and talk you through their recommendations.

You can point them to the area you’re thinking of installing the pool and they can walk you through the different shapes they’d recommend based on what you’re looking for and to match your home aesthetic.

A professional pool builder will also be able to make recommendations based on things like the location of your water system, shading, potential debris, or privacy. Whatever the case might be, you’ll end up with a pool in the proper shape and location for your specific situation.

4. Fits Your Aesthetic

If you’ve invested a fair amount of time into your backyard, then you might have already established a tone or vibe in your space. If so, you want the new pool to embrace that vibe, not harm it.

Putting in a custom pool won’t just fit your preferred backyard aesthetic, it can take it to the next level! 

Some people enjoy adding a pool to their weekend sports-watching experience by installing things like a swim-up bar and diving board. Others add to their artistic backyard layout by installing a fountain, sculpture, waterfall, or all three combined!

No matter what preferred aesthetic you’re looking for, the custom pool builder you hire can help you do that. 

5. Individualistic Pool Design

If you’re going to invest in a backyard pool, then you want to blow people away with the pool that you build. They’ll be expecting a standard in-ground pool, and their jaws will drop to the floor after they see the custom backyard that you’ve created.

The best part? No one else in the world has the pool that you do. Combining different ideas and features into it will give you a pool that is entirely unique to you!

Because of the individuality of the pool design, it will also add value to your home as a whole. That way, if you consider selling the property down the line, the pool can be the centerpiece in asking for a higher price.

6. It Can Give You Peace

A custom pool can be used for many different things. You can use it to have an all-out pool party with friends and family, a quiet oasis to yourself, or a way to work out in the warm weather.

Any way that you intend to use your pool will be considered in the planning stage to maximize it. The custom pool builder can take all your suggestions and turn them into a pool that offers them all.

That way, rather than going to the movies or theme parks to entertain the kids, you’ll all be perfectly fine staying at home and creating memories in your backyard pool!

Find Custom Swimming Pool Builders for Your Dream Pool

Now that you’ve seen several benefits of hiring custom swimming pool builders for your needs, it’s time to find the right people for the job!

Be sure to read our article for more information on the different types of inground pools and which one might be best for you.

For more inquiries, please visit our find a location page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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