When Is the Best Time to Build a Pool? A Simple Guide

There’s an awful lot of things to think about when it comes to pool installation. Indoor or outdoor, how deep is it going to be, how large will the pool be overall?

These are just some of the many questions involved when you build a pool. But something few tend to consider involves the timescale more than the dimensions of the pool themselves. When is the best time of year to build your own pool?

It’s not a readily available answer, which is why the team here at California Pools have pooled their expertise together. We’re going to go through the key things to consider which can affect the best time for you to build a pool, and then provide our recommendations.

That way, you can start planning as soon as you’ve finished reading this post.

When to Build a Pool: Things to Consider

A pool installation job is an individual project, meaning there are many variables at play that could affect the best time to start.

For starters, you need to ascertain your individual financial situation. Can you afford to build a pool now, or are you better off saving up just a couple more months to be safe?

There’s no point rushing to build at the best time of year if you don’t have the financials behind you to make it a reality. That’s a recipe for having an unfinished pool on your hands or a rushed job that isn’t optimized to be the best your pool can be.

Another factor in your decision will be when you want to be able to use your pool. This can impact many people’s decisions when it comes to starting a build.

If you want to be in your pool by the summer, like many people, then you’ll want to plan for that to become a reality. But if you don’t mind missing out on the sun this year, you can maybe look at starting your build during a different month.

Building a Pool in Spring

A pool can be built at any time of year; take a look through our previous post to find out how long it takes, on average, so you can expect roughly when to finish.

Spring is a popular time to build, as it’s a good way to aim for a summer opening of your own pool. Because of this though, it can be a busy time for contractors. This means you might struggle to book with a reliable pool builder and you will likely be looking at a more expensive build if you choose this time of year.

Another downside to spring is the unpredictable weather. If a large downpour does occur, it can impact the build as well as the areas of your garden that have been dug up to accommodate it.

But it can usually guarantee that you’re swimming in the sunshine that very summer, so for some, the higher price tag and risk might be worth it.

Building a Pool in Summer

We know, summer is the month when you want to be in your pool, not watching it be installed. But there are some advantages to building in the summer.

The ground you’re building on will likely be drier, thanks to the sun, which makes the process of creating the pool much easier for contractors. Because it’s less popular to build in summer, you’re also more likely to get a better deal, paying less than you would have a couple of months earlier.

But it isn’t all good news; a very hot summer can make the build tougher for your contractors. It also means you’re finishing your pool in the middle of autumn, which isn’t ideal in terms of enjoying it until the better weather rolls back around.

Building a Pool in Autumn

Installing in autumn, or fall is similar to summer. You won’t be enjoying your pool for many months after completion.

But the ground will likely be drier, and it will be easier to find a contractor. You should also consider that there will be less sun, meaning this won’t impact your builders.

You can likely expect a cheaper build in autumn also, which can make it appealing.

Building a Pool in Winter

Building in winter can sometimes be the cheapest choice of all if you’re concerned about price.

It also means that, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a warm spring, you can be in your pool relatively soon after completion. But there are risks involved with a winter build due to the unpredictable weather.

Any snowfall, though rare in California, can significantly delay a build. But contractors will likely have a lot of time to schedule you in during winter, which can help you plan for the future of your pool when it opens.

When Should I Build and Where Can I Find Help With Pool Building?

As you can see from the above breakdown, there are advantages and disadvantages when you come to build a pool at different times of the year.

To make your decision, it is best to first consider your financial situation as well as the rush you have to be in your pool. If you have a tight budget and are happy to wait, then building in winter, fall, or even summer may be a better choice.

But if you absolutely want to be in your pool as soon as possible, spring may be a preferable choice.

Whatever time you decide to go with, California Pools can help. Find a location to locate the nearest design center to your zip code.

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