Modern Pool Ideas for Every Space

With so many amazing pool ideas, it can be hard to choose the right one for your home. But with a little research and creative planning, you can create your dream backyard destination location.

We have a complete guide to the best modern pool ideas for every space, whether you want a sprawling backyard oasis or a small but cozy outdoor space.

First Things First: Considering Your Space

The pool design, size, and shape of the swimming pool you choose will largely depend on your preference and backyard layout. For example, you may have a small backyard fit for a small pool that’s just enough for two people. In this case, you can either go for a traditional small pool or one with modern finishes that evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.

Or, if you have ample space to work with, you may like freeform pools with numerous curves, lines, and unique shapes.

It’s a great idea to draw inspiration from existing pool design ideas and work with an expert to craft the ultimate blueprint for your new pool.

Modern Pool Ideas for Every Home

What makes a pool modern? For starters, they tend to be in-ground rather than above-ground, and they feature rich textures and design finishes that bring an air of class and elegance to your backyard.

Many are even created with stone finishes and a natural shape, like a lake or pond. So, whether you want to emulate a 5-star resort in your backyard or prefer a true-to-nature design, there are a myriad of styles and shapes to choose from.

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The best part about these modern pool ideas is how easy it is to mix and match their features. Let’s explore some of the trendiest pool designs that will help you build your dream pool from the ground up.

Asymmetrical Designs

An irregular pool shape entices the eyes and can play well into any design theme. For example, you may be inspired by a vast, freeform pool with plenty of curves and winding lines that make you feel like you’re swimming in your own lake.

If you love nature, you can add various types of plants and trees around the swimming pool to make it seem more tropical.

On the other hand, an asymmetrical pool can be topped off with finishes such as waterfalls and color-changing LED lights to make it feel refined and luxurious.

If your pool is already installed and you are looking to renovate, working with your existing shape is the most affordable option. Rather than starting from scratch, a pool expert can help transform your pool with new finishes and features that play into its existing layout.

Infinity Edges

Infinity edge pools create a phenomenal horizon point that can showcase a breathtaking natural view. They are clean, sleek, and work well with straight lines or curved edges.

Infinity pools can also be made in smaller yards to create infinity corners. These additions can be just as striking without requiring the view or space of a typical infinity pool.

These pools have historically been featured in world-class resorts and hotels, but they are becoming increasingly popular in modern home design.

Do You Need a View for an Infinity Pool?

Technically speaking, you could get an infinity pool design even without a stunning view. However, your backyard will need some elevation for your builder to construct the infinity edge.

Infinity edge pools work best on hillside yards that have a natural view, usually overlooking a body of water or forest. In this case, natural landscaping is used to create a visual, peaceful backdrop.

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A cabana is a staple piece of any relaxing oasis, and it conjures images of tropical breezes, fresh air, and towering palm trees. You don’t need to take a trip to the beach to bring this feeling right into your backyard.

A pool cabana can be built or purchased and installed directly on your pool deck or close by, making it the ideal way to get some shade without having to go indoors.

Cabanas make incredible additions to modern pool design by extending their experience into the surrounding area.

After taking a swim, you can step out of your pool and unwind under a cabana fitted with an outdoor kitchen, cocktail bar, or simply an array of comfortable outdoor seating perfect for long summer naps.

Before you install a cabana in your outdoor space, there are a few points to consider:

  • Will you use the cabana to entertain guests?
  • What material will work best for your climate and design tastes?
  • Do you want a small cabana for two or a large design suitable for dinner parties?
  • What features do you want to include, e.g., an outdoor kitchen, daybed, or even a sandbox for the kids?

Pool Illumination
Do not underestimate the difference lighting can make in your modern pool’s space. Pool lighting can instantly transform the look of your pool to make it feel more welcoming and luxurious.

Custom, color-changing LED lights are energy-saving lights that can create a number of visual effects in your pool. These lights can be activated on a timer, change colors automatically, or be personalized with the click of a button.

In fact, you can install LED lights inside or outside the pool, place them along the pool decks or patios, and construct paths around your landscaping.

Illumination is also an excellent way to emphasize shape in both a pool and its surrounding architecture. Artful lighting can create a visual display that grabs everyone’s attention immediately, in addition to making your pool safer for everyone to enjoy at night.

Mosaic Finishes
A mosaic tile design can make any modern pool feel more artistic and luxurious. Whether you prefer bold colors or more subdued jewel hues, there are many tiles and design layouts available for your pool mosaic.

You do not have to stop with tiled walls or finishes, either. Tile mosaics can also be incorporated into the floor of a pool for an eye-catching effect.

Pool mosaic backsplashes come in various colors, including iridescent blues and greens that naturally pick up and reflect sunlight. You can also select from a wide range of tiles that feature designs of flowers, animals, and nature that can enhance your backyard’s design.

Water Features for Entertainment and Relaxation
Modern pool ideas often include an emphasis on features that enhance aesthetics and the swimming experience. Water features like fountains can add a natural noise barrier and bring a feeling of serenity to your pool, while larger elements like deck jets and waterfalls create strong focal points for your design.

Water features aren’t solely for aesthetics, either. They allow you to alter the entire swimming experience to suit your lifestyle.

If you want to use your pool for hydrotherapy, you can build a smaller side pool with hydrotherapy spa jets for on-demand, full-body massages.

Here are some examples of water features for your modern pool:

– Waterfalls

– Fountains

– Rain curtains

– Water bowls

– Artificial streams

– Bubblers

– Cascades

A professional can help you handpick the best features to bring your pool to life.

Pool Seating
You can incorporate seating into your pool with modern swim-out benches. Consider placing jets near these points for added comfort. Seats can also be added to a water bar to combine relaxation and refreshment.

If you have the space, consider extending your wet deck to float above a portion of the pool. This makes the perfect spot for comfortable loungers and even built-in shade options, like a mini cabana or umbrellas.

Pool seating also adds the benefit of greater ease of entry. Wading into your pool or getting your toes wet is much easier with a gradual descent.

You can even incorporate a fire pit or outdoor fireplace into your pool seating. With a simple patio or even sunken seating area, you can easily incorporate the natural beauty of water and fire into your backyard.

How to Design a Modern Swimming Pool

Working with an experienced, licensed pool builder will help you create the pool of your dreams. Whether you are installing a pool for the first time or remodeling your current layout, working with professionals is the best way to achieve the most affordable and breathtaking results.

A modern pool builder can help you craft a personalized blueprint that compliments your space, budget, tastes, and home’s architecture. Working together, you can incorporate features and design elements that make your pool everything you’ve wanted and more. To start making plans for the pool of your dreams, reach out to a California Pools location near you for a consultation.

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