Infinity Edge Pool: What It Is and How You Can Get One

The Beauty of an Infinity Edge Pool 

There’s something utterly relaxing and mesmerizing about gazing across the water that seems to never end. Strikingly beautiful, infinity edge pools create this effect of stretching out forever and blending into the horizon. Perhaps that’s why they’re so popular in resorts around the world, and why more homeowners are choosing to add these magnificent pools in their own backyards

Infinity pool with mountain view

According to the savvy travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller, many luxury hotels around the world have amazing infinity pools that are worth the hotel reservation alone. Of course, with your own backyard oasis that includes an impressive, breathtaking infinity pool, you won’t have to search the globe for the best pools. You’ll have one with a wow factor right in the comfort of your own home.

What Defines an Infinity Edge Pool?

The term “infinity edge pool” may be confusing because it’s often referred to by multiple names. In fact, any of the following are used interchangeably but mean the same thing:

  • Infinity pool
  • Negative edge pool
  • Perimeter overflow pool
  • Vanishing edge pool
  • Overflow pool
  • Zero edge pool
  • Disappearing edge pool

All these terms refer to the same thing: a swimming pool with one or more edges with water flowing over the edge to create the appearance of a never-ending pool. 

These types of pools are typically built to complement open-view landscapes that stretch beyond the property. For many families, a custom-built negative edge swimming pool is the perfect start to building a staycation resort in your own backyard. Your private oasis will quickly become a favorite hangout for recreation and relaxation.

Swimming pool with some fountain , jacuzzi,and mini bar

Why People Love These Pools

Infinity edge pools are intriguing because they play with your imagination. A popular choice for many homeowners, these beautiful, sleek pools emphasize modern architecture. They provide your backyard design with clean lines and the illusion that the water line does not actually end.

If your property backs up to a lake, river, ocean, or any body of water, a negative edge swimming pool can appear to blend into the water beyond your yard, creating a blissful, Zen-like atmosphere. Whether your yard opens up to a panoramic view or is enclosed, you can have an overflow pool added to create the magical effect of dropping off into infinity.

A zero-edge pool can make you feel as if you’ve slipped away to a secluded resort on a remote island. These pools are that gorgeous.

Features of an infinity edge pool include:

  • The illusion of disappearing into the horizon
  • Along the “infinite” edge, water overflows into a lower level
  • Water from the lower catch basin is pumped back to the upper pool
  • Operates on a continuous overflow basis
  • To create a seamless effect, there are no pavers or decking on the disappearing edge

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The next time your family gathers to answer the big question of what to do for summer vacation, you may want to introduce the idea of a backyard disappearing edge swimming pool. It probably won’t be a hard sell at all – what’s not to like about having a private resort in the convenience of your own home?

A pool with purple light accent and a floating fire pit

Inspiration From Around the World

Some of the most magnificent vacation resorts on the planet include infinity edge pools. For great ideas on a design that will fit the size and slope of your property, you can draw inspiration from what top resort designers have done across the globe.

Jetsetter Magazine offers a glimpse into some of the most exhilarating infinity pools you’ll find. They include: 

  • A bi-level zero edge pool in Bali that overlooks a lush forest of bamboo and cocoa trees
  • A sleek Swiss Alps thermal pool with dramatic views of snow-capped mountains
  • The disappearing edge pool atop a futuristic Singapore hotel looks across striking city views
  • A serene cliffside pool in Greece that appears to dip into the Aegean Sea
  • The Costa Rican jewel of a pool that visually merges into the surrounding waters and provides swimmers with underwater music 

Once you’ve taken a look at some of these resort pools, you’ll want to replicate some of the best looks with your own at-home pool. You may be surprised at what you can afford to do in the space you have.

Create the Same Effect in Your Yard

Thankfully, resorts don’t have a monopoly on the grand look of infinity-edge pools. If you work with an experienced pool construction company, you can recreate the look and feel of the grandest zero-edge pools in the world right in your own backyard. 

A negative edge pool can be designed and built into just about any yard, but there are certain locations within a property that are better suited for such a pool. These spots include: 

  • An area that overlooks open spaces, such as a garden, a pond, or nature behind your home
  • A higher level of your sloped property
  • Any portion of your yard that has a drop-off 

Experienced pool designers can help you design a vanishing-edge pool that maximizes your property’s scenic potential and adds a luxurious charm to your yard.

Get Started on Your Own Captivating Pool

Now that you know more about infinity pools, can you picture having one in your backyard? With one of these elegant pools, you can completely transform your home’s outdoor space into a backyard retreat from which you’ll get plenty of enjoyment. 

If you think a vanishing edge pool might be right for you, start by scoping out your yard. Ask yourself:

  • Where might it fit best?
  • What size would be ideal?
  • Where’s the best view?
  • What zones have a natural slope?
  • What other pool features do you want to add? 

With careful planning and budgeting, it’s possible to create the outdoor recreation area you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re looking for a total backyard transformation, know that this can be accomplished either as one project from start to finish or in stages across several months or years. You can begin by transforming one area and enjoying this new space for a while, and later working on updating another section of your yard. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

California Pools can bring your backyard oasis ideas to life. Custom-built swimming pools are our forte, something we’ve been doing well since 1952. When you select us as your pool construction company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we are reputable industry specialists who will do the job right for you. Find a location near you, and then contact us to get started on your beautiful new infinity pool. 

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