Get Inspired: Small Swimming Pool Designs for Your Home

Have you been thinking about turning your backyard into an aquatic oasis and recreation area? Add fun, fitness, and beauty with a new swimming pool!

If you have limited space to work with, that’s okay. You can make your backyard dreams come true by choosing a small swimming pool design that fits your yard and your budget.

According to HGTV, small pools are a big deal. They’re perfect for tiny yards, work well in narrow spaces, can be placed against a wall, and can seamlessly integrate with your deck.

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What Is Considered a Small Swimming Pool Design?

Smaller swimming pools, or spools for short, can fit in spaces as small as 12 feet by 20 feet. Your spool can accommodate a wide range of features and can be designed to the look and style you want. Just because it’s a small pool doesn’t mean it has to be a boring one.

Even if you have a large yard, you may want to select a small swimming pool design and reserve the rest of your backyard space for other uses. A smaller pool can also be cost efficient and easy to maintain. Read on for great ideas to get you thinking about your own custom small pool.

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1. Infinity Pool

There’s no reason your infinity pool has to be large. All you need is a sleek and subtle design with water trailing off to make it look unique.

Also known as an infinity edge pool or a zero-edge pool, an infinity pool includes water flowing over an edge into a lower section, creating a beautiful visual effect of water with no boundaries. An infinity pool is well-suited for small or large spaces, and it can be built into many different shapes.

You may opt to place your pool on your deck or any other backyard location where you can enjoy poolside sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. If your yard happens to overlook a body of water, your infinity pool can be designed to appear to blend into the water and go on forever.

Infinity pools are also ideal if your backyard is on a slope. The pool can often be installed on the higher level with the water appearing to cascade off the slope. It can add a dramatic, peaceful waterfall effect.

2. Luxury Pool

Installing a custom luxury pool can be easily achieved even in a space that’s limited by size or topography, such as a sloping yard. A luxury pool is a work of art, with alluring effects that can be created with a thoughtful combination of lighting, materials, expert design, and skilled artistry.

There are many different routes you can take with a luxury pool. You can design a freeform pool, beach-style pool, lazy river, or even a shortened lap pool you can enjoy daily for exercise.

Choose from a variety of materials that can make your small luxury pool a focal point of beauty and elegance. Concrete, gunite, vinyl, tile, and other materials can be used to customize a small swimming pool design you’ll love.

You can even add fountains and other water features if you like, or you can keep the design sleek, simple, and sophisticated. Being that your luxury pool is smaller, you don’t necessarily need anything but a beautiful design.

garden pool

3. Garden Pool

Imagine a sparkling blue pool surrounded by lush greenery and an abundance of flowers to enjoy. If this is your idea of a backyard oasis, then a garden pool might be right for you.

Due to the small size of the pool you’re installing, it will be easy to place in the middle of your garden without disturbing any of your existing trees and assorted plants. You can even design a beautiful stone path from your backdoor to your garden-surrounded pool.

Even if your yard currently doesn’t have much in the way of plants or trees, you can create a garden pool effect by planting a range of shrubs, trees, and flowers around your swimming pool.

Nestling your new pool in the middle of a garden can bring you maximum privacy, shade, and a place for you to escape the busyness of everyday life.

You can add beach chairs, umbrellas, and even an outdoor bar within your garden pool space to turn your yard into your very own slice of paradise.

4. Lagoon Pool

lagoon pool is a type of freeform swimming pool. Even a small one can be made to look like a tropical lagoon, pond, or mini lake. If you want a pool that’s both decorative and functional, consider a lagoon-style small swimming pool design.

These pools can incorporate different features such as waterfalls, rock arrangements, caves, grottos, fountains, and other cool elements. A lagoon pool can fit in perfectly with a lush yard or a patio container garden.

A lagoon-style pool can be great for an evening swim. You might even feel as if you’re in a tropical dreamworld, with LED lighting completing the effect.

5. Spa Pool

If space is significantly limited but you still want to maximize your fun, go for a spa pool. It’s the right choice for dipping your toes in or submerging yourself after a long day at work.

A hot tub-style pool is heated, jetted, and built into the ground. It can give you and your loved ones the chance to socialize while enjoying poolside mocktails and snacks. Catch up with friends or watch the big game on your outdoor TV while you benefit from a relaxing soak.

If you’re renting out your property, this pool is a less expensive option than a larger pool but can be a huge attraction for renters. It’s also easy to maintain and can be used year round.

6. Shallow Pool with Tanning Ledge

Do you run straight for the tanning ledge when a pool offers one? If so, bring that to your home turf with your new small swimming pool design.

You can create a unique half and half pool where one half is all tanning ledge and the other half is a 3-foot or 4-foot-deep pool. It’s perfect for children, teens, and people of all ages because it’s shallow, often only a few inches deep. 

Consider placing pool loungers on the ledge and have your builder install a fountain or sprays. The ledge will become the perfect place for fun and relaxation for your family and guests.

Use These Design Ideas for Small Pools to Your Advantage

Now that you’ve seen several design ideas for small pools, it’s time to get started on creating your own compact oasis. Even if your backyard seems small, the right pool builder will be able to show you what’s possible.

At California Pools, we are experts in custom designing small swimming pools or spools to fit any backyard space while still giving you a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the water. To get started on your exciting backyard project, find a location near you and we will be happy to help turn your pool dreams into reality.

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