Pools for Small Yards: Tips for Building a Your Backyard Oasis

Some of you out there have waited a long time to build the pool, but you needed to have a bigger backyard before it was possible.

One thing that shouldn’t hold you back is the size (or lack thereof) of your yard. You might’ve thought that your yard is too small for a swimming pool to fit comfortably.

In reality, pools for small yards are great because they maximize the space that you have and make use of everything around it.

Here are several tips on building a pool for a small yard, or spools, and what you should consider heading into the planning phase.

Do You Want a Scenic Backyard With It?

When many people say “I want a backyard pool”, they aren’t just referring to having a backyard that contains a pool. They want the whole experience which means a new patio and possibly an outdoor kitchen or bar.

So the question that you have to ask yourself is what “building a pool” means in your eyes.

If your idea of a backyard pool does include other amenities, then that’s perfectly acceptable. After all, it is your dream oasis.

However, if you’re going to be including other amenities in a small yard, you’ll need to adjust your pool plans accordingly.

For example, a nice cocktail-style pool might be a tremendous addition to your outdoor kitchen party/tailgate setup. It’s perfect for the kids to play in or the adults to sit back and drink in.

To catch more inspiration for the atmosphere you want to create around your pool, be sure to check out some dream small pool amenities and layouts.

What’s Your Dream Theme?

Everyone has an inspiration that they draw from at the beginning stages of designing their dream pool. It’s one of the first questions that your pool builder will ask you.

Some people want their backyard pool to have a tropical theme, while others are merely looking for a resort-type of setup for both themselves and their visitors to enjoy.

Before you start planning everything, be sure to do some research to find out what pool themes you enjoy.

Sometimes this theme can be found by thinking of how you’re primarily going to be using the pool. For example, if you’re going to be using it as a getaway from the real world and as a place to relax, then you’ll enjoy a spa-theme.

Maybe you’re interested in using it for pleasure as well as a way to add pool workouts into your daily regimen. Whatever your intentions for the pool might be, there’s a theme that can be achieved from it.

Outdoor patio with swimming pool

Maximize All of the Space You Have

If you’re going to commit yourself to finally installing that pool that you’ve always wanted in your backyard, then commit to it 100 percent.

Many people try to limit themselves to building a pool that’s half the size of their backyard so that they can still have the other half for other improvements. However, with a small yard, the pool size will suffer significantly.

Be sure to have someone measure out the square footage of your backyard, as well as reasonable areas they’d suggest that you install the pool.

Don’t place the pool smack dab in the middle of your yard. Set it off to the side so that you can maximize the spacing in other ways.

You can use the rest of the space for a nice gazebo, awning, or for that outdoor kitchen that you’ve been considering as well.

Imagine being able to watch the big game from the comfort of your swimming pool because you pushed the pool just enough to the side to fit an outdoor patio as well.

If You Have Kids, Then Prioritize Them

Plain and simple, if you have kids, then you need to be prioritizing them in the pool plans that you make.

Why? Because they will hands-down become the ones in your household that use the pool the most.

Don’t create a pool that’s 5-feet deep all around if you have kids that are 5 years old or below. At the very least incorporate a pool that starts a bit shallower and then descends to 5 or 6 feet.

Also, you’ll want to avoid a lot of different objects that they could potentially climb on or trip over and hurt themselves. You don’t want your dream pool to cause any unwanted trips to the hospital.

Lastly, you might want to consider rounding off the pool rather than placing one with sharp edges.

Be as Innovative as Possible

The best part of building your dream pool is that you can build something that’s entirely unique to your home.

If you have a backyard that’s mainly on a significant slope, then think of a way you can level out a portion of it and bring a “spa on the mountains” type of feel to it.

Do you think your backyard is too small to have both a pool and a kitchen or bar as well? Nonsense! You can create a swim-up bar to maximize the entire layout.

Take These Tips for Building Pools in Small Yards to Heart

Now that you’ve seen some of the most crucial tips for building pools for small yards, it’s time to find the right fit for your pool builder. California Pools has the experience and the know-how to complete your dream pool project.To get your questions answered contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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