How to Make Sure Your Pool Construction Goes Right

Do you dream of spending your summer splashing around in your own backyard pool? Swimming brings a ton of benefits, including being able to cool off when the temperatures start to soar. With average temperatures in the triple digits almost all summer long, a pool in Las Vegas is a great investment! 

However, if you don’t follow the proper procedures, your pool construction can quickly go awry. Follow these tips so you can make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Design Your Pool to Fit Your Needs

One mistake many people make is not designing their pool for the purpose they really want. For example, if you want a pool for entertaining, you might want to add features like a fireplace, mood lighting, a swim-up bar, or special landscaping. A pool that’s for family fun might need a safety fence or gate.

Make sure you consider these things ahead of time and incorporate them into your initial pool design. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up going over budget or could even end up finding out that the pool you’ve installed can’t accommodate the features you want. This will lead to a lifetime of feeling disappointed about what should be a very rewarding project.

2. Make Sure You Have the Necessary Permits

Depending on where you live, you might need to get a permit before your pool installation begins. Your county or city should have a division that handles building and zoning permits. It’s a good idea to check online for the information and give them a call if you’re not sure.

It’s relatively inexpensive to obtain a permit and the small amount of required oversight is extremely valuable. If you’re supposed to get a permit and you don’t, you could be slapped with hefty fines or even need to remove your pool!

If you’re working with a professional pool company, they should take care of the entire permitting process for you. Still, it’s ultimately your responsibility as the homeowner, so make sure you ask and keep track of the progress your contractor is making on permits.

3. Hire the Best Pool Contractors

Whether you’re looking for a custom swimming pool or a standard shape, the contractor you choose can make a huge difference. In fact, this is likely the most important decision you’ll make.

It’s a good idea to ask family and friends for recommendations. Once you have a list of three to five pool contractors who come highly recommended, take the time to do some research. Read reviews, check references, and meet with them in person to make sure you feel comfortable before anything gets started.

You’ll also want to confirm that the contractor you’re considering has all of the necessary licenses and the proper insurance. Failing to do this due diligence could cause you to have unnecessary liability if things happen to go wrong.

For example, the pool installer could accidentally damage your home or your neighbor’s home, or one of the workers could be injured while on the job. Make sure you protect yourself so that your dream pool doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

4. Understand Your Contract and Warranty

Always, always, always get a detailed written contract before any work begins. Read it thoroughly and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if anything is confusing or you think something is missing.

Your contract should describe exactly what will be done and may also include a drawing of your pool plan. Now is also the time to review the warranty in detail and make sure you completely understand what is and isn’t covered. Your warranty will often cover:

  • The structural integrity of your pool’s walls, concrete, and reinforcement
  • Equipment like pool heaters, pumps, filters, and skimmers
  • Pool plumbing, piping, gas, and electrical (materials and workmanship)

Some other things, like cracking and chipping of your concrete decking are often not included since this can happen from things like improper cleaning or improper use of chemicals.

You’ll also want to know who is warrantying what. For example, is the pump covered by the pool contractor or by the manufacturer?

4. Review Your Budget

Pool construction isn’t cheap, so make sure you’ve budgeted appropriately and arranged for financing if you need it. It’s also a good idea to set aside some extra emergency money in case unforeseen complications arise.

Generally, whenever you take on a major home project, it’s a good idea to add 10% to the expected price, just in case.

5. Prepare for the Crews

Start by clearing out any of your personal belongings from the area. This will help ensure that the workers can get their job done and minimize the chances of accidental damage. 

Unlock the gates going into the backyard so they can get in and out as needed and make sure that your kids and pets stay out of the way. To be safe, it’s best to keep them away from the area until the pool is finished.

Finally, ensure that the workers have access to water and electricity if needed. You may want to ask the contractor before the first workday if there’s anything else they would like you to prepare.

6. Expect the Unexpected

You’ll avoid a lot of stress during the project if you expect the unexpected and come at it with a sense of humor. It’s normal to feel anxious when you’re taking on a big project, but, as long as you’ve followed the steps above, there’s no reason to worry.

There’s a chance that things can happen beyond your control – like weather delays. If this happens, just take a deep breath and know that it will all be done soon enough and you’ll enjoy floating in your crystal cool pool before you know it.

Pool Construction Done Right

Don’t take a chance to let the details of your pool construction ruin your summer! When you work with California Pools, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly all the way from your first ideas to completion. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!

Good times guaranteed.
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