The Process of Custom Swimming Pool Construction in Vegas

Are you interested in building your dream pool, but not sure exactly what the the process is to getting it done?

What different stages are involved in constructing and building a pool from the ground up? What does it require to create a custom pool that’s never been done before?

The answers depend on the type of backyard that you’re working with. However, there are always similar steps to the process. If you were wondering what the custom swimming pool construction process looks like, then you’re not alone.

Here is an overview guide on the process of pool building and what you can expect with your custom pool construction.

Meet With Custom Pool Builders

Before you so much as dig the first trench for your custom pool’s construction, there is a heavy amount of planning involved.

Planning that is exhaustive in order to make sure your custom pool lives up to all the standards that you’ve set for it.

Because of that, your pool builder will meet with you to discuss your budget, the amenities you’d like installed, materials that you would like to use, and so much more.

Be sure to find a custom pool builder that you can trust. You should find a company with an outstanding reputation for customer service and pool quality. Pairing up with a trusted custom pool builder is of the highest importance if you want a worry-free experience.

Behind the Scenes Business

In between the planning with clients and laying out the pool is a lot of behind the scenes paperwork that the customers won’t see.

This includes things such as preparing and submitting your permit, the processing of said permit, using computer-aided design (CAD) for the construction crew, etc.

Lastly, the plan will go through final detailing between the pool builder’s staff to ensure everything is up to code.

For example, there might be some features that need to be removed for safety reasons. If that were to happen, your pool builders would keep in communication on how the details planning is progressing

Layout and Excavation

Before your custom in-ground pool can be built, the ground must be excavated. Before that happens, a proper layout process needs to be done.

The layout is as the name implies. It’s a walkthrough to plan where every feature will go and the specifics that need to be done (and where).

For example, if you were to have a pool that gradually goes from 4 feet deep to 6 feet deep, the layout would confirm and make note of that.

Once the dirt has been removed, it’s time for all the underground pool equipment and plumbing features to be put into place.

One thing to note is to prepare yourself for a big mess. The mess is necessary in order to place in your beautiful dream pool. It’s as the old saying goes “it will get worse before it gets better.” Remember, that temporary mess will be well worth it!

Steel and Electric Are Added

After the plumbing is complete, it’s time to place the steel reinforcements in the pool to provide the shape and strength of your pool’s outline.

This is when rebar spacers are put into place to provide proper protection and support for the concrete.

Following the steel reinforcements, an electrician will come in to make sure all the necessary wiring for your pool is installed in place. Depending on how many different features your pool requires, this could be a quick or long process.

After the electrician is finished, a city inspection will come in to check in on the work thus far. You want to make sure this inspection is scheduled before the gunite is placed.

Concrete Is Poured, Water Features Installed

After receiving the “thumbs up” from your city inspector, your pool builders’ construction crew will plan for a day to continue with the next phase.

In an effort to shorten the turnaround time and have you swimming in your pool faster, the crew could decide to simultaneously pour the concrete and install any water features that you’ve paid for depending on the final design for your pool.

These features could be anything from water jets, waterfalls, rock, fountains, hot tubs, spas, etc.

Pavers and Tile Are Put in Place

After the features have been set and the concrete is poured, it’s time to put up the finishing touches.

The pavers will be scheduled to come in after the concrete is poured (and possibly while it’s drying) to shorten the project’s calendar.

Your crew’s pavers will come in and install any decking that your project calls for while the rest of the crew installs the waterline tile.

Once that’s done, there will be another city inspection (which requires you to be there) to check the barrier guidelines are met. After the inspection, the interior finish will be applied and they will start to fill your new pool with water!

As an addition, there will be a start-up expert that comes to make sure everything in your pool is operating correctly and will add all your water’s chemical needs.

Better yet, they’ll be sure to educate you on how to properly care for your pool in the future and how to operate all the equipment you have.

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Get Your Custom Swimming Pool Construction Started Today

Now that you know all that goes into a custom swimming pool construction process, it’s time to get your dream pool started!

Is it a good time to buy a pool? The answer is yes! For more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through the details of a quote for your project!

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