6 Things To Do To Prepare For Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Project

Even the most well-cared-for outdoor living spaces can look worn and dingy, especially in parts of the country where people enjoy using their swimming pool year-round. Sun, heat, humidity, and even cold temperatures impact the appearance of the pool area.

Pool decks are susceptible to all of the above.

If you notice chipped paint, cracks, fading, or stains, consider pool deck resurfacing. It’s one of the best ways to breathe life into the hardscape area around your swimming pool.

Resurfacing is also often a component of an inground pool remodel. As with any remodeling project, there are things to do before the project begins. We’re with you every step of the way, and today we’re sharing six things homeowners can do to get ready for a pool deck revival.

1. Schedule an Inspection

You’ve noticed the cracks. You’ve tried to remove the chemical stains. You know it’s time to do something, but what’s next?

Before you begin any swimming pool remodel, you should schedule an inspection.

Cracks and other damage to your pool deck sometimes indicate undetected leaks. If there’s a hidden problem, you’ll want your pool contractor to find it so that you can take care of the issue and help prevent further damage.

2. Calculate Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost

Before starting any pool project, it’s a good idea to know what you’re committing to—it’s not only about the financial cost, but you’ll also want to consider how long the process takes. As far as cost, several factors come into play when a pool contractor puts together an estimate, including:

  • Size of Pool Deck
  • Current Condition
  • Previous Construction

Your goals also help your contractor determine the cost. There’s a difference in price between a basic concrete overlay and a more decorative finish.

As far as time, it depends on the materials your contractor uses, but plan on not using your pool for at 1-3 days during resurfacing, and at least a few days after project completion.

3. Speaking of Goals

Since resurfacing can change the entire ambiance of your swimming pool area, have you thought about the look you’d like to create? Of course, you know, without a doubt, you want the cracks filled in and the stains removed, but as long as you’re remodeling, don’t hesitate to dream a little.

You have options! Some pool owners prefer a traditional look and choose a single color for the deck. Others enjoy mixing it up and blending different colors and styles.

Before you make your final decision, take time to look at other swimming pools. Take a dip in a friend’s pool and see what they’ve done to make their pool deck look attractive. You may find inspiration there, and they won’t mind if you use their ideas as a launching pad for your own design.

Finally, talk to the contractor. They specialize in pool decks and can share pool remodel before and after images of projects, they’ve completed.

4. Pick the Perfect Materials

The primary goal of pool deck resurfacing is damage repair, but homeowners looking to revive an aging pool area also benefit from resurfacing. When you meet with your pool contractor, they will go over every option and make sure you understand the differences in pool deck materials.

The resurfacing process adds strength to the pool deck. Your contractor will use an overlay, which is most often a thin layer of cement, with other additives. Some of the most popular coatings include:

  • Concrete Pool Deck Paint
  • Spray Texture
  • Stamped Concrete

While the paint is the most cost-effective, it’s also the least durable, and you’ll need to reapply within a year.

Spray texture overlay comes in custom colors and aggregate effects. You can personalize the look of your pool deck, which, after all, is one of your goals, right?

Stamped concrete overlay makes an excellent option to fix the damage on the concrete surface of your pool deck. As a bonus, you can get the look of brick, wood, or stone without the fuss of installation.

Don’t forget to ask your contractor about special coatings designed to resist damage from the sun, pool chemicals, salt, abrasion, and the freeze-thaw phenomena that occurs in colder parts of the country.

5. Prepping the Pool Area

Once you and your contractor decide how best to approach your pool deck resurfacing project, you can begin preparations. The most helpful thing you can do at this point is to clear the deck.

Remove pool furniture and anything else that moves from the pool area. If you have potted plants, go ahead and move them as well.

Landscape plants need to be covered if you can’t move them. Also, if your pool deck abuts your house or other structures, you’ll want to cover them too.

6. Consider Whether You Should DIY

Since we’re talking about steps you can take to get ready for resurfacing, you’re likely wondering if you can do this project yourself. We get it—there’s nothing like the pride a homeowner feels when they complete a major home maintenance job. Knowing what you might be getting into is another way to prepare for the project.

On your own, you’ll be responsible for all the dirty work, including power washing the deck, and then the final clean-up. You’ll also need to recruit a few eligible crew members, especially you have a wide pool deck.

Next is the learning curve. Sure, you can consult with a variety of YouTubers via their online tutorials, but are you sure you’ll get reliable information?

Then, there are the products and tools you’ll need. Choosing the right products requires careful attention and lots of product reviews. The average homeowner doesn’t have the necessary tools meaning you’ll need to buy them.

Experience and expertise mean everything when it comes to pool deck resurfacing. A licensed contractor can get the job done efficiently and will guarantee their work.

With all the other DIY projects you can do, why not mitigate your risk by hiring a professional?

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward a Pool Remodel?

For most homeowners, the swimming pool is not only something to feel proud of, but it’s the place where friends and family love to gather. When things start looking worn in the pool area, pool deck resurfacing can bring life back to your swimming experience.

We’re here to make it happen! Since we’re a local contractor, we know what works for pool owners in your area. We’d love to show you what we can do to beautify your swimming pool.

Contact our team today, and let’s get the pool remodel started!

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