Cost Questions

• How much does a swimming pool cost?
• How can I save money on my swimming pool?
Will a swimming pool increase the value of my home?
Is there financing available for swimming pool installation?
What warranties should I look for on my swimming pool?

Construction Questions

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?
What accessories can I add to my outdoor living area?
Can I build a swimming pool even though I have a small backyard?
• Should I install an in-ground or above ground swimming pool?
Can I build my swimming pool / spa myself?
• Should I have a chlorine or salt water swimming pool / spa?
When should I build my swimming pool / spa?

Maintenance Questions

How much work is involved in maintaining a swimming pool / spa?
Do swimming pools / spas waste water?
How do I find a leak in my swimming pool / spa?
• What is the green algae that sometimes grows in swimming pools?