Pool Fire Bowls and Other Must-Have Pool Features

A swimming pool is a refreshing and relaxing addition to any outdoor living space. And while traditional pools are a great choice, homeowners are increasingly seeking pools that go beyond the ordinary to perfectly fit their tastes and lifestyle. Custom-built pools are a popular way to create a unique outdoor living space—and your pool’s shape and structure aren’t the only things that can make it stand out. Extraordinary features like pool fire bowls are a great way to enhance the appearance and function of your pool environment.

Whether you’re planning to invest in a custom pool built for your unique landscape or renovate your existing pool, the addition of elegant accents can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. With a range of options and stunning visual appeal, pool fire bowls are an increasingly popular feature among pool owners.

What is a Pool Fire Bowl?

Fire bowls are shallow vessels built into the swimming pool structure that create pleasant and unique lighting along with a decorative appeal to accent the appearance of your swimming pool. Typically ranging from two to three feet in diameter, pool fire bowls come in a variety of shapes with different features and finishes that add to their beauty. Available finishes include copper, stainless steel, or concrete that can be color-matched to your pool design.

Inside the vessel, small river rocks, lava stones, or colored fire glass covers the burner to enhance its beauty during the day and add reflective properties after dark. Some pool fire bowls even include built-in waterfall features to augment the combination of fire and water, two of the most calming elements on the planet.

Along with the wide choice of available vessels, the fire bowl installation process offers even more versatility. Custom pool builders can integrate one or more fire bowls around a pool’s perimeter, fitting them beautifully into the design of the pool. The shape, placement, and materials can naturally complement the style of your pool and your surrounding outdoor living space. With so many different options and combinations, identical fire bowls can appear completely unique in different environments.

Why Fire Bowls Are Popular Pool Features

Pool fire bowls are decorative features that take up minimal space, yet dramatically transform the appearance of your swimming pool. When professionally installed, they’re easy to use and provide lasting visual appeal that adds to the enjoyment of using your pool. While various fire features are available for pool environments, fire bowls stand out for several reasons:

  • They are designed to be incorporated into your pool design, making them a versatile choice no matter your space and layout limitations.
  • They can be positioned in niche spots or even placed on pedestals for dramatic visual appeal.
  • They can be added to the structure of an existing pool for a dazzling upgrade or incorporated into a pool’s structure while it’s being built.
  • Waterfall features can be incorporated into the bowl’s design to provide pool owners with a dual-purpose feature.
  • Since they’re incorporated into your pool’s design, fire bowls can give any pool a modernized design.

How Pool Fire Bowls Work

Most pool fire bowls are powered by natural gas, but propane is also an option. Fuel is supplied directly to the bowl’s burner through a gas line that runs underground from your fuel tank. This setup allows you to manually light the feature just as you would a gas fireplace.

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However, some pool owners prefer the more convenient approach of an electronic igniter, in which case a power line will also need to be installed. An electronic igniter allows you to control your fire bowls with a remote control or even from your smartphone. Once the burner provides the spark to light your fire bowl, it will provide a continuous flame until you choose to turn it off.

Pairing Fire and Water Features

It is a common perception that fire and water don’t mix. Yet modern pool features allow homeowners to combine these natural elements for a mesmerizing effect that can give your backyard the appeal of a pricey vacation resort.

Integrated fire features add a luxurious feel to any pool space while adding year-round comfort, warmth, and beauty. Flowing water features add tranquility and stunning visual effects for a soothing experience. When combined, fire and water features transform your pool into an oasis where you can fully relax.

While you can choose between running water features and fire features to accentuate your pool, many pool owners choose a combination of both. These features can pair perfectly to create a harmonizing effect for an elegant and luxurious outdoor living space.

5 Must-Have Pool Features to Transform Your Pool Environment

While custom-built pools may be the most obvious way for homeowners to achieve that perfect outdoor space, swimming pool upgrades have the power to dramatically enhance your existing pool environment. When used in tandem, fire and water features can add soothing sounds and dramatic lighting to any pool environment, transforming your outdoor space into a staycation destination. These five must-have popular pool features use flames, flowing water, or a combination of the two to make your pool the perfect place for your family to relax and unwind.

Infinity Edges
So named because they create an illusion that the water in front of you is endless, infinity edges allow water to flow over the edge of the pool into a lower level. The water is then pumped from the lower catch basin back to the upper pool. Pools with infinity edges are particularly popular because they mimic the look of natural bodies of water. While the infinity edge of the pool is free from decking, ledges, or pavers, the remaining sides can include fire bowls or other features to enhance the luxurious effect.

Integrated Fire Pits
Beautiful fire pits built right into your swimming pool space add warmth and dramatic lighting to the area. Fire pits come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized to your space with materials that match your pool design. Like fire bowls, fire pits are typically gas-powered, making them easy to use and clean. Fire pits are typically installed into the pool’s layout in a way that creates room for nearby seating while remaining visible from within the pool.

Pool waterfall features add the calming sound and appearance of cascading water to your pool environment, creating a sense of tranquility. Pool owners can choose designs ranging from natural rock formations to striking modern options like a sheer descent waterfall or laminar jets.

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Pool waterfalls are widely enjoyed for their visual appeal and how they enhance the luxury and serenity of any pool area. However, they also have the added benefit of circulating water and improving water quality through aeration.

Fire Bowls with Water Features
Fire bowls integrated into your pool space provide the stunning effect of flames right by the water. The addition of flowing water incorporated into the design can heighten the effect even further by practically intertwining these two powerful elements. Fire bowls can be customized with water features that cascade or flow water into the pool from an attached water line. The result is the stunning appearance of a vessel that holds both fire and water, allowing flames to soar into the air and water to flow into the pool below.

Pool fountains can be installed inside your pool or along your pool’s edge to add the visual and auditory interest of moving water to your outdoor living space. Pool fountains can be free-flowing or shoot streams of water into the air to land in your pool.

As a centerpiece or an edge feature, a fountain provides a striking focal point as well as the subdued natural sounds of trickling water. Fountains, like other features, can be incorporated into a new pool design or added to an existing pool as an upgrade. Many have customizable features like multiple nozzles and LED lights.

Create the Ideal Pool Environment

Modern custom pools surpass traditional options to create resort-like outdoor living spaces that match the needs of property owners. Pools can be designed for unique spaces and include extravagant features that enhance serenity. The soothing sound of moving water alongside the luminous visual effects of fire can elevate the atmosphere of an outdoor living space, increasing the appeal and value of your pool.

If you’re planning a new pool build or seeking ways to upgrade your existing pool, water and fire features are some of the most popular elements for enhancing a pool space. The designers at California Pools have been delighting homeowners with custom pools for 75 years with elaborate features that include lighting, fire, moving water, and more. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of pool water and fire features, we’re happy to help. The first step to creating your dream pool is finding a pool design center near you. Let’s get started making your vision a reality.

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