Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (With Pool or Not)

Looking for Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Pool?

Do you ever wish you could get out of the kitchen and enjoy the outdoors more? Well, with an outdoor kitchen, you can take the kitchen outside and enjoy the best of both worlds. Unite your passion for great food, good fun, and being outside by creating an outdoor kitchen, and maybe even adding a swimming pool while you’re at it. Read our outdoor kitchen ideas with a pool or without to discover the possibilities and get inspired. 

A Fun Way To Cook & Dine

Imagine preparing a delicious meal for yourself and your loved ones without being stuck inside. You can enjoy the sunshine and a great home-prepared meal at the same time by using your outdoor kitchen. 

Eating Well reports that time outdoors is key to reducing stress and improving mental health. So why not enjoy meal preparation and dining outside to awaken your senses, enjoy fresh air, and improve your mental outlook?

You can even take a break in between courses and enjoy a refreshing dip in your swimming pool. That’s the life!

Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any in-between meals and snacks, using your outdoor kitchen is a fun way to prepare food and dine. There’s something simply magical about cooking a meal outside as the sun starts to set and the stars begin to appear. 

It doesn’t get any better than eating your favorite foods under a starry sky and maybe even catching a shooting star or two. What a great way to bond with the ones you love. 

Unlimited Possibilities

How you build your outdoor kitchen and what you decide to add is completely up to you and your budget. With endless possibilities, you can customize it to fit your lifestyle and the one you imagine. 

You don’t have to have a pool to enjoy an outdoor kitchen, but for many people, an outdoor kitchen and a swimming pool go hand in hand. Here are some outdoor kitchen ideas with pool you might want to consider:

Pizza Oven

Have kids or teens? Or maybe you just want to impress your guests with one of the coolest outdoor kitchen trends. Pizza parties rise to a whole new level with an outdoor pizza oven by the pool. Let your guests enjoy making their own pizza – without you having to worry about making a mess.

Walk-up Bar

When you set up an outdoor bar, you create your own getaway space for unforgettable staycations and a fun way to get together with friends. Add a crushed ice machine, a good blender and a fridge with fresh fruit and mixers, and you’ll be set to make everything from smoothies to house cocktails.

Grills & Smokers

With so many different products to choose from, you can enjoy everything from a casual barbecue to an international gourmet meal with a backyard grill. Work with your builder to see what types of grills can be built into your kitchen.


In addition to setting up your kitchen outside, you’ll want to add patio furniture that includes more than just tables and chairs, but different types of seating perfectly spaced around your pool or patio, bar stools, buffet tables, and even attractive storage bins to store cushions.

Firepits & Heaters

If you enjoy evenings outdoors and want to keep cooking outside all year long, you can add stylish firepits and outdoor heaters to your yard. Propane heaters are inexpensive and mobile, while fire pits, fireplaces and electric heaters can be built seamlessly into the design.

Lighting & Sound

Create a full-sensory experience by adding special lighting and outdoor speakers so everyone can listen to great music while dining al fresco. You may also want to include a large-screen television to watch sporting events and movies outside.

Outdoor Fridge

Having a stocked outdoor fridge is a great idea for both beverages and food, particularly cooking staples. You won’t have to lug items from your indoor kitchen, and family and guests will have everything right there without having to dry off to go inside. 

Add Value To Your Home

In addition to being downright fun, an outdoor kitchen adds tremendous value to any home. According to Bob Vila, outdoor upgrades make your home more valuable, and one of the upgrades that can add the most value is an outdoor kitchen.

According to the article, when it’s time to sell your home, having an outdoor kitchen could seal the deal for many buyers. Recommended elements of an outdoor kitchen include an inset grill, an ice chest, a concrete countertop for easy maintenance, a sink, and stainless-steel drawers. 

Much more than a simple, free-standing grill, an outdoor kitchen adds a level of elegance and class to your property. A good design flows with the rest of the house for a fully integrated look, making it appealing and functional. 

Get More Use Out Of Your Yard

If you’re looking at outdoor kitchen ideas with a pool, you probably don’t plan to sell your home for many years yet. An outdoor kitchen is something for YOU to enjoy. It will give you more use out of your yard, turning it into another living space that’s practical and beautiful. 

How much use are you getting from your yard right now? If you hardly even look at it, much less spend time in it, that’s a shame. It’s wasted space. Transform your yard with great outdoor kitchen ideas with a pool, and you’ll find that you’ll get so much more from that space than you ever imagined. 

Great For You, Your Family, & Your Guests

If you want to take the party outside and have an outdoor go-to space for entertaining and for memorable days of family fun, seriously consider outdoor kitchen ideas with a pool. Benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • Getting more fresh air and healthy doses of vitamin D for improved health and wellbeing
  • Entertaining ease when guests come – you won’t have to clean as much inside, and guests won’t make a mess indoors (it’s much easier to clean the outside patio floor than your indoor carpets)
  • Friends and family will want to come over to enjoy the outdoor fun you offer
  • You won’t be stuck in your indoor kitchen; you can cook and have fun outside along with everyone else
  • Your kids and teens will have a fun place to enjoy wholesome time with friends
  • You can take as many staycations as you want
  • For a quick boost to your mental health, simply take a short trip to your outdoor kitchen and pool

Create Your Own Backyard Entertainment Zone

Ready to make the most of your very own backyard dining and entertainment space? If you want to transform your yard into an attractive, inviting entertainment zone for yourself and the people you enjoy spending time with, think about outdoor kitchen ideas with a pool that might work for you. What do you have in mind?

For help with creating your own backyard paradise, turn to California Pools. We specialize in turning underutilized yards into fabulous spaces that are welcoming and alive with energy. California Pools uses the best practices and materials in the industry to complete backyard remodels. From pools and at-home waterparks to an outdoor kitchen and entertaining areas, we do it all! Find a location near you to get started on your backyard dreams. 

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