5 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

Is your pool starting to show signs of damage? Do you feel torn between remodeling your pool and calling for pool repair services instead? If you’ve had your pool repaired many times already, it might be the right time to renovate it instead.

A little research is always a good thing to do before you make a call to remodeling or repair services. It’s a good thing you visited our page before you decided that you want a pool renovation or repair.

Below, we’ve got a guide on the top five signs you need a pool renovation.

1. Your Pool Needs Constant Repairs

Almost everyone in the world knows that California is a great vacation destination. However, in its central and eastern areas, the average high temperatures reach up to 91 F to 97 F (or 32.8 C to 36.1 C). Meanwhile, its coastal areas don’t have the same hot temperatures as its other areas.

If you’re a visitor or tourist, surviving the summer heat in Cali is easy. You have access to the beaches, pool resorts, waterparks, and more. In contrast, residents must find ways to beat the heat without unnecessary spending.

Installing a pool or buying a house with a pool is the best way to do this. They get unlimited access to it and can cool off whenever they feel the need to. However, the problem with having a residential pool is that you also have to take good care of it.

If your pool becomes outdated, it’s your responsibility to upgrade and redesign it to your liking. You’d have to shoulder the repairs and cleaning. However, if you keep calling the pool repair guys, you need to be wary.

It Keeps Breaking

One sign that you need to renovate your pool is when it keeps breaking. You may be seeing leakages or worn-down walls. Cracked surfaces in in-ground pools are signs that you’ll face bigger problems soon.

Cracked surfaces and walls in your pool mean that it has a weak structure. This can cause the pool to buckle under the pressure and weight of the water.

Instead of paying for more repairs often, call pool renovators instead. You’ll pay more upfront, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Plus, you get the advantage of picking the design of your pool and more.


Having leaks in your pool can cause a lot of problems. It can change the pH levels in the pool water and cause algae growth. If you don’t fix it right away or are often as you have to, it can cause poor swimming pool hygiene.

2. It’s Time to Update the Pool Design

If you care a lot about the aesthetic design of your home and its surroundings, this is important. For example, your house and yard may look modern and beautiful. However, the pool looks old and plain, even though it’s clean and well cared for.

There are many great things you can do to customize or personalize your new pool. Instead of settling for the old pool design, why not get the pool remodeled into an infinity pool? If you have young kids now, you can add a small pool for your little one while he or she is young.

You can also change its shape and pick and add new tiles. If you want a hot tub, you can add that as its newest feature. You can even install a new pool cover to help keep your pool protected and clean on days you’re not using it.

Are you using your pool less because you’re unhappy with its design? Don’t let the design eyesore affect how you enjoy your residential pool. Get it renovated and remodeled to your liking, so it’s enjoyable for you to use it.

Plus, if you plan to move out and change homes in the future, a pool upgrade is a good idea. It can increase the price of your home some more. In Los Angeles, a home with a working pool sold for an average of $95,393 more.

3. Your Pool Is Presenting a Lot of Safety Hazards

Did you know that the average number of fatal unintentional drowning cases in the US is 3,536 per year? An even scarier statistic is that one in five people who die from drowning are children younger than 15. You can keep your family safe by keeping your pool hazard-free.

Practicing pool safety is an important factor to keep in mind, especially if you have young kids at home.

Do your part as a parent by enrolling your kids in swimming lessons and watching over them when swimming. Be strict when you enforce safety rules with your kids, pets, and guests.

These are only a few of the safety precautions you can take to keep the number of pool accidents at home low. Another way to make your pool safe is to renovate it and make sure it has modern pool safety features.

Some modern safety features include:

  • Having an extended shallow end
  • Having a safety fence and pool cover
  • Having non-slip surfaces

Even slips from outside of the pool can cause major damage and head injuries. Remember that kids and pets like running around the pool, even when you tell them not to. Keep your kids safe from slip injuries by installing non-slip surfaces in and around them.

Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment

Another thing you need to worry about is the pool equipment. Using old pool equipment can affect your family’s safety and energy efficiency. We’ll focus more on how a pool renovation can improve its energy efficiency later on.

Your pool equipment is the second half that contributes to your safety. For example, a Salt Water Chlorinator reduces the need for chlorine products. This newer tech reduces the chemicals in the water you swim in and must observe.

Pool lighting is another type of pool equipment you need to upgrade and update. Today, you can find color LED and fiber optic lighting for pools. They’re great for keeping the swimming pool beautiful and well-lit at night.

4. It’s Lacking Energy-Efficiency

When was your swimming pool built or last renovated? Pools built over ten years ago are harmful not only to the environment but also to your wallet. It likely has an old and high-cost heating system or other types of equipment.

The good news about getting a pool renovation today is that you can make it a lot more energy-efficient than it ever was. This will help keep down the cost of using and running your pool. It’s also a step forward in environmental sustainability for homeowners with pools.

The modern pool equipment you can find in the market today is ideal for long-term saving. You’ll be spending more money upfront for the renovations, indeed. However, with a pool renovation, you’ll be saving more in the long run.

You can also say that modern pool equipment and designs make it easier for homeowners to clean it up. Don’t believe us? After the renovation, compute your spending on pool maintenance and energy bills.

Compare it with how much you had to pay to keep your pool serviceable before the renovation. Are you interested in learning more about how a pool revamp can affect your energy savings? Knowing how to remodel your pool the right way can bring you a ton of benefits.

5. You Have to Update Your Backyard Landscaping

A home is a place of rest and recovery after working and studying hard. It’s a comfort zone where everyone can let loose and play. Often, families try to reconnect with nature and bond in the backyard or pool.

However, having an outdated pool can cause more harm than good. As we mentioned, it can cause slips and falls if it doesn’t have non-slip surfaces. A swimming pool’s visual appearance can also affect your relaxation levels.

Well-designed and beautiful pools can remove your stress more than plain, utilitarian-only pools. If you want to get more relaxed on your days off, considering calling local pool builders. They can help create a design for your pool with both aesthetic and function in mind.

They can make sure that your pool integrates well with your backyard landscaping. They’ll install decking and plants that can fill out your backyard to give it more appeal. They can also install water features to match your pool and give a resort-like look.

Start Your Pool Renovation Today

Don’t let your wallet, health and safety, and eyes suffer from having an old pool. Consider getting a pool renovation today. Start by deciding your pool design and features.

Next, find the best pool remodeling company in your area. At California Pools, we ensure you get the best experience with pool renovation and building. Learn more about us through our blog or visit our Find a Location page now.

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