A Guide to Summertime Outdoor Pool Maintenance

Summer is here, and so is warm weather. With long, hot days and kids begging for endless pool time, backyard swimming pools are our favorite way to beat the heat. But don’t forget about the other side of the coin: outdoor pool maintenance.

Depending on the size, type and location of your pool, you can spend as little as 30 minutes or as much as an hour or more on pool maintenance each week. Weather also plays a role. Although it may not be as exciting as a swim day, maintenance is crucial to ensuring your pool is safe, clean, and ready for use. Read on for tips to help you keep your pool clean and maintained, so the fun in the sun never has to stop.

The Importance of Outdoor Pool Maintenance

Nothing says “summer” like a last-minute pool play date or impromptu family barbecue. Whether you maintain your swimming pool on your own or hire a pool cleaning company to do it for you, make sure your pool and spa are clean, healthy, and ready for spontaneous swim parties.

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Stay Healthy

The most important reason to perform regular outdoor pool maintenance? To keep you and your loved ones safe.

A poorly maintained pool can pose a threat to your health and safety. For example, you need to check and adjust chemicals regularly because your pool has specific requirements. If the levels are too low, swimmers risk contracting recreational water illnesses. If they’re too high, chemicals can irritate skin and eyes.

Protect Your Investment

Proactive upkeep is a sure way to care for any significant investment, and your swimming pool is no exception. In addition to offering protection from algae and mildew, regular maintenance is a useful way to keep an eye on normal wear and tear, cracks and equipment failures. When you pay close attention to your pool, you’ll notice when it needs repair or long-term upkeep, such as pool refinishing or resurfacing—before it’s too late.

Enjoy Your Pool

Imagine your pool in the summertime: fresh, shimmering, and inviting. Now think about that same pool clogged with leaves, dirt, and even bugs. Which one would you prefer to dive into?

Pool care is one of the simplest steps you can take to make sure that your backyard is ready for fun at any moment. By putting off maintenance, you’re also putting off the special moments that inspired you to install a backyard pool in the first place.

Keep Up Appearances

One of the greatest parts of having your own pool is the ability to share it with other people. Whether it’s a cookout, a children’s pool party, or an evening of poolside cocktails, time together in your backyard is priceless.

As a homeowner and host, you want to put your best foot forward, and pool maintenance can significantly impact how your guests view your home. With a sparkling pool, your outdoor event will be the talk of the neighborhood and an Instagram hit with your friends and family.

At the same time, you don’t want to wait until you’re having people over to focus on upkeep. If you have to start from zero, you or pool cleaners may not be able to get the pool up to your standards in a short period.

Easier Future Maintenance

As with many types of upkeep, regular outdoor pool maintenance will keep your pool cleaner in the long run. Over time, minor issues can become major problems and even spread to other parts of the pool. If you put off certain procedures, you or your staff will only have to fix them in the future. Stay up to date on standard maintenance, so you don’t have to work harder—or pay more—later down the road.

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How-to Guide for Outdoor Pool Maintenance

Whether you plan to maintain your pool yourself or hire a pool cleaner, you should know the basics. We’ve put together a few of the most important aspects of outdoor pool maintenance below.

Skim Out the Debris

At least once a week, use a skimmer net to scoop out any debris floating on the surface of the water. Remove leaves, dirt, flower petals, dead insects, or anything else that has fallen into your pool. Skimming also helps to improve water circulation and reduce the number of chemicals needed in the water.

Equipment for testing the quality of pool water and cleaning a pool

Brush the Pool

To keep algae and other growth under control, you should use a pool brush to scrub tile, walls and sections that are hard to reach. These areas include the waterline, stairs, corners, and other crevices. Make sure to complete this step before treating it with chemicals.

Vacuum the Pool

Be sure to run your pool vacuum daily or weekly to remove any debris or dirt at the bottom of your pool. Don’t forget to check the vacuum filter and keep it free of debris so the vacuum can work properly and efficiently. To automate the process, you can invest in a swimming pool cleaner, like a Polaris, that runs along the bottom of the pool during set times.

Clean the Pool Filter

If your filter isn’t clean, the water in the pool won’t circulate correctly. You can tell you need to clean your filter if the water in your pool becomes murky or discolored. Because maintenance varies depending on the type of filter you have, check with your pool builder for directions and care information.

Check the Chemical Levels

Once a week, you should check and test the chemicals in the pool water. First, make sure the pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.8. Follow the pool test kit directions to balance your water correctly. You can also take the water sample into your local pool supply store for testing and guidance with your pool maintenance.

Clean Toys and Floats

On a simpler note, remember to clean all pool floats and toys of spiders, snakes, or other bugs that don’t belong in your swimming pool. Unwanted “guests” often crawl into pool noodles for a nice hiding spot, so grab your hose and occasionally rinse off your pool toys. Not only will this cleaning keep you safer, but it will also prevent those insects from ending up in your pool filter.


Whether you’re performing your own maintenance or using a pool cleaning service, you should create a schedule and stick to it. Include the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks your pool needs to stay in top shape. If you’re hiring a pool cleaner, discuss your needs, budget, and time constraints before making a decision about a maintenance plan.

Summer is a fun and exciting time of year, especially when you have a refreshing backyard oasis where you can play and stay cool. Keep your pool clean and beautiful, so it’s always ready for you to make summertime memories.

At California Pools, our love for swimming pools and backyard fun shows through in each custom design. From waterfalls, fire features, and reef bubblers to diving boards, grottos, and waterslides, we can personalize your pool and build precisely what you have in mind. Contact us today to get started on your backyard oasis.

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