What is a Freeform Pool, and Why Should You Choose One?

As some of us finally turn toward warmer weather, it’s only natural to start questioning if this is the year that you’ll install your dream pool or make much-needed upgrades to your current one.

Swimming pools originated thousands of years ago, but they’ve come quite a long way since Ancient Greece and are not simply the clear-cut rectangles they once were. Today, many different options are available to take your home to the next level. So what is a freeform pool, and where does it fit in this discussion? If you’ve been wondering what a freeform pool is, you are not alone.

Though the popularity of freeform pools has exploded in recent years, many clients aren’t familiar with them. So, let’s talk more about what a freeform pool is and why so many people have chosen to work with an expert pool installer to get the freeform pool of their dreams.

What is a Freeform Pool for Backyards?

Freeform pools aren’t your typical inground pool; rather, they’re like a backyard oasis. While traditional swimming pools are usually square or rectangular, freeform pools have flowing lines and a naturalistic aesthetic. While the kidney-shaped pool is one of the most popular and well-known freeform pools, more contemporary and unique freeform pools have recently made a splash on the market.

Freeform pools can change the look of your entire home. Instead of the classic shapes with tiles and lining, freeform pools may look like a lake or pond, complete with waterfalls, tunnels, or caves, if you wish.

Of course, not all freeform pools are jungle-inspired. If you’re interested in a freeform pool but want to stick to more traditional visuals, a unique, flowing shape is all you need to make it freeform. Regardless of what you’re visualizing the first time you start wondering what a freeform pool is, chances are you can make it happen.

A knowledgeable pool installation company will have plenty of freeform layouts for you to look through. If you have a custom design in mind, they can work with you to help bring your vision to life. The options are endless.

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Freeform Pools vs. Traditional Pools

Now that you can answer the question, “what is a freeform pool?” we can talk about how a freeform pool compares to a traditional, rectangular built-in pool. The design and shape of your pool are huge factors in how the finished product will look in your outdoor space, so it’s crucial to consider how you plan to use your swimming pool, other than to cool off on a hot afternoon.

The Traditional Rectangle
Traditional pools are formal, with a definite shape, sharp edges, and clean lines. Most pool builders install them using fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl, depending on your preference. While many people add fun components to a traditional pool, such as water slides, concrete wedding cake steps, and diving boards, there is only so much you can do visually.

Traditional pools work very well when people prefer their pool to sit in close proximity to the home or when the pool doesn’t serve as the centerpiece of the backyard. Many people who choose a classic rectangular pool have installed a stunning patio or deck space. The pool is a perk, but there’s much more to the backyard space than the pool alone.

The Innovative Freeform
Like traditional pools, freeform pools can be produced with the same materials of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. However, most freeform pool experts utilize concrete, as it’s easier to shape than fiberglass, and it lasts longer than vinyl. The similarities between the two (other than swimming) stop there.

Most installers design freeform pools to blend well with a particular home’s natural landscaping. This blending does not mean you have to choose a freeform pool that utilizes rock walls and a hot spring-inspired spa unless that’s what you want. Instead, it means that the shape of your freeform pool will flow beautifully with the natural curves of your backyard, creating a natural, playful look that’s always custom. And that’s what a freeform pool is.

The type of pool you select depends heavily on your personal preferences. On occasion, location and practicality come into play, but pool shapes tend to reflect personality.

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The Cost of a Freeform Pool

Most consumers are not surprised to find that a freeform pool costs more (in most cases) than a traditional pool. Freeform pools typically have plenty of customization within the construction process, including the actual building process.

Any pool with a unique shape requires a custom installation process, which drives up the cost. The price of materials will vary depending on the type you choose and the cost of the material at the time of construction. A reputable pool company should be able to provide you with an estimate, though it’s important to remember that the number can fluctuate.

What to Consider

We’ve talked quite a bit about what a freeform pool is and how it differs aesthetically from a traditional rectangular built-in swimming pool. Now, let’s focus on what to consider when choosing between the two.

Function of Your Pool
What is the primary function of your new or renovated swimming pool? Are you a lap swimmer, or are you looking for a place to entertain? If you want your pool to function as the main centerpiece for your backyard, then a freeform pool is definitely right for you.

Automatic Pool Covers
Clients who need an automatic pool cover may be hesitant to install a freeform pool, as it’s challenging to come across affordable automatic pool covers for custom pool designs. This aspect may not seem important to some, but it’s something to contemplate.

Current Landscaping
What is the current state of your backyard, and do you plan to change it to fit the shape and design of your pool? It’s required to have fencing around a pool, so consider that when you’re choosing your custom pool design. Will you build a new deck or patio, or would you prefer that your new pool meshes with what you’ve already got? There is much to think about concerning pool design, so visual and plan it out ahead of time so that you get the results you want.

Picking a Freeform Pool Over a Traditional Poo

There’s no question that both of these pool options offer a great deal of appeal to many people. They’re the same in that they present a space to cool off and relax, but they contrast in numerous other ways.

Traditional pools are fantastic, functional, and the right choice for thousands of people. However, freeform pools can turn your backyard into a little slice of paradise, providing a space where all your friends and family want to hang out.

Freeform pools allow clients to dip into a bit of self-expression. Once the pool location is established, you can choose from rocks, waterfalls, caves, and waterslides, if that’s your thing. Many of your guests will still be unsure of what a freeform pool is, so your house will never fail to delight them. There’s no doubt that kids love a nature-themed freeform pool and will spend their days jumping and climbing instead of scrolling on phones.

That said, you might prefer a less flashy version of a freeform pool, but you can still get incredibly creative and help design a custom shape, bringing a whole new feel to your outdoor space. Choosing a freeform pool lets you achieve the look you truly want.

In many cases, and depending on space, a freeform pool offers more room for you and your guests to swim. Even if the measurements are similar to what you would see with a traditional pool, a freeform pool offers the curves and divots that fit your specific area and make it appear larger.

In fact, a freeform pool can make your entire backyard space seem more significant than it actually is. It negates the blank space and adds beautiful features and eye-pleasing shapes that flow.

Endless Options
From tanning ledges to tunnels, the accessories that can be added to a freeform swimming pool are endless. You can do everything from building seating directly into the pool walls to installing lights for night swimming.

Upgrade Your Backyard Space with an Incredible Freeform Pool

California Pools is America’s most trusted swimming pool builder. We want our clients to get the best out of their experience with us, and working alongside us to develop the freeform pool of your dreams is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

We are here to help you turn your backyard outdoor living area into a space that you’ll never want to leave. Our experience in designing and building custom freeform pools is unparalleled, and we cannot wait to create the perfect pool for you.

Contact us today to find a California Pools Design Center near you. As a national leader in building custom swimming pools, we’ll ensure that the process runs smoothly, from consultation to installation. We know what works, and we’re happy to get started today!

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