Infinity Pool Costs and Considerations: What You Need to Know

Infinity pools are a dramatic water feature that enable custom pools to blend into the surrounding landscape, due to one or more vanishing edges that simulate the appearance of a larger natural body of water. These eye-catching pools have increased in popularity in recent years, and are frequently found at some of the most luxurious resorts around the world.

However, these impressive pools aren’t restricted to the likes of ritzy hotels, cruise ships, and lodges—an experienced custom pool builder can install one right in your backyard. If you are considering adding this picturesque feature to your own property, finding out more about infinity pool costs and the factors that influence them can help you figure out whether it is the right decision for you.

Determining Infinity Pool Cost 

If you’re planning to invest in a custom-built pool, one of the first questions you may have is how much it’s going to cost. You may even be looking to find a standard price for a complete infinity pool—or at least a ballpark figure. 

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The truth is, pricing isn’t quite that simple. Infinity pools are defined by the vanishing wall feature that is added to each custom pool. Your total infinity pool cost will be affected by how many vanishing edges you want, and the elements required to create the effect on your property. As a basic guideline, you can expect opting for an infinity pool to add around $15,000 to $20,000 to the cost of your custom pool build. 

To understand more about how infinity pool costs are determined, a more detailed look into what infinity pools are and how they work will be helpful. 

What Is an Infinity Pool?

Sometimes called an infinite edge pool or a vanishing edge pool, an infinity pool is a custom-built pool with one or more walls that appear to have no edge. As a result, the water cascades over the edge of the pool providing an unrestricted view of your surroundings. Infinity pools are ideal for gently sloping landscapes that typically aren’t optimal for pool builds. 

Infinity pools are built with two levels. The top level is the pool, where the vanishing edge is hidden just below the top of the water’s surface. Below the infinity edge, a basin is built to catch the overflow. The excess water is then pumped back into the pool, avoiding water waste. The overall aesthetic results in a breathtaking view where a glass-smooth water surface meets the skyline, sea, or a glorious landscape.

Why Get an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool has all the use benefits of a regular swimming pool with the appearance of a luxury water feature. These pools create a seamless transition into the surrounding scenery to offer a natural look without visible skimmers or a finished edge on at least one side. 

However, the breathtaking aesthetics aren’t the only advantage of choosing an infinity pool—they also offer the following benefits:

  • Unrestricted views—the vanishing edge allows swimmers to admire vistas from in the pool
  • Easy maintenance—while the pool doesn’t have traditional skimmers, surface water sends trash into the basin where it can be filtered with a skimmer and an auto-cleaning system
  • Increased property value—as a luxury feature, an infinity pool can make your home more attractive to future home buyers
  • Versatility—a custom-designed pool with an infinity edge can be built to your specifications and include any optional features to help you achieve your most appealing outdoor space

Factors Affecting the Cost of an Infinity Pool

Determining an accurate estimate for an infinity pool depends on many different factors. Each build is unique due to specific landscape aspects and the needs of the buyer. An infinity pool is a custom pool that requires expert engineering to develop a vanishing edge that works with an additional holding tank. To achieve the desired effect, the following factors go into calculating infinity pool cost.  

Slope Condition

An infinity pool depends on sloping terrain to create the appearance of water spilling over the pool’s lowest edge. Often, an artificial slope must be created. On properties with an existing slope, reinforcements are required to handle the groundwork and the weight of the water. The slope and the pool’s infinity edge must be built to the highest standards to ensure the pool is strong, durable, and safe. 

Soil Reports

Soil quality is a critical component in pool building success. Nonuniform or easily compressed soil provides poor support that can cause your pool to crack. Soil reports are required to check for qualities likely to cause erosion on a new or existing slope, or expansive soil that won’t properly support the weight of your pool. The price of these tests and any required amendments will add to your pool’s cost. 

Pool Size

Custom pools come in all shapes and sizes. Since larger pools require more materials and more groundwork, your cost will rise with the size of your pool. This could be more pronounced with an infinity pool as a larger pool requires a longer vanishing wall and a bigger catch basin. 

Tile Selection

Tile is one of the most popular materials for luxury infinity pools. It allows for complete customization, including colors and patterns that match the style of your outdoor living space. Tile comes in different sizes, shapes, and materials. The type you choose will have an impact on the overall cost of your pool. Additionally, tile takes a long time to install which adds to the cost of labor. 

Self Cleaning Equipment for the Catch Basin

Much of the debris and dirt in a pool collects on the surface of the water. Since infinity edges sit just below the water’s surface, water from the top flows down into the basin. Without the right cleaning system, the pool’s hottest feature can become a catch-all for leaves, bugs, and debris. At a minimum, your pool builder should add an extra skimmer in the basin. Often, an auto-cleaning system is necessary as well. 

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Unfortunately, this is one place where inexperienced builders try to cut costs, which leads to substantially lower quality. These “small extras” are actually essential to ensure a nasty basin doesn’t make you regret the decision to get an infinity pool. 

As you can see, there are many components that contribute to an infinity pool’s cost—the added feature of one or more infinity edges requires expert design and engineering that goes beyond that of traditional pools. 

If you’re worried that the cost of an infinity pool puts it out of your reach, there are other options. Faux infinity edges give your pool an open-ended feel without the engineering required for a true infinity edge. If you’re concerned about your budget, ask your pool builder about a faux infinity edge.

Additional Features to Complete Your Outdoor Oasis

For many homeowners, an infinity pool is more than just a water feature—it’s a luxury addition to a property and a central component of an opulent outdoor living space. While your infinity pool is a custom feature designed to fit perfectly into your surroundings, there are some optional extras that will make it even more unique and accommodating. 

These are the most popular additions for enhancing a luxury pool space: 

  • Outdoor seating or dining areas—comfy seating or lounging areas allow swimmers to enjoy the tranquility of an infinity pool both in and out of the water. Dining spaces and even outdoor kitchens also provide optimal entertainment opportunities. 
  • Fire pits and fireplaces—fire pairs delightfully with water and fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are popular options that extend the amount of time you can use your pool space.
  • Pool landscaping—great landscaping makes your pool look like it’s a natural part of your property. The effect is even more pronounced with an infinity pool designed to complement the existing view. 
  • Fire bowls—built into the swimming pool’s structure, pool fire bowls are a dramatic decorative feature that can enhance the appearance of your infinity pool. 

Create Your Own Backyard Paradise with an Infinity Pool Installation

An infinity pool is a striking addition to any property. If you’re planning on having a custom pool installed on your property, consider the added benefits an infinity pool has to offer. A pool with a vanishing edge can completely transform the look of your property and make your pool a unique centerpiece of your outdoor living space. 

If you’re interested in an infinity pool, the experts at California Pools can help. With a wealth of experience in custom pool builds, you can count on us for a quality design that doesn’t cut corners. The results will enhance your property and ensure your pool is a beloved feature for years to come. Locate your nearest California Pools design center to schedule an onsite consultation and get a custom quote today.

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