Backyard Renovation with Pool Reinvention

Ever dream of hosting parties for friends in a fabulous backyard or have a respite on a scorching summer’s day? Then you probably need more than a few lounge chairs and fairy lights. So, what does it take to reinvent your backyard?

Well, it depends on the homeowner’s needs. Costs for complete backyard renovation with pool remodeling or build vary drastically. But the bottom line is this: whatever you need, you start by creating a vision of what you want the space to be.

You don’t want your patio to feel crowded, and it should be welcoming. Fortunately, there are many ways to maximize your outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to refresh your toes after a busy day or play games with the kids, the serenity of your outdoor space is a rewarding way to escape the everyday grind.

If you don’t feel like your yard is cutting it, you may want to consider a backyard renovation with a pool makeover. Many fabulous landscaping design ideas are available that make it easier for you to plan your backyard upgrade or remodel your pool.

Backyard and Pool Ideas

You have plenty of options when it comes to pool design, including circular pools to complex designs with waterfalls, spas, and slides. Some people prefer the beauty of a traditional rectangular pool with intricate details in the coping and tile work, while others enjoy the modern look that includes geometric patterns and reflective tiles.

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Pool design can be customized to meet the demands of a variety of outdoor spaces. Popular pool styles include:

· Freeform

· Negative Edge (Infinity Pool)

· Geometric

The resort-style pool is one of the hottest design trends in recent years. The look and feel are geared towards leisure, borrowing elements from luxury locations to provide a relaxing atmosphere without ever leaving your home.

Even if you have an existing pool, many pool builders can remodel it to bring it up to date or create an entirely new look. Depending on when and how your existing pool was installed, the builder may be able to retain some of its elements, just upgrade it. Just be certain your investment includes replacing old pool equipment.

Dream Backyard Design Features

If your current pool is past its prime, it may be time to replace it with a more modern design and decorative elements.

A beach entry to your pool creates a beautiful shoreline effect. Swimmers can easily enter and exit the pool, making them perfect for children who have outgrown their wading pool but still want to enjoy the water. The gradual slope can help children adjust to changing water depths and encourage people with mobility issues to spend more time in the pool.

True to its name, a beach entry acts as a tanning shelf for bathers to cool themselves down in shallow water.

If you want to go one further, a tanning ledge is a perfect addition for soaking up the sunshine. By incorporating lounge chairs on a purpose-built platform, you can relax and enjoy your leisure time in a natural tanning environment.

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Other cool features you might want to consider for your pool area:

  • Integrated LED Lighting
  • Table & Stools Swim-Up
  • Fire and water features, such as waterfalls, sprays and a fire pit or fireplace
  • Hidden speakers
  • Waterslides

A pool is a place to spend endless summers. In fact, pool parties can be so fun that once you’ve completed your backyard renovation, you’ll want to share it with your neighbors. Of course, your guests will enjoy the swimming, but don’t forget the food and drink will likely be the most appreciated.

Summertime Means Barbecues

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition to any home located in a mild climate. By loading the kitchen with options like a grill, pizza oven, sink, prep areas and bar, you’ll have plenty of space for entertaining. It’s the perfect practical recreation area and doesn’t compromise your indoor living space.

An outdoor kitchen enables families and friends to cook together. It also ensures adults can easily supervise kids while they swim or enjoy other elements of your backyard renovation, such as a playground area.

Backyard Renovation with Pool Decking

Pool decking is the area immediately surrounding your pool and is a huge part of any backyard paradise. If you’re undecided about refining your outdoor living space, consider these decking benefits.

A pool deck or patio increases your seating area without overwhelming the yard. A new outdoor patio provides:

  • More space and seating options for family and guests
  • Fewer trip hazards
  • A cooler pathway around the pool

Consider using natural stone for your pool decking if you want something unique. Stone is ideal for upgrading an existing pool deck because it withstands wet conditions and won’t fade or require regular polishing. Stone also offers less chance of slipping.

A contemporary deck can mean the difference between a beautiful backyard renovation and a weary traditional pool. There are numerous options for matching the exterior of your home. Think carefully about your backyard swimming pool ideas. The beauty of this type of decking is that it lasts a long time and is low maintenance.

As we adapt to the environmental changes brought on by the pandemic, it’s hard to exaggerate the benefits of having a space where people can live well outdoors and enjoy all its pleasures.

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

If you really want to transform your outdoor area, an elevated deck beyond the pool decking is a superb option.

Decks are ideal for those with limited yard space or those who require disability access. By building a deck around your pool decking, you’ll be able to extend usable space for hanging out and enjoying al fresco dining. Consider incorporating a bridge or walkway into the design to provide another interesting element.

Add a decorative rail and lighting to create an inviting ambiance at night. Elevated decks are not only attractive, but they offer a great view of your surroundings, adding to your enjoyment of the outdoor space.

Pool remodeling is a huge undertaking that will require planning. Work with your pool builder to set goals for your yard that align with your budget. Also, make sure to consider the function the landscape will serve, such as entertaining guests, escaping from the city, or simply providing privacy on your property.

Finding time for oneself over the summer can be difficult. A backyard renovation with pool additions has the potential to drastically improve your life at home and at work. Outdoor living allows you to spend quality time with friends and family while allowing you to escape or enjoy the warm climate.

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