A Modern Twist!

Swimming pool styles, shapes, and trends have come a long way since the old kidney shaped pool that was once seen in nearly every backyard beginning in the 1940’s.  California Pools has been building swimming pools of all different styles since 1952, and we have enjoyed the variety of pools that interest our homeowners and love the individuality that comes out of each design. The wonderful thing about designing your backyard swimming pool is that you have the freedom and opportunity to be artistic and creative, as unique as you’d like, or take on a traditional design approach. The sky is the limit and your backyard is a blank canvas just waiting for an artistic design to bring you a beautiful backyard oasis.  Today, many homeowners are wanting a simple, clean, and modern design. If you have been debating what style swimming pool you’d like to build, and aren’t quite sure your style, you might want to consider a contemporary design with a modern twist! If your backyard visions include crisp lines, mosaic tile, vanishing edges, sleek sheer descents, and angled designs, this might be the style for you!

raised wall with three beautiful sheer descents

This raised vanishing edge spa with mosaic tile is modern and sleek and makes a bold, beautiful, and artistic statement in your backyard.

This raised wall with three beautiful sheer descents provides a contemporary water feature while bringing a subtle and soft splash to the swimming pool. Listening to the sounds of water gently splashing in your backyard is calming and soothing to the soul, while also providing visual interest as well.

pool with small waterfalls

This contemporary pool design also has a modern twist! This beautiful rectangle swimming pool has a built-in lounge seating area. It also provides a clean and simple appearance with an elegant and very fashion forward style. A wonderful combination!

short lap pool with spa

Evenings with a contemporary pool are even more magical! The swimming pool and landscape lighting really emphasize how beautiful this pool is and how stunning a backyard can be with a California Pools swimming pool and spa. This evening photo definitely highlights the modern and contemporary design of this pool and showcases its crisp and modern design elements. 

pool with purple lights at night

When you design your backyard with a California Pools representative, they will listen to your dreams, discuss your style, and work hand in hand designing and building you exactly what you envision for your own piece of paradise. Whether you like modern and contemporary pools, traditional pools, unique and one-of-a-kind pools, Grecian pools, freeform or natural pools, California Pools can transform your backyard into a beautiful backyard built for your family to enjoy year after year.

Good times guaranteed.
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