What to Consider When Choosing Your Swimming Pool Remodeling Contractor

Having a pool is a fun and great investment. It adds to the property value and also brings a ton of enjoyment to the entire family during warm weather. However, just like everything else, pools don’t last forever. Is it time for a pool remodeling?

Whether you need to fix a damaged liner, make more room, or add features, you should do your research to make sure you understand the options. Putting together a plan for the contractor and having effective communication is key for a successful outcome.

The Reasons for a Pool Remodel

Before you can ask the correct questions about your project, including the pool remodel cost, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish.

One of the biggest reasons for a pool remodel is to fix leaks caused by damage. Both concrete pools and those with vinyl linings will crack, stretch, and develop wrinkles after exposure to the blazing sun and harsh chemicals. Leaks that are repaired maintain the integrity and cost efficiency of the pool maintenance.

You may also want to add safety features around your pool. If young children are in and around your pool area it is vital that you have the protection to keep them from falling in. Children under 5 are at the highest risk for injury around a pool. A locking fence that completely encloses the pool is recommended. You can also include an alarm system.

Maybe your pool is in great condition and completely safe, but you just want to jazz it up a bit! You might want to make it larger or add a slide or fountain. Sun shelves are also a very popular addition.

Did you also know there are also options for limited backyard space? Here is information on small swimming spools.

Regardless of your reasons, the goal it to have the outdoor pool oasis of your dreams. So let’s get started with choosing your contractor.

1. Do They Have Proper Insurance

Please make sure the contractor hired to do your pool remodeling has the right type of insurance. They should carrier general liability insurance and workman’s compensation.

One covers the workers on the job, including any sub-contractors hired on for a specific task such as a plumber or electrician. The other covers yourself from any liabilities and lawsuits for any accidents that may happen on your property.

If you are still unsure after their answer, or for extra peace of mind, you can certainly request to see their insurance certificates.

2. Can I Speak With Your Past Clients

The swimming pool contractor you hire should be able to provide a list of local references from past jobs. Again, an established company will have quite a few. If they only offer one or two, that is a red flag and you should look elsewhere.

After calling a few to get the details about their job and their reviews, it could also be helpful if they allow you to come look at their pool. Seeing is believing and if you can see the work completed by the contractor you will have a better feel for what they can do for you.

3. What Does My Contract Include

Just like any work you have performed, before signing any paperwork make sure you read the fine print. There should be a clear understanding of what’s included before any work starts.

There should also be a plan for any unexpected delays or expenses. Which ones are you responsible for, and which ones does the contractor need to cover. Do not sign anything until you have all the details.

4. Confirm the Timeline With Your Swimming Pool Remodeling Contractor

Always make sure the contractor you hire for your in-ground pool remodel has a clear timetable. Know when they can start and how long it will take them to complete.

There may always be delays that develop, but you want to avoid waiting weeks for a job because a time table was not discussed upfront.

5. What Will Be the Impact on the Home

Any type of remodel work comes with noise and mess. Talk over with the contractor what kind of impact you can expect.

Will they come early or stay late? Will they clean up the area every day before leaving? Will all the supplies stay in one location. These details may not seem important until you are faced with the consequences of not preparing. Make sure you know.

6. Is There a Warranty Provided

Do not assume that the work is covered with a warranty, especially with a remodel. Get very clear details on what work, features, and amenities are covered and for how long.

Sometimes the details in the warranty alone can be the deciding factor on who to hire because service after the sale is very important with pool maintenance.

The Water’s Great

Having an outside pool oasis is the dream of so many. Already having a pool is great, and there are many added features that make it even better.

In addition to maintenance to keep it running well and all the materials in tip-top shape, there are also many additional features that can be added for a unique and enjoyable experience by all.

For more information on how we can help build, or remodel, the outdoor living space of your dreams, please reach out to find your nearest location.

Good times guaranteed.
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