Finding a Top-Rated Pool Builder

Homeowners interested in installing a new pool or remodeling an existing one will benefit from working with a skilled, top-rated pool builder. Installing a swimming pool is very different from adding a patio cover or remodeling a kitchen. Industry standards and codes must be met for a pool area that’s safe, functional, and structurally sound, in addition to being fun and beautiful. By locating and working with a top-rated pool builder, you’ll benefit from quality and professionalism at every step of the project.

Where Knowledge Meets Action: Finding a Top-Rated Pool Builder

Because designing and building a pool requires particular technical seo skills and adherence to best practices, it’s important to find a top-rated pool builder who knows which questions to ask and who will keep you updated at every step of the process.

The right pool design that meets your needs will add tremendous value to your property while providing you and your family easy access to endless entertainment and fitness opportunities. It will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor spaces, creating a high-quality, resort-style environment in the comfort of your own backyard. You’ll know you’ve found a top-rated pool builder when their expertise combines with your vision to create a clear path towards you new reality. 

What Should Your Pool Builder Help You Understand?

Top-rated pool builders may make the process look easy, but in fact, many elements go into designing and installing a pool–elements that a typical homeowner or an inexperienced pool company might miss. It’s the builder’s job to walk you through the process and explain your options from the start. If your builder isn’t doing this, it may be time to search for another.

Placement is a critical consideration your builder needs to go over early in the process. Where a pool is placed determines its relationship to the rest of your yard. While the right placement will add to the enjoyment people will get from your renovated yard, the wrong placement can lead to wasted space or poor integration with other yard zones.

If you’re considering an infinity pool, for example, and you’re looking for that dreamy effect of the edge of the pool blending into the horizon, placement is crucial. A highly experienced pool builder will consider the slope of your yard, the current landscaping of your backyard, and the best vistas and vantage points to maximize the dramatic effect that a well-designed, well-placed infinity pool creates. Top-rated builders will explore every angle for the perfect pool placement to bring your vision to life and your family maximum enjoyment.

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What Questions Will A Top-Rated Pool Builder Ask?

Experienced, skilled pool builders who are rated highly tend to ask a lot of questions and go over these important points with you well before pool excavation even begins:

  • Size: How large of a pool do you want? Would you like it to be the dominant feature in your yard, or would you rather have it serve as an attractive accent?
  • Purpose: How will you use your pool? Are you thinking about pool parties and resort-style staycations? Will you use your pool primarily for fitness? Are you more interested in a pond or reflection pool?
  • Style: Pool designs have evolved to accommodate virtually any style a homeowner wants. Whether you want sleek and elegant, Mediterranean, tropical, whimsical, beach resort, or any other style, it can be done; a top-rated pool builder will help you determine the right style to meet your vision.
  • Shape: Your pool can be rectangular, or it can be round. It can have a combination of straight lines and rounded curves. Or it can be built into a unique shape that meanders through your yard, following its contour.
  • Lighting: Expert pool lighting can truly enhance your pool’s aesthetic qualities, day and night. Your pool builder needs to be a lighting specialist who knows which options are available, including color LED lighting, and who will openly educate you regarding this information.
  • Decking: Custom decking can add another dimension to your pool, creating spaces perfect for lounging and relaxing when you’re not in the pool. A top-rated pool builder will suggest and discuss options that you can choose.
  • Landscape: By integrating landscaping into your backyard redesign, you can create a beautiful, seamless oasis. What kind of landscaping are you considering? How much work do you want to put into maintenance? 
  • Features: Are you interested in adding waterfalls or other water features, such as fountains, jets, or bubblers? What about fire features like poolside fireplaces or gas fire pits? Do you want convenient, fully automated remote-control systems installed?
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Are you interested in integrating your pool with other zones, such as an outdoor kitchen, seating and dining areas, and a covered patio with lounge furniture?
  • Maintenance: Top-rated pool builders know how to design and install beautiful pools that are durable and straightforward to maintain.

 What Knowledge Should Your Pool Builder Bring?

Working with a top builder gives you access to someone who has a vast reserve of knowledge regarding everything that goes into building a pool. You’ll benefit from working with someone who will think on their feet when the supply chain hits a snag and requires a different approach.

You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pool will be built correctly. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also be built for durability, with structural integrity taken into careful account at every stage.

A top-rated pool builder will also be able to use their experience and knowledge to provide you with a realistic schedule. Newer pool builders don’t always have enough experience to provide an accurate schedule and adhere to it. A top-rated pool builder will know from experience how long each phase takes and can provide you with a time estimate that will make sense and be doable, even accounting for and explaining possible delays that could occur.

How Will a Top-Rated Pool Builder Keep You Informed?

The best pool builders also make sure to keep you informed throughout the process. If there are changes to the schedule, unexpected delays, or unforeseen challenges, you’ll be the first to know. Your builder will also share with you when the project is ahead of schedule. It’s the job of a top pool builder to share how the project is progressing and keep you in the loop of all the decision-making that goes into the process.

While you won’t be able to know ahead of time whether your chosen pool builder will do this well, you can specifically look for this to come up when asking friends about their experiences or reading reviews online. 

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How to Start Researching for a Top-Rated Pool Builder

Here are some steps you can take to find a top-rated pool builder:

  • Do an online search for top-rated pool builders in your area
  • Ask friends, co-workers, and acquaintances for recommendations
  • Make a short list of builders you may want to work with
  • Create a series of questions to ask each builder before selecting one
  • Compare answers to learn who is most knowledgeable and helpful
  • Read reviews to see what others say about the pool builders you’re considering

Telltale Characteristics of Top-Rated Builder

Top-rated pool builders know their stuff. They share their extensive knowledge, but they also listen to your needs and wants. They work with your budget, provide realistic schedules, and communicate openly.

Credentials and Customer Service Matter

 Not everyone who builds pools is a top-rated pool builder. You have to consider experience, background, credentials, and the level of customer service and support provided before you choose your builder.

Experience and expertise is a must. Someone experienced and well-qualified to add a room to a house may not have the right skill set to add a pool to your yard. Select a pool specialist with many years of experience building a wide variety of pool types in different types of terrain. 

What to Look For

Telltale signs of a top-rated swimming pool builder include the following:

  • Great reviews
  • Many years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge of pool design and installation
  • Strong reputation for quality
  • High degree of professionalism
  • Willingness to answer your questions thoroughly
  • Awards from reputable organizations
  • Recognition as a top pool builder by organizations like the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals
  • Ability to complete projects on time and within budget

Do Your Homework

By doing your research, you can find and hire a top-rated builder who will design and install a pool that meets your vision and budget while adhering to best practices for everyone’s safety. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions before choosing your builder, and notice the questions they ask you that help narrow your needs and focus. Always read the reviews clients have left. Find out which awards and recognitions the builder has earned, as well as how many years the company has been in the business of designing and building pools for homeowners.

To learn more about what an experienced, top-rated pool builder can do to transform your yard into an at-home, resort-style entertainment zone, try a California Pools location near you to begin the conversation.

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