Choosing the Best Pool Companies in Las Vegas

For those of you that are looking to build your dream pool in your Las Vegas home, it’s important to consider who you hired to build it.

Investing in a pool is more than paying for installation. It’s about investing in expert pool builders that can bring your dreams and ideas to life. For that reason, it’s important that you carefully consider how to find the best custom pool builders in town.

See below for a list of tips on how to choose the best pool companies in Las Vegas. You can use these tips to find the right fit to help you build your dream oasis.

Outstanding Customer Service

One of the most important indications that you should look for is finding a pool company that focuses on customer support. The pool installation is a thorough process, and you’ll want an expert by your side throughout.

That way, you’ll ensure that the custom pool builder you hire will prioritize constant communication with you and your family. Things such as timelines, dates, materials, and potential delays will all be presented to you in a timely fashion.

So, how can you find a trustworthy Las Vegas pool builder with exceptional customer service? One of the most helpful ways is by checking their online reviews.

Both current and previous customers leave behind comments and ratings that you can use to gauge which service you’d like to hire. If the online reviews are positive for the most part, then you’ll have more confidence in hiring them for your dream pool!

Innovative and Creative

Unfortunately, many homeowners hire a pool builder for their dream pool and become disappointed or unhappy with the results.

The builder might’ve forgotten to implement certain requests the client had or the pool is lower quality than what the client envisioned.

A large part of this is because not all pool builders have the innovation and creativity that you’re looking for. Rather than building a fully custom pool, they’re tied down by the low amount of resources in their repertoire.

If you want a custom pool that is entirely unique to your Las Vegas home, then you need to hire a company with the capabilities to do so. Be sure to ask about the different materials, processes, and pool types that they offer.

More importantly, ask them how the resources that they have will help you achieve the exact pool that you’re looking for.

Experienced and Trial-Tested

If you’re looking for someone to build a pool that’s never been created before, you need a custom pool builder with experience. They’ll have experience with certain features of your dream pool that will help in a big way.

For example, say you want a custom waterfall to be installed in your pool. In that case, you’ll need a pool builder that’s made countless other custom waterfalls and pictures to show their work.

The pool building process is elaborate as-is. Making a custom pool means creating a custom process for how to go about installing it. That means things like construction, pool design, electricity, and plumbing all have to be accounted for.

If your project is being overseen by an experienced pool builder, this custom pool-building process will go as smoothly as possible. When something unforeseen happens, the experienced pool builder will know how to adjust the plans accordingly.

As you’re searching around for different Las Vegas pool builders, be sure to ask each of them how many pools they’ve installed in the last year. If it’s a sizeable amount, then you can assume they’ve got the experience and know-how that you need.

Flexible Payment Options

Many homeowners become trapped when they hire a pool builder and are told that they need to fork over a large down payment. 

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to pay any more than 10 to 12 percent of the total as an upfront payment. After all, why pay thousands of more dollars for a final product you haven’t seen yet?

Pool builders of integrity will want to help you out with flexible payment options. Rather than demanding a huge portion of the payment upfront, they’ll create a plan that evenly distributes the payment over time.

This can help you and your entire family to enjoy the custom pool you’ve built without putting yourself in financial stress. 

If a pool company tries to convince you to make a huge down payment, take it as a sign that they aren’t confident in their performance and run for the hills!

Successful Portfolio

Even if a pool builder has over 20 years of experience, how can you be sure that they’re the right person for the job? After all, many people spend 20 years coasting in the same job field.

The best way to find an experienced pool builder that fits your needs is by looking through their portfolio.

Any successful pool builder will be happy to flaunt their previous projects that will make your jaw drop to the floor. They can even use their portfolio to give you ideas for your future pool.

Be sure to look for pools in the portfolio that are comparable to the size, shape, and aesthetic that you want in your pool. You might also look out for pools that have features you desire such as waterfalls, swim-up bars, tanning ledges, etc.

Find the Best Pool Companies in Las Vegas for Your Project

Now that you’ve seen several qualities to look for in the best pool companies in Las Vegas, be sure to find one that meets each one.

For more information on how to get your own custom pool project started, please reach out to us.

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