Staycations and why everybody loves them!

Staycations are the latest and greatest trend in the world of family entertainment. Families all over the world are taking advantage of the perks of staying home, exploring locally, avoiding costly airline tickets and hotels, and minimizing the chaos that traveling can bring with children and large groups. According to Wikipedia, “A staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodations, or a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad.”

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Today, there is a strong trend with families who are staying home for their vacations and planning some special events at their home or nearby. There are many reasons people favor staycations over the typical family vacation getaway.

  1. One reason that Staycations are popular is that they are much more affordable than flying off to a faraway destination resort. You can eliminate airline tickets, car rentals, hotel charges, and resort-priced meals. This is very beneficial for families and often allows you to plan memorable events throughout the year, rather than squeezing everything into one week. Staycations are super fun and affordable!
  2. Another reason that staycations are popular is that they allow you to make memories at home! For example, when you invest in a California Pools backyard oasis, you can staycation throughout the year and have plenty of backyard pool parties, barbeques, fire-side chats, and friendly gatherings in your beautiful backyard.
  3. Staycations also encourage you to try the latest popular restaurant in town. Everyone loves supporting the locals and small businesses, so treat yourself to a night out at a nearby restaurant! When you enjoy staycations, you can enjoy all of the local treasures you often don’t have time to explore.
  4. Staycations become a way of life. Rather than saving a ton of money for one week somewhere else, slowly disperse your funds year-round doing things you enjoy at or near your home on a regular basis. A staycation can be a year-round lifestyle, or a dedicated week or two of vacation in which you plan special days locally. Either way; it’s relaxing, calming, enjoyable, memorable, affordable, and super fun!

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Everyone is loving staycations these days and it’s easy to see why! With plans to enjoy family events, gatherings with friends, local restaurants, popular hiking trails, local museums and attractions, you realize that you don’t have to go far and spend a fortune to make wonderful memories with your family.

With a California Pools backyard investment, you can apply your vacation funds towards the ultimate home improvement project! Imagine a beautiful and custom swimming pool and spa in your own backyard. You will achieve the resort-like feelings you get when you travel far, but without the headaches of flights, luggage, pet sitters, costly excursions, and much more! California Pools will design your dream backyard, so your home is complete, and your backyard has some serious entertainment envy! Your options are endless with a California Pools backyard oasis. We can customize your backyard to include: a gorgeous swimming pool, a relaxing spa, hardscaping, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, garden, fireplace, and much more!

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The best part of owning a California Pools backyard oasis, is your home immediately becomes a year-round staycation. You can make wonderful memories with backyard birthday parties, summer pool parties, fun play dates, barbecue meals with friends, family gatherings, tanning by the pool, or cozy nights relaxing in the spa. Your home can be the next destination for wonderful moments with your family and friends, especially when you have a tropical swimming pool to jump into! Call California Pools now! Start making life-long memories at home!

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