A New Year For Healthy Living!

Welcome 2020!

With the new year’s arrival, it’s time to swipe the plate clean of last year’s bad habits, lack of motivation, and old resolutions never conquered. When you have a California Pools backyard swimming pool and spa, you can easily forgo writing this year’s New Year’s resolutions and go with a plan that actually leads to success. What is this magical plan you ask? It’s simple! Don’t make rules and resolutions that are hard to stick to. Instead, incorporate healthy living into your daily routine.  Take the pressure off yourself without specific numbers and charts and live healthy and peacefully instead. Find different ways to incorporate good health into your lifestyle.

When you have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard, the convenience of being able to step outside and work on your fitness is priceless. You can swim laps, enjoy water aerobics, practice your yoga poolside, or find a peaceful place in your garden to do floor exercises and your favorite style of planks. Healthy living is more than just a dreaded workout. When you clear your mind of negative commitments to exercise, and instead, look for different ways to bring in good health, you will feel much happier and at peace. A swim in the pool is no longer a chore, but suddenly a refreshing way to begin your day. Water aerobics can be great fun when you play your favorite upbeat music play list and have fun with it! Suddenly, your “workouts” make you laugh, stimulate your endorphins, gets your heart pumping, opens your lungs, and makes you feel really good all day long!

pool with a fountain in the middle

The investment of a California Pools backyard oasis is not just for a fun and beautiful pool, but a lifetime of good healthy options right in the privacy of your own backyard. When you have transformed your backyard from a mere dirt lot to a tropical resort-like setting, you can incorporate your healthy lifestyle at home in many ways. Beyond exercising in the pool, you can soak in the warm, therapeutic, and jetted spa for a wonderful way to release toxins. Sweating is a great way to rid of negative energy and toxins that your body is holding onto. Soaking in the spa also relaxes your tired and aching muscles which is very beneficial to your body. Self-care is such an important part of life that is often over-looked and forgotten. But when you live a healthy lifestyle, caring for yourself becomes easy and even mindless!

curvy pool design

Other options for incorporating good heath into your lifestyle include taking a walk through your neighborhood after dinner to help clear your mind of busy thoughts from the day or download your favorite app on your cell phone for a nighttime stretching or meditation class. Dab on your favorite lavender essential oil before bed to help you rest comfortably and deeply throughout the night. When you incorporate these simple and mindful tasks into your day, your notions of work-out goals suddenly become incorporated into your daily living.  A simple workout, soak in the spa, a relaxing yoga hour, an evening walk, diffusing your favorite essential oil, or time spent meditating can all lead to a healthier, happier, brighter, and more peaceful you!

pool with above ground jacuzzi

With a California Pools backyard oasis, you not only can host some pretty spectacular swim parties, but you can also be taking care of you and your family in more ways than one! Your physical health as well as your mental health will drastically improve when you live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the many perks of owning a California Pools swimming pool and spa.  2020 is the perfect year to get this started! Go for it!

home with pool in the backyard surrounded by concrete and water features

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