Get Financing


A well-built swimming pool is a sound financial decision: It will continue to grow in value right along with your home and it will enhance your home’s marketability should you ever sell.

How you decide to fund your swimming pool construction is one of the first considerations in the decision making process. Even if you have the savings to fund your entire project, it would be wise to investigate your financing options and their tax benefits compared with other opportunities for your savings.

We have procured financing that is structured with low fixed rates and with terms that keep the monthly payment as low as possible. (Often families report the money they save by vacationing at home and skipping other overpriced entertainment options is more than their payment.)

  • Start by talking to our finance professional who is dedicated to helping you finance your California Pool with terms that comfortably fit your budget. This is a no fluff, fact based conversation that cuts to the bottom line giving you a clear indication of how much money you qualify for, your interest rate, and your payments.
  • Whatever your strategy – home equity loan, line of credit, refinance, personal signature loan – we will see that you get the best terms available. Because of our building volume and perfect record of completing every pool, we attract the very best and most trusted lenders in the industry. Many have given us builder discounts – check with us – we may be able to save you significant money from your own bank.

You can also use your swimming pool financing to generate additional funds for other home improvement projects or to pay off other high interest, non-deductible credit cards. This can result in savings that literally pay for the entire home improvement.



"We asked ourselves, 'When should we build our swimming pool?'  Of course, we wanted it right away but we wondered, should we wait?  We researched, asked lots and lots of questions, and concluded - wait for what?  Another summer to go by?  Prices to go up?  By financing, we locked in prices and the payments are less than we would need to save money every month for years and years to get the swimming pool.  Plus ... we're having so much fun now."