Swimming Pool Games

Summer is quickly approaching and we have been gathering some fun ideas on how to occupy the long hot days for your sweet kiddos. It won’t be long until you hear, “Im bored!”, so let’s talk about some fun pool games! We have some pretty fun ideas for water games and pool activities so your kids have an unforgettable and super fun summer. The best thing about owning a swimming pool is that they provide the perfect oasis for summer activities. A backyard swimming pool is the perfect accessory for summer.

Swimming pool with slides

When your kids are full of energy and are a bit stir crazy, host a pool party with their friends! Put out a bucket full of squirt-guns and let the water play begin! A squirt-gun fight is a classic summer time past time, so provide the squirt-guns, and let your pool provide the fun! Not only is your swimming pool a safe place to keep these kids from running all over, but it also serves as a water re-filling station at all times! They don’t even have to get out of the pool to re-fill their squirt-guns!

A little girl having fun in the swimming pool.

For more high-level activities, break out some pool games!

  • Cannonball Contests; Who has the biggest splash?
  • Marco-Polo; For some pool time fun!
  • Dolphin Races; Who can swim underwater the farthest?
  • Pool Treasure Hunts; Find hidden coins in the pool!
  • Dive-Ring Toss; Retrieve the dive rings underwater!

Baby playing underwater

Another great activity for kids at the pool this summer is to fill a bucket with a bunch of beach balls! The kids will have a blast throwing the balls to their friends, playing volleyball in the pool, or even bobbing in the water as they curl up on top of them to float. Beach balls are fun for all ages so be sure to add some to your stock of pool toys for sure!

Beach Balls

Pool noodles are also a must have at the pool! Some kids use them to swim with while others start a fun battle of the noodles with their friends! Either way, they are almost a necessity for any swimming pool!

Now, if your kids are feeling a little low on energy and would like to soak up some rays and relax, simply put out some pool rafts and inner-tube rings and let the floating begin. The buoyancy of floating is super relaxing and the sounds of water lapping across the pool is sure to help them feel at peace on a warm summer day. They can relax outside, read a book in a lounge chair, or play water games until the sun goes down. Either way, having a few pool activities in mind is always a great idea for when the kids are bored!

A little girl on floaty.

At California Pools, we thrive on a healthy outdoor lifestyle and encourage you to do the same. Enjoy your backyard swimming pool; have fun and stay fit being active and playful. Not only is it good for your body, it is good for your soul!

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