How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean in the Summer!

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Summer is here and so are long days in the sun enjoying warm weather! Swimming pools are your best way to beat the heat and stay cool. Not only are they refreshing and enjoyable on a hot summer day but they are tons of fun! Who doesn’t love a ride down a fun waterslide or a cool game of Marco Polo to keep everybody having a splashing good time? With our nation continuing to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it sure is nice to be able to offer families a safe and healthy place to “stay home” and flatten the curve. A California Pools backyard oasis can be your family’s sanctuary. Our love for swimming pools and backyard fun is evident in the design of your custom swimming pool, which will provide you endless hours of fun, fitness, and reprieve from these trying days, and continue to for years to come! With waterfalls, water pots, fire features, reef bubblers, diving boards, grottos, waterslides, and laminar jets- we have so many ways to customize your pool and build exactly what you have in mind. Once your backyard oasis is built and entertaining all your family and friends, don’t forget to monitor it weekly so the pool and your guests stay clean and healthy. We suggest some simple summertime maintenance tips to keep your pool clean and maintained so the fun never has to stop!

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Skim Out the Debri:

Remove leaves, dirt, flower petals, or anything else that has blown into your pool.  Use a skimmer net to scoop out any floating debris at the surface of the water. It’s a good idea to do it every week plus whenever it is necessary.  Skimming also helps to increase water circulation and reduce the number of chemicals needed in the water.

Vacuum the Pool:

Be sure to run your pool vacuum on a daily- weekly basis to remove any debris or dirt at the bottom of your pool. Don’t forget to check the vacuum filter and keep it free of debris as well so the vacuum can work properly and efficiently.

Clean the Pool Filter:

Maintenance on your swimming pool filter will vary depending on which model you have, so check with your California Pools representative for directions and care for your specific filter. You will recognize your filter needs cleaning if the water in your pool becomes murky or discolored. 

Check the Chemical Levels:

Once a week you should check and test the chemicals in the pool water. First, check that the pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.8. Follow the simple directions to properly balance your water.  You can also take the water sample to your local pool supply store for testing and guidance with your pool maintenance. 

Extra Tip:

On a simpler note, it is also a great idea to clean all pool floats and toys of spiders, snakes, or other bugs that don’t belong in your swimming pool.  It is pretty common for unwanted “guests” to crawl in your pool noodles for a nice hiding spot, so grab your hose and occasionally rinse off your pool toys!

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Infinity jacuzzi

Whether you maintain your backyard swimming pool on your own or you have a pool service company maintaining it for you, just make sure your pool and spa are clean, healthy, and ready for spontaneous swim parties! The best part of Summer is a last-minute pool play date or family barbecue in your California Pool's tropical paradise.  Summer is such a fun and exciting time of year, especially when you have a gorgeous backyard oasis to play in and stay cool! Keep your pool clean and beautiful so it is always ready for some wonderful memory-making moments!

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