Pools with Waterfalls and Slides: What You Need to Know

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns and travel restrictions, many have had to rethink family fun. Staycations have become popular, and people across the nation are figuring out how to use the space they have at home for entertainment and recreation. Backyards are perfect for pools with waterfalls and slides, enabling you to turn your home into a personal waterpark and swimming oasis.

From offering you and your loved ones a great way to exercise to providing an at-home retreat for unwinding, backyard pools make sense.

Pools With Waterfalls and Slides Take Fun to a Whole New Level

There’s something extraordinary about a swimming pool with special features. Waterfalls and slides give off cool vibes, making people want to spend more time hanging out outdoors.

The Beauty of Waterfalls
The sound of water tumbling down falls is very soothing. A pool with waterfalls conveys a sense of elegance, making you feel as though you’re in a five-star resort when you’re, in fact, enjoying luxury in the comfort of your own backyard.

Waterfalls are also beautiful. Adding this type of feature to your pool increases the visual appeal of your property, turning it into the perfect space for having fun as a family or entertaining your guests.

Dream about the tropical places you’ll visit someday while you enjoy a taste of island paradise in your own backyard. Waterfalls come in a wide range of styles to suit your preferences and fit with the rest of your landscape design.

The Fun of Water Slides
Pools with waterfalls and slides aren’t just elegant; they’re also loads of fun. If you have kids or teens, they’ll want a pool with slides. You’ll hear lots of giggles and laughter, and your kids will get plenty of exercise (while releasing excess energy) by climbing out of the pool and sliding back in over and over again.

If you don’t have kids, get a slide anyway. You’re never too old to have fun; a pool slide can bring joy back into your heart and bring out the kid in you.

By adding slides and waterfall features to your backyard pool, you’ll create a true resort experience: waterfalls for beauty and inspiration, plus slides for sheer enjoyment. Your kids won’t lose interest in your swimming pool when there’s a slide that lets them live it up.

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Safety Protocols for Pools, Waterfalls, and Slides

Just as you have to follow safety protocols at the neighborhood pool or any popular waterpark, you need to implement and maintain safety at your own backyard retreat.

Pools with waterfalls and slides are enjoyed best when everybody knows and follows the safety rules. Here are some important rules to share with everyone who uses your pool:

  • Make sure everyone knows how to swim: Before building a pool in your backyard, invest in swimming lessons and make sure everybody in your household is able to swim.
  • Secure the pool region: If you have pets or young children, take the necessary precautions to keep them away from the pool area when you’re not around to keep an eye on things.
  • Keep away from waterfalls: Unless they were specifically designed as interactive water features for swimmers to play in, keep everyone (especially kids and teens) away from decorative waterfalls – no climbing up the falls.
  • Use slides safely: When used correctly, they can be a lot of fun; show everyone how to climb up and slide down properly, and enforce the rules to ensure no mishaps happen from too much horsing around.

The Red Cross offers additional information on keeping everyone, especially children, safe around pools. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with their pool safety recommendations.

Choose a Reputable Pool Builder

Another important way to keep everyone safe around the pool is to work with a reputable pool builder. Pools with waterfalls and slides need to be built by a company that has been around for many years and has ample experience. In addition to being able to create beautiful designs that blend with your landscape, the builder you select must know how to construct pool areas for safety and durability.

Choosing the right pool builder is important for many reasons, including:

  • Making sure they use the right materials hold up well in your region’s climate (such as sweltering heat, intense sun, or arid conditions).
  • Being able to work with pool builders who can make the most of your yard’s size and features (for example, building on a sloped lot, or working with a small backyard).
  • Relying on the builder’s expertise in terms of not only constructing everything correctly, but also arranging features for both practical and aesthetic considerations.
  • Working with professionals who know how to create a reasonable schedule and stick to it, since building a pool is a large project that will take weeks.Hiring specialized pool builders and not simply generic builders. Not everyone in construction knows the intricate details of constructing a pool with waterfalls and slides correctly.

By working with the right pool builders with plenty of experience with both design and construction, you’ll end up saving time and money while ensuring safety precautions are taken and local regulations are followed.

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How to Integrate Waterfalls and Slides into Your Pool Design

There are countless ways to add waterfalls and slides into your pool, so don’t be afraid to share your backyard pool hopes and dreams with your builder. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about what you might want.

Pool Waterfall and Slide Ideas

  • Recreate the look of a mountain stream cascading down multi-sized stones, with the water dropping down several levels and ultimately splashing into your pool.
  • Create a refined look with a smooth sheet of water dropping into your pool from a high point or from a stone wall for a refreshing accent and a place where swimmers can enjoy something different.
  • Add small, organic waterfalls around your pool’s slide to create the effect of being at a five-star resort, a fun waterpark, or even a tropical island waterfall.
  • Have water shoot out at an angle into your pool for a dramatic effect or trickle down a wall to recreate the beauty of rain sliding down jungle cliffs.
  • Incorporate a waterfall directly into your pool’s slide so that the ride down is a more authentic waterpark experience.
  • Add special lighting, plants, sundecks, fireplaces, and much more to complete the resort effect you’re striving for.

Make Your Wishlist and Get Started

Once you have an idea of what you’d like your backyard to look like, it’s time to create lists. Ask yourself what you want to get out of your private pool. Are you going for serene and elegant, or outrageously fun? Why not a bit of both? It can be done if you choose the right pool company.

In your first list, include all your must-haves. What can’t you live without? What do you absolutely want to see when you look at your backyard? What do you want to experience as part of your backyard pool?

In your second list, include other features you would like, if your budget allows. You might be surprised how much you can fit into your at-home pool resort without going over budget.

To work with the most qualified builder matters to have one of the best pools with waterfalls and slides in your neighborhood. We invite you to start a dialogue with the specialists at California Pools who design and construct everything from refreshing lap pools to fantastic waterpark-style pools. Find a design center near you to get started.

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