A Homeowner’s Guide to Pool Remodeling in Las Vegas

Are you living it up in Sin City but looking for a new way to liven up your backyard pool? 

Perhaps you weren’t overly thrilled with the way that your pool was built the first time through, and have been struggling with it ever since.

Maybe the pool came with the house when you bought it, and you’re looking to make improvements to fit your style.

Whatever the case might be, there are several remodeling options that you will have at your disposal. Here is an in-depth guide about all things pool remodeling in Las Vegas.

Consider Your Budget

One thing that California Pools is a huge advocate of, whether you’re remodeling or building for the first time, is setting a budget.

You want to make sure this remodeling project goes well, but it also needs to be done within a certain price range. Otherwise, you won’t find yourself enjoying the process as much.

For that reason, it might be advantageous to look online at the cost of remodeling some pools similar to your pool’s size, shape, age, etc. An experienced local pool builder can also walk you through examples of similar pools in the area and how much they cost to remodel to give you a range of what to expect. Which brings us to our next point.

Meet With an Expert

Some of the remodeling ideas that you have simply won’t be possible due to building code, existing obstacles in your yard, or any other number of reasons. But you’ll never know what that looks like until you meet with a custom pool remodeling expert.

Still, there’s no harm in coming to them with a laundry list of ideas and seeing what might be in the realm of possibility consider your pool’s condition and your budget.

Those two elements alone will give the remodeling company a guideline (of sorts). From there, it’s all about finding what major needs you have in remodeling your current pool layout and discovering the best ways of doing that.

Time to Drain the Pool

Once the renovations have been planned out, the remodeling process will commence by draining your pool of water.

You might want to ask your pool remodeling service if they will provide a submersible pump that you can use or if they’ll do it themselves. 

Before you start draining the pool, make sure that your water pumps and filter system (as well as all water features) are turned off.

If you’re doing it yourself, then make sure the pump is placed in front of a drain or on your street, not in the grass.

Chipping out the Surface

Many homeowners’ ideal pool remodeling includes replacing the current tiling that they have. It’s one of the top things on each homeowner’s to-do list.

In order to do that, the remodeling crew will start chipping the pool’s surface to make room for the new tiling.

Be warned, this process is fairly loud and distracting, so if you have work or studying to do, you might want to make other arrangements outside of your home.

Applying the New Tile

Rome wasn’t built in a day. In order for your new tile to look as good as possible, you’ll want to plan for this portion of the process to take multiple days.

Especially those of you with larger pools and a majority of the pool having tile on it, you can usually expect no fewer than two days.

This is when you start to see your pool remodeling come to life. The contractors will apply your new tile with grout to keep it in place.

Refilling the Pool 

After the plaster is complete and the new tile and grout have had time to dry, it’s time to add the new water back into the pool.

Just a heads up: you’ll be the one responsible for filling your pool back up and keeping an eye on how full it gets. As a general rule of thumb, use the tile line as your guide. 

Don’t feel like you’ll have to watch the water like a hawk. Generally, the pool filling can take a long time. If you have a pool on the smaller side, it might take half of a day. If you have a pool on the bigger side, then it might take up to two days.

Just make sure and plan for a heftier water bill that following month in order to stay under budget.

Schedule Your Pool Remodeling Las Vegas Today

Ultimately, these are just a few of the more common pieces that come with a basic remodel for a swimming pool. Some custom pool remodel projects go so far as to building entirely new sections, backyard living additions, new fire/water features, and so much more. The options are nearly endless.

Now that you’ve seen how the process will work for your Las Vegas pool remodeling project, it’s time to get started. Reach out to us and to get all your pool remodel questions answered.

Good times guaranteed.
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