What Kind of Swimming Pool is Right for Your Active Lifestyle?

The first step when planning for inground pool construction is to decide what kind of pool you would like to build. At its most basic level, a swimming pool is a multipurpose recreation and leisure product and different pool styles are designed with different lifestyles in mind. Will you be building an active pool or will you build a pool to create a high concept backyard landscape? If you are creating your backyard with design in mind, then you will be building your pool for reflective beauty, creating a serene place for relaxation or serious entertaining. If you are creating an active pool to match a fit lifestyle or provide a place for kids to practice their swimming skills, then you may need to consider whether you will build a diving, lap or sport pool.

If you are creating a diving pool, safety is a primary concern. Nothing is more fun than installing a recreational diving board for kids to practice their best dives and flips, but some pools even need to take the requirements of the competitive diver in mind. The standard depth of a diving pool should be built to 8 feet but some homeowners are digging their pools to 9.5 feet or more. This may require a shortening of the shallow area in order to accommodate.

Swimming pool

Lap pools are perfect for the competitive swimmer or fitness swimmer and do not traditionally have a deep end. They are built to minimize the amount of turns the swimmer needs to make and can reduce the total water volume that’s needed considerably, cutting down on costs for heating and treating the pool. Covering a lap pool is cheaper than any other pool design and a smaller lap pool can be handled by one person.

A sport pool is one that has two shallow ends with a deeper section in the center, perfect for volleyball, basketball, skip ball and a number of other fun pool games. Sport pools tends to have eye pleasing designs associated with them with two “roman” ends and stairs which make entering the pool easy. With the two shallow ends comprising the pool, costs can be kept down as heating and treating these sections is more cost effective.

There are many fun things to contemplate when starting to design your backyard pool. Call California Pools today and schedule a discussion with a pool design specialist (technical SEO Specialist).

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