Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It?

Whenever you buy something, you naturally want to make the most of it. If you have paid to have a pool installed in the backyard, you want to use it as much as possible. However, the dry weather and cool nights could make your pool much colder than you may find comfortable for much of the year. A solar pool heater is an excellent solution to this problem.

Chances are, you are already aware of the many benefits of solar energy, but you might be thinking: Is solar pool heating worth it? If you have not yet considered installing a solar-powered pool heater system, you might be surprised by how much of a difference it can make when installed professionally.

But Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It?

Most people consider solar heating systems to be complex and with many moving parts. Well, they aren’t. Heating your pool using solar energy is a relatively straightforward and transparent process.

Here’s how they work, in a nutshell: There are pipes attached along with solar panels on your roof or other available open space, pumping water from your pool to the solar panels. The panel gradually transfers heat to the water, and then the warm water eventually reaches your pool.

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Let’s explore some of the advantages of using solar energy to heat your pool:


Whether you want to swim a few laps, play in the water with your family, or gently float around while you soak up the sunshine, a solar pool heater will help keep you comfortable.

Would you spend more time in the water if it was not so cold? Then you stand to benefit the most from installing a solar pool heater in your home. A heated pool at a comfortable temperature will encourage your whole family to participate in the fun instead of sitting in front of TV and playing video games during those cooler months.

As most people prefer heated water, your solar energy-heated pool may also turn into the neighborhood hot spot.

Environmentally Friendly

The key benefit of installing a solar pool heater is that it is environmentally friendly.

Solar power is renewable and inexhaustible energy, and solar panels can transfer the sun’s heat straight into your pool. This kind of power is the cleanest of all forms of energy since it does not require natural resources like oil or gas and does not emit toxic gases.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), electricity generation accounts for 27 percent of carbon emissions in the US. Setting up a solar heater instead of a traditional electric heating solution is one of the easiest ways to positively impact the worldwide effort to reduce harmful emissions and protect our planet.


Is solar pool heating worth it compared to traditional heating systems? A solar heater is highly energy-efficient and uses the sun to produce electricity, which is cheaper than other forms of electricity.

Additionally, the investment you make in a solar system goes almost entirely into the installation. Once you’ve set up your new solar pool heater, the energy you obtain from it is virtually free of charge. The result is that you can quickly realize a return on your investment.

What’s more, the solar pool heater has a relatively long lifespan and requires minimal repair or part replacement during its lifetime, making it an astute investment.

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Simple Maintenance

If you want a system you can install and forget about it, then a solar pool heater is an excellent choice. Unlike other pool heating systems, solar heaters are less prone to blockage and contain very few – if any – moving parts like motors or fans.

As a result, you should expect a new solar pool heater to give you about 15 to 20 years of service. Suppose you later choose to extend your pool or would like it to heat up faster. In that case, it is easy to attach additional solar panels to your setup with minimal interference with your existing installation.


Solar-powered pool heaters are incredibly dependable, so you can rely on them to give your pool consistent heating through an extended swimming season. As its mechanisms are simple, a solar heater will rarely break or give you any problems if professionally installed and maintained.

Quiet Operation

One of the significant issues pool owners have with traditional pool heating systems is that they can hear them running. This makes solar pool heating worth it in and of itself.

Because of the way they work, solar heaters are quiet, allowing you to enjoy your time in the water without the annoying sound effects. Solar pool heaters collect heat from sun rays instead of electric heaters and motors, which means that they work without producing audible noise. If you invest in a quiet water pump for your solar heater, you will have little to no noise.

Flexible Installation Options

If your pool is large or has an unusual shape or size, you might wonder whether your installation is suitable for a solar pool heater. Well, the good news is that a pool heater is highly versatile, enabling a professional to set up in almost any type of environment.

Typically, solar pool heaters are mounted on the roof, a space with plenty of room and sunshine. You can mount your solar heater on a flat or tile roof or even on the ground if you have a spot that’s large enough.

Visually Appealing And Excellent For Raising Property Value

There is no doubt that solar panels look fantastic. Even though they might not always match the original architecture of older homes, they still have an overwhelmingly positive effect on their appearance. The sophisticated look of roof-mounted solar panels increases the building’s overall visual appeal.

Having an attractive-looking home is vital if you plan to sell anytime in the future, and the solar heating installation will increase the value of your house.

Discreet Installation

The best-looking swimming pools are those that are clean and neat both inside and out.

While traditional pool heaters often leave you stuck with a giant machine that can be an eyesore, solar heating is more discreet. The majority of the installation is either underground or well hidden out of sight.

The heating pipes that are part of your system are straightforward to hide away from sight if you want to maintain your pool’s minimalist styling. Clean and discreet design is one of the main reasons solar pool heating is popular in modern homes.

California Pools Is Your Trusted Supplier of Efficient Pool Heating Systems

If the great benefits above convince you that solar pool heating is the way to go, you have to ensure that your system is installed correctly. California Pools has a team of experts who will examine the size of your pool, identify the type of solar pool heater you need, and establish the number of solar panels you need to give you the most comfortable swimming experience.

California Pools is a leading national pool builder with franchises all across the country. For 75 years, we have taken on all types of projects, from simple lap pools to elaborate, waterpark-like installations. We provide a comprehensive service to our customers, including water, lighting and fire features, landscaping, decking around pools, and automation – all using best practices and the best materials for a pool that will last.

We pride ourselves on providing a local team to work directly with the homeowner to customize their design, find solutions, and bring new ideas while maintaining complete transparency before and during the process. If you’re interested in investing in a solar pool heater, or any other type of heater, contact California Pools and get a quote today.

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