Benefits to Buying a Home with an Existing Swimming Pool!

Who would have guessed that we would be faced with a national health crisis during 2020?

Covid-19 is still here and many families are finding ways to modify their life and incorporate healthy living in a variety of new ways. While our country is staying home as much as possible to help fight the coronavirus, having a refreshing swimming pool in your backyard is definitely a welcomed retreat by many. A pool provides a safe place to play, exercise, and relax while many places of business or leisure are still closed or have limited hours. A swimming pool at home provides the perfect sanctuary for your family and a super fun staycation for you to enjoy. Whether we are dealing with the coronavirus or not, a backyard oasis is a beautiful gift for your family!

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What about moving though? Many families are in the process of finding their new forever home. Should you buy a home with an existing pool? While many people might consider building a pool in their backyard, others might be moving to a new home with an existing swimming pool! Summer is a very popular time of year to move your family and transition from one home to another.  There are several benefits to buying a home with a swimming pool that you might not be aware of.  Here at California Pools, it is our mission to build outstanding backyard swimming pools and provide you with as much information as we can to the benefits of owning a pool.  Whether it was built by us, or another trusted company, we know you’ll never regret building your family a backyard that’s better than a vacation or buying one that is already built and ready for a good swim!

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Benefits to buying a home with an existing swimming pool…

  • First of all, a swimming pool can positively affect the value of your new home.  A swimming pool is a very desirable year-round investment and can increase your home value and provide you with stability should you need or want to sell in the future. 
  • An existing swimming pool in a newly purchased home instantly provides a fun place to play! When you’re tired of un-packing boxes and hanging up wall pictures, simply throw on your swim suit and take a well-deserved break.  Enjoy the sun on your face as you cool off in the pool.  When it’s time to show your family and friends your new home, tell them to bring their swimsuit, towel, and favorite floaties and you have an instant pool party!
  • A backyard swimming pool provides a calming retreat in this often crazy and busy life.  Run a tranquil waterfall and feel a sense of peace within you as you enjoy beautiful moments of zen in your backyard oasis.
  • Another benefit to purchasing a home with a backyard swimming pool is you no longer need a gym membership! Enjoy the perks of fitness and a healthy living lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.  Lap swimming and water aerobics are both wonderful low-impact forms of exercise that can be enjoyed anytime of day. Or roll out your yoga mat on your pool deck and enjoy being one with nature as you stretch and energize your soul.
  • Lastly, when purchasing a home with a swimming pool, you know you are investing in your family’s overall health and happiness. Not only does a pool provide a fabulous place to exercise, but it provides an outdoor living lifestyle that most people crave.  The opportunity to get outside and smell the flowers and feel the soft breeze is priceless. Listening to the kids laughing in the pool and playing with their brothers and sisters will tug at your heart strings, as these are unforgettable memories for sure!

All of these moments will make lifelong memories and family traditions that can’t be had if you didn’t have a swimming pool.  So, go ahead and purchase that home you love with an existing swimming pool. And if the house you love doesn’t have a backyard swimming pool? You know who to call.  California Pools has been a trusted pool builder since 1952.  We can definitely build you the perfect backyard oasis for your family to love.

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