Average Length

While the length of every backyard living project varies extremely depending on what features are incorporated inside and outside of the swimming pool, most of the offices at California Pools complete average projects in 8-10 weeks.  For larger projects, the process can take closer to 12-16 weeks (3-4 months).

Yes, we want to sell you a swimming pool, but let’s design the dream first. Let us show you what the whole yard could be. You’ll see the end result before we even start the job.
— Jim Bellamy, General Manager of California Pools Palm Desert
The beauty is that there is no one-size-fits-all. For some people, it’s going to be design; for some people, it’s going to be that ‘wow’ factor...It’s a chess game that’s always trying to change the rules as you’re playing.
— Mike Exstrom, General Manager of California Pools Thousand Oaks

Contributing Factors

The Process

  • Pre-Construction

    • In-home consultation
      An assigned California Pools staff member will visit you at your home to gather what they need to design the custom outdoor living space that perfectly fits your needs and wants.

    • Financing
      Our financing team will help you secure the best terms available, find payment options that will fit within your budget, qualify, and breeze through the loan process.

    • Design and Estimate
      With the specifications of your backyard space, creative design talent, and innovative 3-D technology, we'll create blue prints and visuals to show you just what your backyard space could be for our estimated price.

    • Contract
      Sign a contract customized to your project with a budget breakdown and projected timeline.

    • Permits & Inspections
      Various permits are required for any swimming pool installation, and additional features usually lead to further inspections.  This will all by handled by your assigned team prior to construction.

  • Construction

    • Demolition & Excavation
      In this phase, our team of highly skilled and experienced sub-contractors will excavate (or dig out) the area in your backyard space for the swimming pool / spa and perform any necessary demolition.

    • Electrical & Plumbing
      We will install the reinforcing steel (or rebar) and then perform all the necessary electrical and plumbing set-up before the initial inspection.

    • Concrete, Coping, & Tile
      Next, your swimming pool / spa will be sprayed with a concrete substance of either shotcrete or gunite, which takes approximately 1-2 weeks to cure (or dry).  Once cured, we can add whatever coping and tile you've selected for your swimming pool / spa.

    • Masonry
      The phase of masonry work is where customized features of your swimming pool / spa come to life.  Any accessories such as fire features, waterfalls, and barbecues will be built or installed in this phase, which can extend the length of the project depending on your contract.

    • Decking
      Generally speaking, decking preparation takes 2 weeks and decking installation takes 1 week.  Once this phase is complete, along with the installation of any safety features such as fences or alarms, your outdoor living area will typically undergo another inspection.

    • Plaster
      Plastering your swimming pool / spa should take 1 day, assuming there are no external complications, and this is our final step in construction!

    • Fill!
      Once construction has been completed and you are 100% satisfied with your backyard living space, you can fill the swimming pool / spa up with water and celebrate with family and friends!