Your Thanksgiving Day Turkey!

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Your Thanksgiving Day turkey deserves a little boost this year, don’t you think? Let’s all say goodbye to boring, dry, and plain old turkeys and say hello to a delightful new recipe to enjoy with your loved ones.  We are fans of @ThePioneerWoman here at California Pools and wanted to share with you all her roasted Thanksgiving turkey recipe.  This recipe takes you step by step on how to prepare your turkey in a very thorough and charming manner.  With a hint of rosemary and citrus, your turkey is bound to be the tastiest item on your plate this year. 

Please click on the link below and make 2018 the year you make your very best turkey yet!

Now that you’re prepared to roast your Thanksgiving Day turkey, you might be asking, “Why does a swimming pool company want to share recipes with me?” Well, that’s a simple answer from us that we are happy to answer.  We are a family run business and have been since we built our very first swimming pool back in 1952.  We have enjoyed building over 78,000 custom backyards for homeowners and families just like you.  We love our customers. We love what we do.  And, we care about your happiness and well-being.  We know the importance of spending time together as a family. We appreciate holidays gatherings with loved ones. We celebrate special birthdays and occasions with good friends and special people.  And most of all, we completely understand the importance of making special moments in life count, especially those we can make outdoors feeling the warm sun in the Summer or the cool crisp air in the Fall. Enjoying life and making moments truly count in the outdoor elements of your backyard is priceless.  Having an outdoor kitchen to cook warm meals in while still feeling the Winter air is a special way to celebrate the different seasons in life.  Throw on a cozy beanie and warm up your hands by the outdoor fireplace.  Watching your kids soak in the hot spa with all their cousins waiting for their Thanksgiving Day turkey to cook is a memory they will never forget.  You don’t always need to get away to the mountains, or the beach, or a luxurious destination to make awesome and unforgettable memories.  With a California Pools backyard oasis, you can create these special moments year-round! Call us now and don’t hesitate any longer if your backyard is still in need of a transformation.  We would love to bring the California Pools lifestyle to your family’s home. 


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