What Makes a Negative Edge Swimming Pool so Spectacular?

Some of the most eye-catching swimming pools have very modern features right next to a beautiful view.  This swimming pool and spa shown above is one of those incredible backyard spaces that truly blends with its surroundings (California Pools | San Diego (N) | 2015).  With these sleek swimming pool edges on the rise in backyard living space design, we thought we'd ponder the question: What makes these negative edge swimming pools so incredible?

One reason is that negative edge swimming pools and spas easily emphasize modern architecture.  As we mentioned before when we discussed the top 8 recent trends in swimming pool design, the infinity edge provides clean lines to the structure of the swimming pool.  Often, it gives the illusion that the water line doesn't have a distinct end.

In addition to the modernism of the infinity edge, also referred to as a knife edge or negative edge, this design on a swimming pool creates a blending effect with the surrounding environment.  It nearly puts the swimmer at one with the natural beauty just beyond the swimming pool.  That's what gives the backyard living area such a spectacular look and feel.  It nearly takes swimmers to their own getaway vacation, just with the illusionary effect alone.

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