What a Lifetime Warranty SHOULD Mean for Homeowners

As you probably know, all warranties are not created equal.  You can obtain a warranty on your car for so many miles, your Apple computer for so many years, and your refrigerator for so many years.  When it comes to your home, warranties are great investments to make since as a homeowner you want to know your purchases are being supported by a strong company.

Since we started constructing and installing swimming pools in 1952, California Pools has recognized and appreciated the investment you make as a homeowner to turn your backyard living space into an extension of your home itself.  That's why we proudly offer a lifetime structural warranty* at nearly all of our office locations.  With California Pools, you needn't worry about insufficient materials, poor workmanship, or other defects because we have the strongest guarantee in the swimming pool industry.




Unlike most other independent swimming pool builders, California Pools allows you to feel personally connected to the office working alongside you and your family to turn your outdoor living space into a fantasy stay-cation.  But at the same time, we offer 70 years of expertise and the backing of a corporate business that won't be forced to abandon our business at any small economic fluctuation.

If you'd like to learn more about the California Pools story, please browse our website or give our corporate office a call at (800) 282-7665.  To hear what others say about California Pools, feel free to read our reviews and testimonials both on our website and on Yelp!  Contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation!

*Warranty coverage may vary depending on state, region, etc.Please ask your California Pools representative near you for complete warranty coverage details.