Ugly Truth of Being Owner-Builder of Your Swimming Pool

Sometimes because of pricing, time, or trust, homeowners think about the prospect of being an Owner-Builder of their own swimming pool projects.  With 70 years of creating stunning backyard living spaces with top-of-the-line swimming pools and spas behind us, we'd like to give those homeowners our best advice.



Homeowners might think being Owner-Builder of your swimming pool will cost less in the long-run.  But this is a swimming pool construction myth.  Ultimately, with your desired materials and features, it'll end up costing just about the same amount to build your swimming pool-centric outdoor space yourself in comparison to hiring a contractor like California Pools.  We've actually had numerous homeowners who contact us claiming that they wish they had used California Pools instead of doing the project themselves for this very reason.


When a swimming pool builder / contractor like California Pools gives you an estimated timeline, the project's predicted finish date is based full-time dedication from an entire team of experts.  But installing an entire swimming pool yourself takes time out of your busy life not just for the actual construction process but also for the time it takes to learn how to do or contract each step.  Plus, less expertise leads to slower (or inefficient) productivity when it comes to home improvement or large construction projects.


If a homeowner decides to build an entire swimming pool / spa project himself or contract the work for their swimming pool / spa project himself, all the liability comes along.  A lot can go wrong with construction projects of this magnitude, with both those doing the work and the work being done, especially with a lack of education, training, and/or experience.  This is why, for instance, nearly no one buys parts individually to put their own car together.  For high quality assurance, plus related warranties, it is best to use a contractor to protect your investment.



Try to keep each of these factors into consideration when you wonder whether or not it's a good idea to be Builder-Owner of your swimming pool / spa.  With over 70,000 outdoor living projects under our belt nationwide, we have the passion and experience to turn your backyard dream into a reality.

With California Pools, you get a clear cost breakdown, timeline, and lifetime structural warranty.  Contact us anytime to schedule a free in-home consultation with a location near you, or call (800) 282-7665 to reach the corporate office and ask questions.  Otherwise, feel free to browse the website to learn more!