Things to Look for When Buying a House with a Swimming Pool

Things to Look for When Buying a House with a Swimming Pool

There’s nothing quite so exciting as shopping for, and buying a new home. When the one you set your heart on comes with a swimming pool, there are many important things to keep in mind, and California Pools has some great ideas about what home buyers should be looking out for.

Hidden Repairs

It’s easy to get excited when first seeing the pool in your future backyard, but buyers should try to keep an eye out for needed repairs that might not be visible upon first glance. A crack below the waters’ surface could be something a buyer might think of independently, but there is also the waters’ circulation and filtration system to consider along with wiring requirements and barrier laws that might be in place in your region. The best place to start is by finding a home or pool inspector who is experienced at assessing pools, and won’t just simply disclaim the pool. Test the pool by running the equipment and get a pressure check for leaks. If the pool inspector does not know how to perform pressure testing of pool plumbing, that’s a sure sign to keep scrolling through yelp for one who does. Make sure the generated report also includes an estimate for any needed repairs. Decks and safety covers and the hardware that secures them should also be evaluated for condition and needed repairs.


Is Your Pool Covered Under Warranty?

Is the pool covered under a current pool warranty or will you need to take out an additional homeowners’ warranty and if so, how much will that add to your monthly expenses? One of the benefits of building a pool with California Pools is the unparalleled warranty that comes with your pool. Your investment is well protected.

How Will The Pool Impact Your Homeowners’ insurance?

The value a pool adds to a home can vary by region depending how uncommon pools may be in your neck of the woods. Having a pool may increase your home’s insurance premium, and prospective home buyers should take a moment to call their insurance carrier and explore the impact to their premiums that an in-ground swimming pool may have with respect to both repairs and liability. The good news is that there are few perils that might seriously damage a pool outside of the same issues that homes themselves face such as wind, water and fire damage. However, it should be noted that the owner of a pool is liable for anyone who uses it, whether they have permission or not. Keeping kids, pets and visitors safe from pool related injuries is important and California Pools can help you implement any safety upgrades that may be needed or wanted.

Do You Like the Look of the Pool or Will You Want a Remodel?

Ok so now you’ve found your dream home and its perfect for a pool, it’s just not quite your style and you’re excited to make some upgrades to your backyard. This is a great time to take into account the deck area, landscaping and overall shape of your pool. This could be an additional cost that you weren’t expecting. California Pools has some great ideas when it comes to pool remodels whether you are looking to find an affordable solution or create something truly unique to the neighborhood from the ground up.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s important to keep mind that even if you love the look of your pool, it checks out with your home and pool inspectors and also fits in your homeowners’ insurance budget, there will still be costs for cleaning and maintaining your pool. Common expenses include heating, filtering, yearly inspections, cleanings and resurfacing every ten years. While some costs can be saved by doing it yourself including changing light bulbs and weekly cleaning for bugs and bacteria, California Pools can help you create a pool maintenance plan that keeps your pool looking great and running at its best condition for years to come.

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