The Swimming Pool Construction Process


Have you ever looked out in your empty backyard and dreamt about a gorgeous backyard oasis? Imagine a stunning swimming pool that glistens in the sun, a warm spa that soothes tired muscles, and a picture perfect tropical scenery that mimics a vacation get away! If you have ever wondered about the process of building a swimming pool and transforming your backyard then enjoy watching this short time lapse video clip.  Watch as California Pools builds this backyard from a blank slate and turns it into a beautiful backyard in no time.  

The process begins with excavation in which the pool and spa are dug out with a tractor and the shape begins to take form.  Then the steel crew ties the steel in to build the structure of the swimming pool and spa.  After that, the plumbers plumb the pool and spa in order for the water to flow efficiently and effectively.  Masonry crews prep for decking and masonry work and the tile crew installs the tile.  The final step is the pebbletec or plaster which will give the swimming pool and spa its final finish.  Watching this time lapse is a super fun, informative, and interactive way to understand what the process is for the construction of a swimming pool in your backyard.  

There is no doubt that building a swimming pool is a fascinating process to watch, but actually having your own backyard transformed by California Pools to enjoy is even better than you can imagine! Just picture your family spending hours together swimming, laughing and making lifelong memories.  The ability to invite friends and family over to BBQ in your outdoor kitchen and visit in your outdoor living areas is truly one of life’s most treasured gifts. A built-in swimming pool and spa provides the perfect setting for living the outdoor lifestyle.  Outdoor living has become such a top priority for families today because they can focus their precious time on their family and create a healthy, safe, fun, and enjoyable environment to truly enjoy life.  If you want to increase your quality of living, call California Pools and let us help you build a gorgeous backyard paradise complete with a swimming pool, spa, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living, fire-pit, or anything else your heart dreams of. Life is short, make it count with a California Pool backyard!

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