The Progression of Swimming Pools!

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Can you believe that this swimming pool was the very first pool built by California Pools back in 1952? The progression of the swimming pool has come along way in over 65 years, but its classic style and beauty have always maintained a high level of standard to aesthetically please homeowners and provide a wonderful source of family entertainment as well as add character and style to their backyard living space.

Here are some more throwback pictures of swimming pools in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Pools were simple and modest but at the same time, created quite a bit of prestige if you were lucky enough to have one in your backyard.

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Families enjoyed quality time together with their children, relatives, friends and neighbors making unforgettable memories. People spent their days swimming, playing pool games, eating some barbeque from the grill and enjoying an ice cold soda. Although time seemed much simpler back then, one thing has definitely remained the same. People have been making sure to define the quality of their life. “You only live once” has been a famous saying for a very long time and it is held dear to many swimming pool owners. Take a deep breath and enjoy your days. Relax by the pool. Read a favorite novel. Simplify your priorities and strengthen the bonds with your loved ones. Play a little! Do some cannonballs with your kids. Float on a pink flamingo floatie with your little ones and show them how important quality time really is. A little relaxation is so good for the soul!

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As time has moved on, swimming pools continue to progress as well. The simple rectangle designs, or basic kidney shaped pool have taken a back seat while the creative side of designers, builders, and craftsman have dramatically brought the swimming pool industry to a whole new level! Dark pool bottoms, brick coping, and flagstone coping were very popular in the early 2000’s. Builders began putting in beach entries, boulders and waterfalls, and customers were thrilled with the changes from the common and ordinary designs. As time has moved forward, the ever classic rectangle swimming pool is once again in high demand. As you see, the progression of the swimming pool has come a very long way. Just as with fashion, some things come and go and even come back around again in style. But that is what makes backyard designs so much fun! Whatever you love, whatever you envision, whatever your style, California Pools can create that for you!

Today, as California Pools continues to build superior swimming pools and maintain their leadership roles in the swimming pool industry, you can definitely count on us to progress with the changing times and stay ahead of the most current design trends. Watch for our latest swimming pool designs and picturesque backyard living spaces on the hit reality show @The Pool Kings on the DIY Network! Our second season will begin airing this Spring, and you don’t want to miss you some pretty spectacular California pools backyards!

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